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Don't you just love that you bragged on that boy yesterday and today he is bugging his little brother!! I love the photo from yesterday, I think you might have a country western star on your hands!!


Oh my gosh Karen that is way too funny. I just love when siblings do things such as this LOL.

Theresa Grdina

LOL! That's too funnY!!!!!

Melissa Lobdell

Oh - I am new to your blog and thought you might have been writing from my house! Classic! xo-Mel


bwaaahahhhhahahaa! that's awesome. :)

Stephanie Ainsburg

too stinkin' funny.


That is too funny! Big brothers are always so much fun!! ha!


tell coley that big brothers make you strong--not milk

Mary Ann

so so funny!!


that is hysterical...did he ever say it?


Hee hee! Too funny! Love it! ;)


Heh, heh....the things you hear, and the kids have no idea! Aren't siblings great?


THAT is hysterical!! I love it!!


Brooke - in Oregon

I almost cried I laughed so hard! lol

Oh my gosh girl you missed one FABULOUS and I mean FABULOUS evening!! 1st 4 daughters is a fun place and 2nd the Band was AWESOME and I am not even a big Jazz fan!!

But I sure need some tips for taking photos in such low light settings.


Boys will be boys, lol:)

Ruthie Armstrong

Hi Karen, I'd like to know more about the camera that you helped your sister with. I found one on line. EOS Digital Rebel XTi (a.k.a. 400D) 10.1 Megapixel, SLR, Digital camera body Black or Silver. One is $579.95 and the other is $569.95. The other camera is the same thing only a kit with a 18-55mm EF-S lens. And you suggested not to buy a kit. Please advise me. Thank You sooooo much, Ruthie Armstrong P.S. Thank You for the funnest class I've taken yet! Can't wait till the next one!!!!!

ca longhorn

LOL! Gotta love it!


Your kids just crack me up!!

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