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Love, love, love the whole cream collection but my very favorite are the doily papers. You do such great work! Two thumbs up!


OMG, Karen! I have been buying your designs for years now, and you have outdone yourself in a huge way! This stuff is amazing! Those page protectors are going to be the hit of CHA once the word gets out!


Oh.. cream collection.. my favourite!


And as usualy I'll be needing every single itsy bitsy piece of everything you make. You are a genious. These are THE prettiest scrapbook-papers-and-matching-stuff there are. Really. Thank you!!


Those page protectors are so cool! They have to be the best thing I've seen from CHA yet! I'm so impressed!

How much do they retail for?

Thanks for sharing!


hope there is to be a new class kit with those page protectors! what a brillant idea.


More beautiful products, Karen! Those page protectors are SO cool! I can't wait to get some!! Thanks, girl! ;)


Oh Karen -- Ok, now you've outdone yourself. The sleeve pages are my favorite things from the LAST 3 YEARS -- and no, I'm not exaggerating! Wow -- ingenious. Love those. Plus, I always love the black and cream line. Keep up the beautiful work and thanks for sharing it with us!

Becky (aka: beckywedd) :)


Oh, KAREN...the page protector idea is the best one I've seen in awhile. PERFECT that they're printed...MUST get some! Oh, and Loving these releases for you! You are, by far, on of my favorite designers!

Melissa J

I LOVE those page protectors!!!

Nicole K

I LOVE the look of this line, thanks so much for sharing!!!

Karen, thanks for sharing. Those page protectors are such a great idea! It seems ages 'til they are released, can't wait...


Love the page protectors!


wow!! the black & cream is even more gorgeous! love everything you have here. the page protectors... brilliant! I'll definitely need to get my hands on some of those. thanks so much for posting these for us to oogle over.

Katherine McKamey

Printed pocket pages! What a Fab idea!!! I can't wait to see these irl!
Thanks for the sneak peek!


So classy! Love the page protectors!

Neusinha Fusco

Hello, I was his student here in Brazil in March 2005 in Scrapmania ... I came to your blog I saw so much and I was very beautiful miss you .... Congratulations to the beautiful blog....Sorry my English!


So totally them!


This is gorgeous -- love it all! I can think of so many uses for everything here...

Paola Norman

Both releases are gorgeous Karen, I remember how you were sweating over them..
beautiful just beautiful!

Mary Lou

Oh, Karen all of it is so Wonderful!! I agree with the other posters I love the page protector idea. You are so killing me girl I am going to need to get a second job to buy all this.


I have been buying the Antique Cream products for over a year now! I love, love, love them and so do the recipients of the cards I make with the funky edged paper. That's so funny that I loved that line before I ever "knew" who you were. Now I love it even more. ha.

julie (Australia)

Just divine, Karen ! Can't wait till they are avaliable, love it all. You are totally amazing and creative.

Terri B in Oregon

This is a phenomenal release! I want it all!! The cream has always been my favorite, I always buy some to use and some to hoard!! But all the new releases are FAB!! Love it!


yeah, just put me down for a few dozen of these!!! OHMY!!!! This is my favorite line, and THESE are the best I've seen from CHA sneeks! I LOVE THESE!


Stephanie Ainsburg

LOVE the page protectors!!!!!!!
another fabulous idea.


love it all...sigh..

Paula Clare

I actually gasped when I saw these! Can you imagine! STUNNING! Absolutely STUNNING! I WANT IT ALL!


The black and cream is my fave out of everything.....The Best!!


Absolutely awesome!


The page protectors with the printed pockets are just fabarooney! And everything else is of course cool too.


Laura Plunk

Guess I just go wait in line at the scrapbook store... Got nothing better to do than wait and dream about what I can do with these....

ca longhorn

these are just beautiful! Thank you!


Karen you did a faboulous job, as usual. These page protectors are not going out of my mind anymore. Hope there will be a new kit with these. All the best from Germany.



Your line is unbelievable! I cannot wait to see them in person, I hope the store owners in Houston ordered plenty b/c I have a feeling they are going to be extremely popular!

Thank you Ali for the heads-up!


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