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Brooke - in Oregon

Oh my gosh I love that photo! Ross seems like the perfect combo of great kid and rocker dude! kwim, Just perfect for both the mother and the daughter! lol Great kid to make the Mom happy and rocker cool dude to make the daughter's heart go pitter pat! ha ha Ok I know you are rolling your eyes now! :)

I agree it is REALLY hard not to make rules for your kids based on your life experiences, even if they are totally different than you were at that age!

Will you give us a heads up if you add any new brushes to PDP, since I bought the collection! lol

Oh and BTW I always think of you when we drive thru Union Creek now!


Fab picture, it's nice to see he sat still for one, and it turned out pretty dang cool.

sara b

Karen - I can relate to you so much. I had my daughter when I was eighteen and so I don't really remember "life" without her. I try so hard to steer her away from my mistakes that sometimes I forget she has to pave her own path. I commend you though, Ross seems so grounded, such a good kid. These days that is rare!! Thanks for being so honest, it is so refreshing :)

Tanya Webster

you are raisin' one super cool kid karen russell...and i know as moms we worry and probably always will...but this one you should be super super proud of!!


my mom and I are also 19 years apart, and it is's like parts of a whole- and now that I am a mom, it still is- the half that I came from and the half that I hard to explain to anyone...but so totally real. Here's the deal- my mom and I live 3 miles from each other now- she sees my kids many times each week, and we talk many, many times daily. I didn't really leave home- we just live in different houses now. So- you may be surpised at how far he doesn't go (physically) when he grows up.

diane h

HI Karen

That is an incredible picture. It looks like an album cover. Maybe Ross should do a cd of his guitar music!!!
Diane H


What a great picture! Sounds like you are raising one super cool, way grounded kid. I only hope I can say the same in about 8 years! And I know exactly what you mean...I too had my daughters young (I was 19 when I had my first) and already feel as though I'm overcompensating and overprotective sometimes. Who knows what I'll be like when they're teenagers but I imagine just a more hyped up version of now!


That is so sweet that you have such a great relationship with him. I know it is hard not to punish him for your mistakes but have faith, you are doing a great job!


I hope my two boys grow up to be that grounded -- Ross sounds like an awesome kid. Karen, I'm sure you second guess yourself all the time as most moms do, but you are an inspiration as a parent.

ca longhorn

What a fabulous photo! And thank you for such a wonderful post. I am/was/will be struggling with the same things for my ds (even though he is only 8! last night i started freaking out about him getting into a good college...yes, I know, what am i thinking?). Sounds like you are doing an awesome job with him. Just like the kids, we just need to do the best that we can and let it go. Of course, it is easier said than done. =) Walking along the same path with you, just a few steps behind...melita.


You must be so proud of your son. I hope that when I have kids, they will be solid and grounded like your son...

On a different note, when I read you were from Grants Pass, for some reason I read it "Grass Pants" and I thought that was quite an odd name for a town :)


You always always always find a lovely way to say the things I am thinking.


You did a good job with Ross! I also had my son when I was young and can't imagine what we will do when he decides to leave home.


love this post. someday i think i'll be thinking the same things about my son...and hopefully having the same great relationship you have with yours. :)

Stephanie Ainsburg


Lisa B.

Love the pic..even if he's not a cowboy. ENJOY him while you can...he'll be gone in a blink of the eye (voice of experience..mine are 25 and 21 and no longer live at home).


I am a high school teacher and wish I had more kids like Ross in my class! From what you tell us, he does seem like a really great, well-grounded and mature young man! Way to go, Karen!


love this post...xo

Paola Norman

Ross seems like a fine young man. You did good karen you did good.
The photo you took of him is amazing. It looks like an album/cd cover.
Thanks for sharing it with us.


if he's so grouned, it's thanks to his fab momma!

Laura Plunk

That is a beautiful picture.....

I am counting the days til Saturday when I am taking your class in GP, see you then.

Laura P


You must be doing something right, Karen. I would take all the credit if I were you. ha.ha. You may look back and think about all the mistakes you made as a parent, but what makes him so secure is the LOVE (and respect) y'all have shown him during his life. Your family is truly blessed in so many ways!


Love that you share such personal things about your life. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job as a mom if Ross has turned out this way.


Great picture of Ross! FYI - I went to the site that you linked to for the Flitter stamps and just want to let everyone know that the shipping charge is VERY high. Here is the response I received when I asked about the shipping: "Hi Kim, there is no minimum charge for shipping however the shipping charges for us to ship to the US will be about $40-50 for UPS and about $15-20 for Canada Post. Canada Post may take up to 3-6 weeks and UPS will take approximately 1 week to arrive.
This information is sent to US customers to let them know that shipping will be expensive as most do not realize this before placing an order."


what a handsome young man, but more importantly he is smart, thoughtful, wonderful young man. you have raised him well. don't you just love it when our kids become smarter than us sometimes?


Wow---I love that picture. It seems to catch his soul.
I know exactly what you mean about wanting the good stuff for your kids. I made such mistakes through my teenage years, and want so much better for my daughter. I think if you give them a strong foundation and and they develope a sense of who they are, they will be okay. It looks like you have a very happy family. Thanks for sharing.


As in Grants Pass, OR??!!!! I love Oregon! I grew up just west of you in Gold Beach. Do you know it? Have you ever been there?

That is wonderful picture of Ross! I'm hoping my children end up being as grounded as your's seem to be.


Oh my... you don't know me, but your post made me cry. How can someone I don't know be going thru exactly the same things as me? And have exactly the same thoughts as me? And understand what I am going thru this summer... and I've never even spoken to her?

I peruse your blog occasionally coveting all of your beautiful talent, but I didn't know what you posted here about you. I had my Tyler when I was 17. I was flaky and silly, and had my electric, and gas shut off more than once... but we turned out ok and I am overprotective and scared of letting him go. I don't know what life would be like without him, and I miss him, and I find myself clinging to him even when he is stretching his wings ready to fly... how does 16 years go by so quickly? I feel like I blinked and my baby, cuddled in my arms, has turned into a young man... with his own plans and destiny for his life, I can only hope that they will bring him joy, and less pain than mine.



Just love this post....


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