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ooohhh, aaahhh! I love it all!

Erica Hettwer

Very cute!!! I love the orange. Go Beavs! Now, go to bed!

~I have preteen nieces here for a sleepover so I'm allowed to be up! That's just how I roll! ;)

Katherine McKamey

WOW! I love your diecut papers - can't wait to play with them. The stamps are Gorgeous!!


Karen!!!!! You rock my world girl!!! You never fail to totally blow me away with your products!!!!!!!!


wow! Love all of these!


Can you send me a parcel with those delicatessen :-)


Oh my... Oh my... Oh my...!! *stares and mumbles incoherently about beauty in its purest form*

These are just DIVINE!!

Cathy K.

Beautiful colors-love the doilie papers and the stamps, oh my!


OH MY GOSH Karen...I LOVE THEM ALL....I WANT THEM, you Rock...My mojo is going, wants to start playing with them....SEPT...seems so far off.....:)




WOW!!! It's all very stunning!! I CAN'T WAIT!


Oh my, I am speechless. Except those stamps are gorgeous!


Absolutely gorgeous!


Your products are always so timeless and beautiful, Karen! LOVE the colors and those die cut papers! Thank you for the sneak peek! I can't wait to see more and BUY a lot of it! :-D


Loverly, Karen!! I love the orange and the bloom collection!


Wow! I love them all. Can't wait to see them this part of the world. :D

Megan B

I'm LOVING it all--especially the new Acrylic stamps---gotta have those when they come out! :)

Thanks for the sneak peaks!!


Karen I love this stuff!!!!


Oooh -- Karen I love it! More beautiful work! I'm all over those stamps! THanks for sharing and we can't to see more, more, more!

Becky (aka: beckywed)


Everything is beautiful! My favorite product you design are the journaling cards.


Absolutely amazing!
Beautiful and classic.
Your work is just wonderful!!!
I would love to bottle up all your talent up and drink it in.
Great release!

Krista Lund

i want one of everything!!!


i want one of everything too!!! OHMYDOG!! you definately rock!



Kim H.

i love the stamps!!! and the doily paper... and the album... and ....everything!!!!


These are absolutely beautiful -- a gorgeous collection. In the past I probably would have looked at products like these and loved them, but then bought very limited quantities because I have two boys. I love the pages you post from time to time using your own products on pages about your boys -- they look gorgeous and have encouraged me to do the same.


Oh my gosh ... BEAUTIFUL!!!

cindy b

good god I must have some of those stamps!!!!!!!!


Love it all!!!


WOW I love it all but especially the stamps!!!

Theresa Grdina

Your stuff is beautiful! I really love the stamps!! I really love the doily-like paper! I really love it ALL! Thanks for sharing!!


I am not a scrapbooker but these are all so beautiful I just might start!! (after the wedding of course) ;-)
~~your neighbor~~

Julie      H

You have done it again!! Everything is so beautiful. I am super excited about the stamp sets.


Absolutely FANTASTIC!! The two year wait was worth it... those die cut doilies are fantastic (actually... your diecut papers are all fantastic!). I just love these colors... they make me want to jump into a bowl of sherbet and scrapbook my way out. And those stamps!?! Beautious! Thanks... looking forward to when these hit the store.


Your products are really gorgeous. What I am really curious about is whether or not you still work or are you able to do just this, full time? You've got a great eye.......

Laura Plunk

Of Course I want it all !!! Can't wait to see you , ol' married woman in GP on the 26th !!
Laura P


Very pretty stuff!

tara pollard pakosta

would you please STOP making this gorgeous stuff?!
I am going to go bROKE>


holy crap!~
that stuff is fantastic!
you don't know how excited I am to see some die-cut alphabet stickers that match your line.
and the words.

Ronda Palazzari

These are absolutely stunning. I love each and every bit! You have done it again.....totally awesome!


Karen, your talent never ceases to amaze me. Your new collection is to die for, well not really die because if I did I couldn't see it for real. Thanks for the peek. I love it all.

Kimberlee Croucher

Oh my golly I will take one of each pleeeezzzz!! :)


Great job Karen!You are a genius and All your new stuff is beautiful!! I saw some page protector/ divider thingies in the Creative Imaginations newsletter that are a great idea! Lots of good stuff!


Okay, I broke my no buying vow on the 10 Reasons kit. Now I'm just going to start doing pennace now for when I actually get my hot little hands on that paper. Yes, it's an addiction. But it's a good addiction!



I feel like that gal in Napoleon Dynamite when she and her husband are looking at that cookware she says almost with a low growl, "I Want That!" ha.ha. Can't wait for them to make entry! It'll be forever until then!

TerriB in Oregon

Oh Lordy! These are fabulous! That die cut paper is the best!! Outstanding job! Again!!

Shaun Paddock

Oh my, where can I get this, when can I get this, I must have it. I simply must!

Suzie Webb

That is THE doily paper I've been waiting 2 YEARS for!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it :)

Darlene Melvin



Since I have no LSS, can you post when you can of some other sources that will carry the ENTIRE collection. I seriously want it all and it drives me crazy when I can't get it in one place!!

when will the stamps ship?? I'm so done in for..first gas prices now this!! They are so wonderful! Thanks for sharing - I so can't wait!

Carrie K

GORGEOUS STUFF!!! Can I have one of everything???

V Reed

Oh my! So very yummy! I'm in love with those stamps!!!


Nicole K

Great color schemes, I really like these, too!

Jen (Sigmagirl)

Gorgeous stamps and papers! LOVE it all!

Staci Compher

love the date stamps!!!


Holy cow, Karen! Just when I think your designs can't get any better--they do! These new collections should be in a museum somewhere! I can't wait to get my hands on all of it--especially the stamps! BRAVO!

Paula Clare

Gorgeous! Beautiful! Bravo! Bravo!


Love, love, love as usual! I've said it before...but I will say it're my fave paper designer. I told my local scrap boutique about the line so they will carry it. Kind of like my personal supplier...except I have to share with other customer :) Thanks so much for your inspiration!!!! Karin


Karen this stuff is beautiful...I can't wait to use some. Wish we were going to see you in Chicago. Let's talk after the show.


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