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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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ca longhorn

thanks for sparing us the details...i can only imagine! beautiful photos! makes me want to learn a little more about photo editing...almost ;) not quite there's still seems very scary! =)


STUNNING photo!!

If I only had a drivers license, I'd ALMOST drive to Tx from Sweden to take your class!! :D


What a lovely photo!!! I love surfing around your blog and check out all of the amazing photos you show us. THANKS for inspiration! THANKS for charing!
I'm picking up sweet-Zarah (who posted the comment before me) and drive to your class ;)
//HelenaN in northern Sweden

Cindy McAllister

I am so excited that you are coming back to Scrapbook N' Such this year. My daughter and I took your classes last year and loved them. You are such an inspiration. I have read your blog almost everyday since those classes and I absolutely have decided that I am addicted. I love to see your new photos and read your stories. Thank you for always sharing your life with all of us. Looking forward to seeing you again!!!

Malia Empasis

Thank you so much for sharing actions that are compatable with Photoshop 7 (on Polka Dot Potato). I really like the Totally Rad Actions and was really bumbed that they were not compatable with the photo editing software that I use. BTW When are you going to teach your one 8+ hour day photographers work shop in the Rogue Valley? I would be thrilled (and know of lots of people that would be too) to participate. Thank you so much!!

Cris (Christine) Cunningham

LOL!!! No offense Karen. You are amazingly talented but Annie just steals the show over here!


Your buddy, Karen Burniston gets the bad blogger award! :) She's only blogging on major holidays and missed the last two!! But we love her anyway!


oh crack me up!
flies buzzing...?!?!?


Oh what a darling photo. Love it. So wishing I was a Texas girl so that I could take your class....thanks for your talent, your sincere posts and for sharing your days with us. So refreshing!

Kathi (Irish Catholic Good Lass from the Midwest who loves Donna Downey too!)

Karen -- you just made my day. I was hoping the place would open up and it did ....I am going to try and get there for your photography class! Woo hoo!


I think you can make ANY photo look good! I swear I try to do some of the things you do on your pictures and it doesn't even come close!!! I wish you had a class on just photo editing!!


Wichita falls? I wish it was Wichita, KS because I would love to take a class of yours in person! Cute cute photo!

Marilyn Cline

WOO HOO - I am signed up for both classes in Amarillo, and I took both classes you had last year, too!! Looking forward to a very inspiring weekend!!


I don't live anywhere near Texas, but I always love your photos. Thank you for sharing them!


hey karen... i have been looking for your email address.. can't find.. i'd love to visit a little about the ultimate... could you email me??!

Carolyn Hall

Wow! I love this photo and the actions. Actions are my next venture to try out. In between class assignments for the online class (love it) I will have to give it a try. Powerpoint, I am impressed!!! When do you have time for all of this?

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