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Thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with us! Beautiful couple, beautiful children, beautiful life. You are so blessed! I looked through all the photos one more time and I have to say that the one of Josh & Coley watching you come down the aisle totally makes my eyes tear up! Coley has such love and admiration in his face for you. He reminds me of my son. Bless you & your family! Congratulations!


yes karen - thanks for sharing this with all your readers. what a beautiful memory you will have forever. congrats to you both again. :)


dear karen i have been watching your blog for a couple of months and i have really enjoyed experiencing your daily life, and thankyou for sharing with us all, i think your wedding photos are wonderful, and you have a very beautiful family, keep sharing:)
caroline, brentwood england.


What a beautiful day!

I say make a photo book.


Thank you so much for sharing your wedding with us, your photos were beautiful and you all just seemed so happy. You definitely renew my faith in men and relationships - after a few crappy ones, I just wasn't sure if there were any good ones left!

BTW, I think it is too stinkin' funny that somebody inquired about your BIL. BAH HA!


Congratulations!!! The photos are wonderful!!!


I guess this may be a really stupid question but what is the uniform your husband is wearing? The pictures are stunning and you look beautiful. Just a lovely day!


Hi Karen,

Thanks for sharing your wedding day with all of us! Congratulations! Enjoy each other!

BTW: Love the camera work your photographer did..........awesome pictures.

Alisa Logue

So happy for your beautiful little family! I can just see the love! Congrats- Alisa


Thanks agin for all your beautiful pictures you have been nice enough to share !!
Congratulations !! You have a beautiful family !!!


I just found your blog a few days ago. I really love your photos of your wedding! They are just beautiful! Congratulations.

I was also wondering if your husband is a firefighter? My husband is a firefighter at Hobby Airport in Houston and I am retired firefighter (due to an injury) and now work as a fire chaplain.



would you mind sharing where you married? in Ashland? thanks and many congrats!


Thanks so much for sharing your photos -- they are lovely! It looks like your day was absolutely perfect, and there is so much joy in your family. Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope your joy continues to increase!

kathy (kathyb)

Karen you simply look so happy. Thankyou for sharing so many pictures of your beautiful day and family. ...And if you find any more, I'd love to see a part 6!

cindy b

Thank you Karen for sharing all of these wonderful photos of you and your family on such a special day. Each one is so full of love!!! ;-)


Does Coral do roadtrips? :) My sister is getting married next weekend in Las Vegas. (by Elvis). She says he's a minister. Is there anything that man can't do? ha. Have a great weekend!!! Loved seeing every photo shared!!!


P.S. My husband is rolling his eyes because your blog is my latest discovery and I've read SO MUCH about photography it's making my head spin!!! Ha. Want so much to take your class that's full for eternity!!!


Thanks for sharing, everyone looks great and happy too...I agree do a photo book, it saves time, and they have some really great templates or even Digi quick pages...

jennifer Compton

your pictures are like *buttah* (:

i love them all. seriously. and they are SO BUTTERY SMOOTH!

yes, you should totally do a book. i've done 3 macbooks as gifts and they were beautiful! so un-fru fru but then, when the pictures are as good as yours, they tell the story themselves. (:

wendy vecchi



Karen, thank you so much for sharing your wedding. Your boys and girls are gorgeous. The happy just flows out of the pictures. Thank you.


I'm sad wedding week is over. I loved looking at your photos. You truly look so happy. The girls look beautiful, the boys look handsome. Great emotion was caught on film. I wish you all the very best.



absolutely fabulous!
and I almost spit out my drink when I read #6.


my fault...#5
( really cracked me up!)

Dawn S.

You and your groom are absolutely stunning. You both radiate happiness!! Enjoy being newlyweds!!

Carolyn Hall

Wow! What great emotions were captured in your wedding photos. Some priceless looks, especially on your kids faces. What great momentos of the day!! See you in a few weeks in CT.

Heather (in Scotland)

Beautiful photos of what I'm sure was a beautiful day!


karen your photos are MAGICAL! i loved checking them all out.
you all look so perfectly happy...and that just made me smile. :)


seriously gorgeous wedding photos.


I love them all, chins included. Congrats


You look gorgeous!
Jodie from Australia


I think all of your pictures are absolutely fabulous! Your family is beautiful and happy. congrats.


It's been a really fun week for all your readers! Wish it would never end! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes that the smiles never fade!

Jenn A.

Absolutely gorgeous. I can just feel the joy and love in these photos. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!! :) Jenn

Colleen B

Congratulations! You looked beautiful!!!


Karen, from the looks of it, you had an extremely happy day!!! Do your cheeks hurt from all that smiling (I know mine did on my wedding day)? You, the girls, the boys, and of course Josh were beautiful that day and your photographer did an awesome job!! BTW, where was your wedding at? The courtyard was beautiful, and those pics of you and Josh look like taken on a college campus.

Congrats!!!! And, having posted these have just scrapbooked them.



Everyone is just GORGEOUS! WOW! What an amazing day of celebration for all of you--congrats and blessings to your whole family, in this new chapter of life!

Love it all-the photos, the dresses, the uniform, Ross' guitar strap, the casualness of it all, the smiles and laughter that can be HEARD through still photos--you DO realize how blessed you are, right?

Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of your life!

Cheryl Waters

Yes, congratulations are in order. You both look so happy! Thank you for sharing your photos with us! It warms the heart!


Hi Karen,
I visit your blog on a regular basis because I think you are an awsome photographer. Love to see all your photos at your lovely family. You are truly blessed with the kids and your husband. Congrats a lot to your wedding.
Regards, Helena from Sweden.


I just had to say it looks like the perfect wedding. I love small and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun just like there are supposed to. The photos came out gorgeous and I am sure you are glad you weren't stressing over taking any photos - being the photographer at an event that is important to you takes away from your enjoyment even when you love to take photos - it just adds stress.

The two of you just look so happy. Thanks so much for sharing such a private moment with us.


Absolutely fabulous. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your magical day. As for scrapbooking the photos, how about doing a hard cover book with the pictures. All you do is upload, arrange and order (or at least I think that's all there is to it!)
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
I had chills reviewing the day with you. Thanks!


I've been on vacation and am just catching up, but what a joy it has been to see your beautiful wedding photos. You are all so very blessed and your love for each other just shines through the pictures.


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