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the light...oh man, the light! Are you editing these or did your photog do them? They look like your style...but if she's a huge fan of yours (like the rest of us ;)!) maybe she knows what you like. I was going to email you a congrats, but it looks like I am just going to keep leaving comments if you keep posting pictures! I want to know how you are going to handle this can't tell me you're going to get "bored" and put these all on one layout. HMMMM>....what will Karen do?


these are BEAUTIFUL! i'm glad u had a blast that day! u sure sound like u did. and it's really beautiful beautiful beautiful. ur giving me ideas for my friend's wedding! =)


Karen, these pictures are so beautiful! I´m impressed!
Many greetings from Munich, the place your wedding started ;-)


You might be the prettiest bride, ever. These just keep getting better! Yes, the lighting is TDF, and THAT song! I've never heard it before... LOVE it! What a great (and thoughtful) idea.. to steal a moment and sneak away privately to enjoy your first dance together. Congratulations again... your story is so inspiring!

kathy (kathyb)

I'm loving all the wedding photos of your beautiful family and happy day. I love your dress and bouquet Karen. You both look so happy. Keep the photos coming...a girl can never get too much of a wedding :)





More sweat pictures :)


Thank you so much Karen for sharing your amazing day with us !!! Your pictures are beautiful !! We feel like we were right there with you!!! Thanks again !


These were some of the best ones yet!! I love them.
Keep em coming!


Your wedding photos have me bawling like a baby! They are just stunning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us!


stunning. just stunning. :)

Michelle Gauthier

What wonderful photos! Love, love, love you two dancing. How perfectly private and special...even with the photographer there. :)


Thanks for sharing these. Just beautiful. I can't imagine the courage it would take to be your photographer---how challenging to take photos for a photographer, is what I mean. And these are amazing. I thought the ones of Cole yesterday were the best, and today my favorite is the one of your hands around your husband's neck---beautiful.
Wishing you two all the best. It is an amazing story!

Michelle T.

Yeah - more! You looked beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your day with all your "fans". Love that you went in the courtyard by yourselves.


More, More, More! I love that you are posting wedding photos every day. . . they are all so special and so beautiful. Each set has still made me tear up -- they are all so filled with emotion (joy, humor, love). I think my favorite today was the one of the up close face one with Josh's head on your shoulder. . . simply beautiful.

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

BTW: Is Josh's brother married (the bald one with goatee) -- he is ADORABLE!


These are such amazing pictures! What wonderful memories for years to come. You are such a lovely couple~


AWESOME!! I love the one with your arms around his neck with your flowers and ring & a little bit of you in the background! They're all beautiful!


AWESOME!! I love the one with your arms around his neck with your flowers and ring & a little bit of you in the background! They're all beautiful!

jamie v

Congratulations, thank you for sharing your wedding with us.

you two seriously look like high school(o.k. maybe college) graduates... not old enough to be all grown up and getting married and have kids... wishing you a lifetime of happiness together :)

Tanya Webster

OMG! These are soooo beautiful...LOOOOOVE the processing on all of them!!! every single one of them made me smile super big when I saw them this a.m.!


seriously? that last picture? made me cry. you suck in the best way for making me cry over my lunch break at the amazingness that is your love for your husband.


Nelly Olson, I think not! Her hair was at least 2-3 inches shorter than yours. The Pics are so beautiful! Remember those empty frames you have hanging in your bedroom (from you Mother's Day post)-I think you can fill them now. Congratulations! It looked like such a Happy Day!

Penny in Missouri

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. You looked beautiful and your dress was gorgeous. Best to your family. :) P.S. Keep the pictures coming!!


hi Karen, i love your wedding pictures! your family is so beautiful and full of life and love! i had tears in my eyes with the ones with the kids. beautiful! congratulations.

Paola Norman

So beautiful so in Love! We could easily look at your pics all week.
Congratulations again!


Simply, the kids, Josh, everything.....I'm speechless. God has blessed you richly. Thank you for sharing with us!



your wedding pictures are absolutely awesome. You are such a beautiful bride. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's installment.

Leonie - Australia

I am loving the wedding pics & you really did look beautiful & happy!


Me again! Just when I thought they couldn't get any better! I tried to pick a fav, but love them all!


I love the "feets" one! It's sorta.... "Artsy-Fartsy". ha.ha. Looks like an ad in a magazine. So cute!


Gorgeous pics. My oldest daughter is getting married in August and I cry looking at ANY bride. You guys look fantastic and I don't even know you....I just happened to come across these. Congrats!


I was listening to your and Josh's song while looking at the beautiful pictures of the two of you dancing. That last picture is captured such a tender moment. I vote that it goes into one of those empty frames in your bedroom.

heather emans

it has been wonderful to see your photos this week. i could never tire of them. thanks for sharing your joy with us!


All I can say is...WOW!!! We have all been wanting to see more Karen pics and we sure are getting them now! They are all so "real" and so beautiful that it's been hard for me to choose my favorites. I love the ones of you laughing because your nose gets all scrunched up and you just radiate happiness! I have to admit, I always wanted my hair to look like Nellie Olson! It's straight as a stick and brown, so it wasn't ever gonna happen. Slept on those foamy pink rollers and everything...straight as a stick! Your hair looked beautiful (and I didn't even think of a Nellie Olson resemblence until you brought it up!) don't have her yellow hair and big bug eyes!! By the should have plenty of options to fill up those empty frames in your bedroom now, right?!

Carrie K

more more pictures...seriously...not getting tired of them.

your wedding was gorgeous and i love all the candids and all the

and you look SUPER young...:)


Thank you so much for sharing your photos of such a personal day. They show just what a wedding should be. Friends and family sharing the happiness of a new family being created. The boys looked uber handsome and the girls, too sweet. Beautiful bride (especially the hair) and hot groom. I hope the planning process was not too stressful. Much happiness is wished to you from us all. Congratulations!

ady abreu

amazing photos that you will treasure forever and ever. Congratulations.


Wow, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. It looks like your day was amazing. Also, what a beautiful wedding dress!

ur cousin in eugene

I love the one with the flowers too... and i also love the one where im watching ross play his guitar!


Love the first dance photos. I love that you did it away from everyone - the last one in this group is gorgeous.


I realize I'm so late in commenting, but I just wanted to chime in and say congratulations! These photos are the best. Breathtaking.

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