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Anna A.

I have loved looking at all of your wedding photographs these past few days. You look so happy - and deservedly so. Congratulations, and I wish you many MANY happy years to come.


Have to ask.. did you find it hard to not take any picture that day? Did you take pictures?? I am soooo afraid I will be the bride whose not in any of the shots because I will be taking them. haha. I can't imagine an event so special and not taking pictures of it.


Karen, LOVE your wedding pictures! The best part is that it's so obvious that there's a lot of love among you, not just you and Josh, but among you all. The black and white photo of Josh looking at you - that one brings me to tears. There will always be a favorite picture, the one where the love just glows around you - that one does it for me! You can SO see how happy he is!!! Which one is your favorite?


They almost made me cry. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your life with us.

Ashley Schultz

Your wedding pictures are gorgeous. Your photographer captured some great moments. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Sara M

Thanks for sharing Karen. Absolutely beautiful pictures. It looks like it was a wonderful day.

Laura Carter

Karen, thank you so much for sharing this incredible day with all of us! You deserve the best and I am so happy to see you and your family so happy!

Tammy Circeo

Karen--I don't know you, you don't know me. I know there's an interesting story behind your romance and recent wedding, but I don't know what that is either. What I DO know is that as I've looked at the trio of wedding pictures postings, I've had lumps in my throat and sometimes misty eyes, even. All the pictures are amazing and tell their own stories. Your children have facial expressions that allow me to imagine how they are in real life! But the one photo that really got to me was posted today. . . and that is the one where you are facing the camera and hugging your oldest son. The look on your face speaks of so much love and gratitude for him even though your eyes are closed. I can only imagine that he has been your 'little Man' through whatever it is that life has dealt you in the last years. The feelings I have about the relationship I have with my 'little Man' - who is now getting quite 'big' (he is about your son's age) - is reflected in this photo of you and yours.
I have no idea how I stumbled on your blog a few months ago, but I've been 'bl-eavesdropping' ever since. I wish you the best in your marriage and with your new husband. Keep posting photos--I learn from looking at them.


Again, chills. Love the LOVE... it's everywhere! Congratulations again, Karen and Josh. Looking at these just makes me want to marry my husband all over again. Once was just never enough!


Wow! These are just stunning pictures and have told quite a story. Thanks SO much for sharing so many with us.


thanks for sharing these moments of your special day with us - amazing, again.




Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all the pictures with us, Karen.


Karen, I'm typing this through tears. So Beautiful. I have to agree with Tammy's post about the pic of you and Ross. When I look at that picture I can just feel the love you have for your son. As Tammy does for her I do for my son ( 6' tall and 17 years old ). He will always be "my boy" no matter how tall or old he gets. The picture of Annie coming down the isle is priceless...I've never seen such a happy flower girl! Thank you again for sharing your most special day with all of us.

Alicia Sharp

Your poics are amazing and your wedding was beautiful!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!


Thank you very much for sharing the pictures of this wonderful day! I am in tears looking at them, so happy for you and your family. You are an extraordinary woman, many happy years to you, your husband :-) and the children.

Kim B.

What a beautiful wedding. Each and every photo was priceless. You really have a beautiful family and I wish you all the best. Congratulations.


Oh man, I got all choked up again! Love them all! Hoping there is a part 4!


oh my...I can't get enough of these!
your day was beautiful and your photographer captured tons of great shots.
thanks so much for sharing them (and the little insights into each pic).


I don't know you except from your always fabulous photos. But thank you for sharing so much love and happiness - it's on every face!


Words cannot describe how truely amazing these photos are! I totally busted out in tears when I saw the photo of Coley and Josh watching as you came down the isle. You can see all the love your family has for each other in each of there eyes. I pray for you and your family a lifetime of blessings and pure love. Thanks for sharing your precious day with us!

stacy t

coley's expression made me cry too. wow! thanks for sharing your wedding with us - it's been a wonderful journey. now - let's see the reception!! yahoo!!!!


Karen these pictures are absolutely amazing.... I love the one of you and Ross near the end that is one to cherish alway! Gorgeous!


Paola Norman

Every photo is more beautiful than the next. Thank-you so much for sharing this very special moment in your life with us. They are precious photos, every last one of them.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

very touching! That one with Coley made me tear up too, then you said that.
Love the one with Josh and his grandfather and how the grandfathers eye's are closed. That one made me bawl.
Also the one with you and can see the road you two traveled in that one.


Such a sweet family. I wish I knew you, I am happy for you guys. Congratulations. Such a pretty bride you are!


I am so incredibly honored that you would share these intimate family photos with me, a complete stranger. While I am "no one" to you, these photos - these people - really touch a place in me that resonates with everyone who has family, who loves someone and who wants to be loved.
Thank you so, so much for sharing these.
I look at them and I see my faith in love
and family
and forever
renewed over and over.
God bless you,
your marriage,
your children
and your family
as you move forward into the future together.

I can honestly say that these are among the best wedding photos I have ever seen. Not because of the quality (which is beautiful) but because of the absolute love evident on the faces of you, your new hubby and all the children. I know you will all have a wonderful blessed life together.


hi! you don't know me.. but i just wanna say that your wedding photos made me cry, they're so beautiful and full of beatiful and happy people. thanks for sharing! =)

Julie H

Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. It was truely beautiful to experience, even over the internet. Congratulations.

julie (Australia)

Just BEAUTIFUL, i had tears in my eyes when i read that Courtney was your Maid of Honour, and Ross was the Best Man. Coley was so proud of you as you walked down the aisle, and Annie was just Annie, gorgeous. Thank you soooooooooooo much for sharing your special day with us in cyber land. Hope the future holds many wonderful adventures for you all!!


oh my goodness girl...i don't even "know" you, know you but these are making me cry!
you were a beautiful bride and your family matched you to a "T".
loved all the photos, can't pick a favorite...there were so many!


Grab another Kleenex!!! Those are the sweetest, most precious wedding pictures. Your expressions speak volumes. It feels as though I'm looking at one of my own friend's pictures. You have such a generous heart, Karen, to share this priceless moment in time with us (strangers who really love your family, ha.) God Bless your family because you love HIM. Thanks a million!!!


P.S. I really like the Nellie Olson look for you! Vintage, but romantic looking. A lot like your scrapbooking style. Long Live Nellie Olson! ha.


Karen, thank you so much for sharing your wedding photos. They are beautiful. Congrats to you, Josh, and the whole family.

Carrie Hicks

Wow Karen. These are so beautiful. I love the one of all of you praying together (The family that prays together, stays together). What an amazing moment.

Dianne K. Nelson

I know that in this day and age you don't have to actually marry to make a family. But I think it means so much more when you do. Congratulations, and many years of happiness to you all!



Your pictures are AMAZING! The pictures looked like they captured all the most perfect moments...

Michelle Gauthier

I can't believe how many fabulous shots your photographer got. These photos just keep getting better and better. I get teary-eyed just looking all the happy faces. You can just feel the love in the air. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures and allowing us into your special day.


They all take my breath away. Beautiful wedding. Beautiful family. God bless you.


I just want to say that I always enjoy your photos, they always make me smile but these.....well these are stunning. I actually had tears.....because of all of the love and happiness that they show.
and a beautiful location too! Where is that?


Oh my word - such gorgeous photos & and even a more beautiful family! Congrats, Karen! My favorite is the one of the two of you saying your vows. So touching! Thanks for sharing your day with us!


Oh I am such a sap; I have been checking out all of these photos this week and they just make me cry. What an amazingly beautiful wedding you had. You look gorgeous, Josh so handsome and those kiddos look like angels. Congratulations, Karen!

It is so funny, I have been reading your blog for so long now and I feel such a connection to you through your writing and photos and now I feel like I got to share in your wedding too. Thank you so much for sharing and being so open.


You must be super happy with your photographer, great moments captured!

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