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Michelle Gauthier

Wonderful photos! He looked so handsome! Loving all the smiles and happiness that everyone is showing. Congratulations again! And please keep the pictures coming. :)


OH Handsome, handsome! great pictures :) thanks again for sharing! can't wait to see more!

Kathy C.

WOW (again)...your gal Coral is AMAZING!! Love seeing all the photos & moments of "your day"!!! Congrats again to you, Josh and your family!!! ;-)


What wonderful pictures! Josh looks so handsome and I love the one of Coley checking out the fountain! :)


Great pictures! So handsome. I'm so happy for you both and your whole family!


how handsome! i love that you found someone that has the same 'eye' for capturing things as you! :)


Congratulations Karen - you all look beautiful, and I'm so glad the day was everything you wanted it to be! :)


Yep, he does look so handsome! And he has such a great smile! Can't wait for more! And no, I didn't cry today!


Congratualtions Karen and Josh!! Your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them!


so handsome!
keep the pictures coming!


oh how i love that you are sharing all these pictures of the happy day with us, feels like i am there!!
i LOVE the photo of josh and all the men in his family, they look so fun!

Michelle OKeefe

He sure does look handsome. I love all of the photos with the kids and the family especially.

Leigh Ann

Does it get any better than a man in uniform?
It's still(16 years later)one of my favorite things about my wedding pictures--the groom in a uniform--(sigh).
There is such joy in these photos!


Karen! Congratulations!!!!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us! LOVE LOVE all the pictures - everyone looks BEAUTIFUL (yes, even the guys! LOL!!)!!!

Jodee Stock

Beautiful photos. They made me cry. Or at least tear up.


All my wedding pictures were so formal, I wish I had some fun ones like yours. So beautiful!


Congrats!!!!! I love all the pics...


so handsome!
can't wait to see more.

cindy b

AWESOME!! What a BEAUTIFUL family you guys are! Thanks for sharing in your special day Karen. LOVE them ALL!! :-) peace and blessings, Cindy


Oh, wow, Karen. What a stunning family you have. It looks like you're ALL in love and what a beautiful thing to see. Congratulations and best wishes for a beautiful life :)

carrie hicks

Just saw both part I and II and love them. I even got a bit misty-eyed. Congratulations Karen! (I even loved the orange socks-hate to admit it!)

Tanya Webster

awwwww.super awesome to see the shots that happened when we were not there...i love them all....and my fave is courtney kissing josh too...LOVE IT!

Leonie - Australia

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

WOW - what great pictures of your wedding and beforehand!!!! Josh and you look absolutely stunning!!!
You may think your hair looked like "Nellie's" but I think it was very attractive on you!!!! I'm so glad you posted your pictures and I look forward to seeing more pics tomorrow. I wish you a wonderful life together as man and wife!!!

Becky C.


HEY JOSH!!! YOU BIG STUD!!!!!! (Don't get jealous Karen, I'm just teasing!) ha.ha. Love the pics!!!


Handsome he is and the bride? Beautiful!! Congratulations to the both of you, and thanks for sharing the photos. Keep em comin!

Heather B

beautiful bride, groom, kids, wedding... thanks so much for sharing with your online family. you looked incredible and the best part of your wedding day look...your fantastic smile. The happiness you both have in getting married was right there on your faces. Your photographer did a great job of capturing the essence of all of you.


okay, the picture of Annie is soooo sad. I just want to hug her!!


OH, please keep sharing! These are marvelous. I think your photographer did almost as good a job as you :))


Congratulations! First time I've had a chance to comment on the wedding/photos! So happy for you! Now I guess I'm probably newer to your blog... too new to even know you were getting married till after the fact! I'm in your second photo class session coming up in July... and maybe it's just me, but for those of us who are newer, if you have shared your love story before, would you mind pointing us in the right direction, or sharing again? Anyway... congrats again! I am loving the pictures!!!


Wow! How gorgeous! Congrats! Love the pictures....they're beautiful.


I just looked at all of the photos of your wedding day and I don't know that I have ever been so touched by photos of any wedding as the ones of you, Josh and your family. You were such a beautiful bride with Josh definitely looking like your prince charming. The ones with your beautifully blended family made me almost cry. So many women who are single Mom's don't believe that such wonderful things are possible and you sharing pieces of your life gives hope to so many that love will find them and to keep an open mind and heart. I wish for you, Josh and your family good health, love, laughter and happiness.

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