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Jamie S

Those photos are beautiful! I love the one of all the kiddos and you. Gorgeous!

Betsey Cline

You have never looked more beautiful! You have a wonderful glow!! It looks like it was a fantastic day for you and your family. I am so happy for you -congratulations!


Oh Karen, you look so beautiful! you just simple glow :) thanks for sharing your pictures!

Mary Ann

Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I couldn't wait to see them!


you and the kids look so gorgeous!!! and HAPPY!!!
i dont know why i am crying looking at these, it just looks like such a wonderful day, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Too beautiful for words. Congratulations, best of love & luck to you and yours, and thanks for sharing.

Lori Gentile

OMGosh, Karen! You looked so beautiful! Congratulations! I love the little dresses you picked out for the girls, too!!


Those were beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations again!

WOW! just WOW!


Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! These are **REAL** wedding pictures, unlike the posed, traditional, boring ones that most people do. Everyone looks great and so happy. What a wonderful day you must have had. Can't wait to see the rest.


oH MY GOODNESS! These are some of the most beautiful photos I ever seen because your happiness and your kiddos happiness and your love for one another shine through immensely. So very very happy for you!!!!!!!!


beautiful photos Karen!
You looked amazing...and that dress = gorgeous!
LOVE that photo of you and your kids on the bridge!
and the photo of the orange socks made me laugh out loud!
(go beavs!)

laura vegas

these are just amazing photos ... they capture so much of the love and happiness you have with your family! you have such beautiful children and you all look gorgeous!


Oh Karen --- what can I say? You look so incredibly beautiful and you look so incredibly happy. I am so glad that you had such a special day and got such lovely photos. I am not a crier but the photo of you and Courtney brought tears to my eyes and they seemed to stay there when looking at the rest of your photos. Thanks so much for sharing your joy!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


Karen, your family is goregous!
Love your pictures :) Thanks for sharing!


thanks so much for sharing with us Karen.
you look beautiful as does all of your family.

stacy t

i love how your nose crinkles when you are smiling - you're deeply happy. may your nose never stop doing that.


Everyone is absolutely beautiful! You looked fabulous and I love all the emotions that were captured, what a great photographer you had. The orange socks just cracked me up.


Thanks for sharing your pics! You have such a beautiful family! Everyone looked so happy - and it looks like you had a fabulous day! Can't wait to see the rest.

Tanya Webster

holy moly these turned out sooooooo good!!! coral is AMAZING!!!! my favorite one (so far) is that one of annie with her tongue out.....oooooh so cute!!! LOVE them all.....

and nellie has NOTHIN' on looked absolutely stunning. :)

Bridget =)

gorgeous! just amazing!!!!


Gorgeous, touching, amazing! I love the email Josh printed off. I love the picture of you with all of the kids. You can see the happiness shine through. Congratulations again!


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures! You have such a beautiful family. You looked gorgeous and I loved your hair. Loved the email of your beginnings, too!


OH, my word!! Those are marvelous! What a great family you are - although you are missing that hunk so tomorrow's will only be better! Is that even possible?!! Thank you for sharing this precious family event with us :))

Rhonda Palmer

Thanks for showing your pictures. I can't wait to see more. And the email...that was awesome! what a man!


Ohhh BEAUTIFUL !!! Can't wait to see more pictures !!!!


Your dress is beautiful! You look gorgeous, I love the girl's dresses... but my favorite of all is the picture of you w/the kids on the bridge. Wow! Great pictures!


Oh my gosh, you're such a beautiful bride. Your family is adorable and I can't wait to see the next installment. You deserve the best!


Karen, you looked absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the dress, the shoes and your hair looked nothing like Nellie! It was beautiful as well. I'm so happy for you and your family!!

Cindy G

Congratulations! What gorgeous photos and you all look beautiful and happy!

Just like a fairy tail.......Ahhhhhhhhhh
So happy for you !
Laura P


What BEAUTIFUL photos! I can't wait for part 2 tomorrow.


Oh Karen!!! You are beautiful!! And those kids!!! I am so happy for you all!!!


seriously? can I just say that you look amazing and these photos take my breath away. Your dress is gorgeous, your kids are adorable...What a great photography job! Thanks for sharing with us and again, Congratulations!


More please, more!!!
I love the pictures and you look stunning! I love the girls awesome to get to share the day with them.
Yea, can't wait to see the rest.


amazing. beautiful. wow. love that josh gave you a copy of the first email and a little metal plane! :)


Oh Karen, I loved them all! I got all teary-eyed looking at those! I am a sap, but you looked beautiful, everyone looked beautiful! Congrats again and I can't wait for more!


I think you look like one of the happiest brides I've ever seen!! And your family is beautiful. They clean up real nice :)


What fabulous pictures. I love the looks of genuine love and happiness on everyone's faces.
You look beautiful and Annie and Courtney's dresses are so perfect. Where did you find them?

Michelle Gauthier

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these. You looked lovely, the girls totally adorable (fab dresses) and the young men were so handsome. What a beautiful family. And Josh's email to you just made me smile and reminded me that life holds many great surprises for us if we're open to them!


wow. you look amazing, and these pictures are gorgeous!! Looks like an amazing day. Your dress is fab, and love the flower in your hair.

I owe you an email...this week!


You look so happy and so pretty. I love the dresses that your girls are wearing. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, priceless, touching, unforgetable, a once in a lifetime love........and many other words and phrases that I can't think of right now. My favorite is the last one with you and all the kids, but the Beaver socks comes in a close second.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment in your life.


I got chills looking at these... so SO beautiful (hair and all... I LOVE the hair!). The happiness... it just pours from the photos! GUSH!


You all look so beautiful, and (more important!) happy!

Congratulations :)


You and your family look so happy! Such a beautiful group of people! Congratulations!


oh my gosh karen, this are BEAUTIFUL!


Karen, you look absolutely stunning!!! Congrats to you on your big day & thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!


Your family is so beautiful! The pictures gave me goose bumps! Thanks for sharing! Loved how email you the same day after your plane ride! You must've had him at hello! lol!
Thanks again for sharing! Congratulations!!!!

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh girl you look totally beautiful, I mean completely stunning! I love your hair and no it does not look like Nellie! lol

The Photo of you and the kids on the bridge actually brought tears to my eyes, so I will probably be a complete mess seeing the photos of the way you and Josh look at each other.

Yes Ross is one handsome young man and that photo of Annie is just so 'Yannie' :)

Thanks for sharing your special day with us. I really miss seeing you, I am totally bummed about NBP! maybe you will need to do some work on your yard this summer?? lol

Kathy C.

WOW--Just plain WOW!!! ;-)


So beautiful. Just perfect! Can't wait to meet you in Westbrook!


Wow thank you Karen for sharing your wonderful day. You look so happy, and I love the photo of the e-mail, and that you met on a plane. Youv'e got a keeper there what a truly romantic moment, A day you will never forget.


Wow - Karen - those are beautiful!!!!!


You looked absolutely radiant! :) Looks like such a beautiful wedding~ And I love the girls dresses! Congratulations!

Hope the photography class is going well too. I can't wait to start in September.

Nadine from Germany

oooh Karen, let me sing for you: you are so beautiful... Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Wendy Goodman

Seriously, I was moved to tears just from the photos. What an amazing treasure you have in your wedding photos. Your punkins all look magnificent dressed up. So cool that you met your hubby on a plane! What a great story...congrats!

Leonie - Australia

Just beautiful Karen, the day looked wonderful, full of love, family & fun may you have a really happy life together.


Wow Karen....these are such lovely photos. You look so beautiful and happy, as does your family.

I only hope that my wedding photos (three weeks and counting) turn out as nice!


Such beautiful pictures and such a beautiful bride. Looks like you had an amazing day. Congratulations again.

Paola Norman

OMG! Those are so beautiful! They turned out great! I just love the one of you looking out the window. You and your family look magnificent. Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us. She did a fabulous job with the pictures. I hope she did you proud!



Trisha Peterson

How beautiful!! I am a faithful reader of your blog (and buyer of your product :)). These photos are simply amazing because of the love and happiness that shines through them!! Looking at the photos of your special day actually brought tears to my are very blessed indeed with such a wonderful family! Congrats to you!!


You know it's right when the kids are happy and smiling!!! Coral has an amazing "Candid Camera"--just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. You were blessed with a beautiful day!!!


Oh my gosh... I am sitting here weeping at these beautiful photos. You are basically a 'stranger' lol and I wished I could have been there!!! You looked amazing. Those kids...amazing. All the shots are.....amazing. and yes.... they made me cry..
Can't wait to see more.
Oh and the email and airplane thing....aaaah... that was just .... amazing. How doggone sweet was that?


thanks for sharing...
can't wait to see the hunky groom!


wow wow wow wow wow


nelly olsen never looked this good. you look beautiful! and the kids look seriously happy. you couldn't ask for more. well, until tomorrow. (:


I knew they'd be worth the wait....kinda just like your love, huh? Amazing!

Kim Bolyard

these photos are them all. I think your hair looked great...and I love your shoes. You guys make a beautiful family...almost forgot I love the girls dresses.

heather emans

what a beautiful family!!!


Amazing! You looked fantastic and so do the kids!!! all so happy! Congrats again and can't wait to see more!

Michelle OKeefe

Simply beautiful! Congratulations Karen, so happy for you & Josh and your lovely family. I love the photos.


Such awesomely happy, joyful beautiful photos. You were a beautiful bride!



So, randomly came across your blog and this is going to sound really stalker ish... but, I think ALL of your photos are just amazing, seriously... I accidentally wasted an HOUR staring at all of your glorious pictures! Seriously. I feel like I know your whole family, your pictures make me feel like I am there experiencing that moment with you and your family. They feel real.

Congratulations on the marriage, you made such a beautiful bride. Also, i think your daughter annie is just the cutest thing! :D Love the baby legs. :D

Have a great day.


What BEAUTIFUL pictures! Everyone looks SO SO happy!


Oh wow..I know I don't really know you, but these pictures almost made me look so beautiful!! And you have an amazing family! So much love! :) And the idea with the first email...soooo sweet!!! *gg*
Really looks like you made a everlasting memory... :)
Hope to get such good shots from my wedding day, too! *lol*

Samantha Seholm

Thanks for sharing these photos, they are beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest.


Wow!!! What a beautiful day. What a beautiful bride and adorable children. Great pictures. I can't wait to see more. Congratulations:)


Beautiful photos, BEAUTIFUL bride!


Congratulations Karen, and such awesome pictures of the day! And you didn't have a camera around your neck! Can't wait to see more!


Just other words are needed. Thanks for sharing your special day. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!


Great great wonderful pictures!!!!! I´d LOVE to see how you scrapbook these! ;)


I loved all of these photos. What a beautiful thing to have all of your beautiful children so happy and supportive of you on this special occasion. I love them all, but the one of Annie and her tongue and the one of Ross kisssing him gorgeous and radiantly happy Mom are my favorites.


You are a stunning family! WOW! The photos have captured you beautifully :)


Congrats Karen!!!! You look absolutely radiant!!! Love the dress & your hair! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!! Gotta love those orange socks...hee hee!


Amazing pictures! You look gorgeous and the kids all look great! I love the girls dresses :) Can't wait to see more and hear all about your big day!


What beautiful photos, Karen! You looked stunning! I just love them all! Thank you for sharing them!

Sabrina aka beckermina

Those photos make me cry... so lovely. And you look so beautyful, such a happy bride!
Getting married is on of the best things - beside having babies, i guess...
Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures with us!


Karen, what beautiful photos of everyone! We've met before, I'm one of Boo Radley's friends up here in WA. She didn't post enough photos on her blog, so I came to see the real deal. LOVE them all. It looks like you had an amazing day, and even more that you have an amazing family. So much love shines through these pictures. And the polka dot dresses for the girls are ADORABLE!! Congratulations!!


So I was good 'till I got to the shot of your dad and Cole with their orange socks. Then I cried. Silly I know but it just touched me at how simple a thing means so much and you got it. (you being whom ever took that shot)

You and your "Nelly Olsen" curls look beautiful!! What fantastic memories!!

Jo E

Oh my goodness you look gorgeous! I am wiping the tears away looking at these pictures - they just convey the emotion of your day so beautifully. I never cease to be amazed at how photographs can evoke such emotions. Congratulations from the UK.


karen, those images are stunning.
the one of you & the kids sitting down with josh looking at the camera & you and the girls giggling....oh my
you are gorgeous & i love your smile

Lynn J

The pictures are AMAZING! You have such a BEAUTIFUL family! You all look so HAPPY! Congrats & best wishes to you all!


Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! I simply love all of the photos...what a special day you all shared together. Best of everything to you!!!

Rebecca Vavic

Dear Karen
Congratulations... all these photos are so beautiful.
I have been reading over the last few posts and I am so happy for you and your family.
Gorgeous you and yours!!!
(hugs) and all the very best


So beautiful. You absolutely radiated that day. Gorgeous gown :)

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