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Karen, you have no idea the joy you bring by sharing little bits of your life and family. Annie is so adorable and I LOVE what you said about not correcting "belbow!" I don't blame you one bit. And no. 3 is too too cute. So I know this is random, but thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs and your beautiful family. It always brightens my day!


I love that you share little things like this. I have a girl a few months older than Annie and it makes me smile to think how cute little girls are at this age.

Rachelle Sims

Adorable : ) Ditto here at the 5 am wakeup call! Yeah for snuggling and getting a few more shut-eyes!

Leslie F

Mispronunciations ROCK!! My daughter, the baby, who is now almost 8 still has a few and I refuse to correct them. LOL. We've got a few from both kids that have made their way into family lingo forever. (ie: Headcake = Headache. Wouldn't you rather have a headcake??)

Over the weekend, Meg told my hubby that when she wants to grow up she wants to be either a) a rockstar, b) a teacher, or c) a vegetarian. She turned 12 shades of red when he asked her if she meant "veterinarian". Tee hee.

Annie is so precious . . . I love coming to your blog to see what she and the rest of your family are up to!!


cute post! my little dude tucker is right with her on no. 1, 5 and 7. i just love this age! :)


I love Yannie's pirate talk (yar).
I can totally picture that!
She is too cute. Coley, Ross and Courtney are too!


I know you get these kind of questions all the time, but do you mind sharing which lens you used for this pic?
Such a cute shot!


I love reading "baby words"
it's so cute


she is just so huggable. i could reach right through my screen and hug her. how wonderful that you have a record of her growth in your blog. life is SOOOO good.

Staci Taylor

Aww, what a cutie pie she is!! She sounds like so much fun - it never ceases to amaze me what their young minds come up with! Thanks so much for the chat at AMM the other night - it was a pleasure chatting with you!


She is so stinkin' cute!

Becky Donohue

TFS this! I think Annie is just the cutest thing since...well, my girls! I've just put my 2 to bed and am missing them already. You know that feeling? The first moment you have to yourself in the day is like 9pm and all you can do is miss your sweetpeas? I totally know what you mean about not correcting her on "belbow." I've got a list of words like that which I'm going to scrap of my 4-year old and can't wait to hear what my newborn says (but not in a rush)! #1 says crayNons instead of crayons and used to call herself Sa'annah instead of Savannah. What can you do but kiss them?!
Thanks again for sharing.


it's just great that you document all of the cute sayings of Miss Annie!! you think you won't forget but you do....I'm glad I wrote some of them down when mine were little


all of these are things you never want to forget!
it's why i scrap.
when i find the time.

and i'm glad to know of others who don't correct their children and their cute "sayings".
my guy is 6 and still says "lasterday"


annie's so adorable!!! i can just imagine her throwing a hissy fit or tantrum when the other kids call grandma "grandma"!


I want my own Yannie!


Enjoy every minute of your Yannie goes entirely too fast. She is so cute.


OMG-just too cute, too cute I tell you! I can just hear her!

Kris with a K

My eldest, now 16, called his elbow his "armbow". We still call it that.

meg duerksen

your annie and my annie are so alike!
"do it myself!"
and MY grandma.
and durls instead of girls.

how funny they would be together.


annie's cute baby talk reminds me of the kids at sesame street.


I agree with the first post by Amanda. I love your blog for so many reasons ie. inspiration, beautiful photos and helpful information on photography, your artistic creations and down to earth way of writing, but most of all I love the sometimes funny yet always meaningful slices of your life that you share. I am the mother of two grown young men and am separated from my husband. I live with my Mother who is very ill and at the end of her life. I fell into a very long, deep depression. I have been struggling to pull myself out of that dark and empty place. Your blog always reminds me of what is most important; my family and friends and making every day as meaningful as I can. Thank you for sharing your blessings.

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