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My husband and I want to thank the Reverend for his service and let him know he will be in our prayers.


Isn't it great when ordinary people do extraordinary things. Thank you for your service, dedication and sacrifice.


Our Prayers are with Reverend and his family, Thank You Reverend and a big Thank to Josh for his service, dedication and his sacrifices. At least Reverend knows Josh will take care of things here while he's gone.

lovely cee

wow! from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the service

Tanya Webster

it was completely obvious how much Josh respect this man at the wedding...I'll be praying for ALL of you during this time period; for safety, strength, perseverence, and peace. Sure wish you lived closer little lady.....I would love to help you with those kiddos but I know you will do great!! you always do!

Karen Travels

I am sure you hear this all the time, but everytime I look at "Grants Pass" I see Grass Pants.

I am going to work at a school in Alaska which is located on a army base. They are deploying out to Afghanistan too in the next few months. My thoughts go out to them all.


hey remind us to pray for him everyonce in awhile too! I will now, but you know how it goes... just remind us. I'll add you guys too it too, that over the next 9months things go smoothly as Josh does this extra job :)


Definately praying Psalm 91 for Reverend. In awe of the responsibility these men have in serving our country. Thanks to Josh and Reverend for unselfish dedication. Will keep your family in prayers for a smooth transition. HOpefully, it'll go by quick!!!


p.s. How's the photography class going? Would love to hear your thoughts!!! Even if it were in shambles, I would still want to take it, because I've learned so much just reading your blog entries. Thanks so much, Karen!!! :P

Brandi in Ohio

I know this is totally irreverent but do you know how tall Reverend is, cause he looks mighty tall.

And on the reverent side of things...A big THANK YOU to both Josh and Reverend and their family's for doing their part to serve our country. Our prayers go out to all that serve, God Bless

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