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That photo is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE the composition and DOF. BEAUTIFUL!!

cindy b posts like these!! That picture is just precious! LOOK at those EYES!! WOWZERS!!

Heather (in Scotland)

LOL at the C&W comment!

And sweet he phones to pray with you. :)


He is just too cute for words! Love those eyes. Love the funny comments.


So a while back you mentioned four actions you use a lot (derelict, oh snap, botwell's magic and vignette/blur) ... here's what I can't figure out. If you have 40 photos to edit, do you run each action individually on each photo, or can you run them as a batch and still edit the opacity? Please help I love your photos but it's so time consuming to run each action on each photo and if i run it as a batch i have no control over the opacity.


Very cute!

Thanks for the chat last night at AMM. You are fun and creative, and I love that you had a dream and persued it and ended up doing work that you love. It is inspirational.


He's so darling!!! Those huge brown eyes!!! I think Coley sounds like someone who doesn't "fit into the box". It will be a good thing later in life. (I have one like that too.) We just have to figure out a way to channel that energy without squelching their spirit and individualism. (Does that make sense?) Sweet example you set for them by praying--we do in our house too!!! We love Jesus!!!

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