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Karen, I love the colors in these pictures!
Your Annie is just too cute :)


Hi there! I love your website - the photos & tips are awesome! You've made a lot of things clearer to me - I'm now looking into a 50mm 1.4 lens for my Nikon D70s. A while back you posted regarding RAW vs JPEG which was very illuminating for me. I have Photoshop 7.0 - can you recommend a good action/process for sharpening my RAW images? I'd love to have Adobe Camera RAW to edit them all at once but that's not an option right now. Thanks! And have a great teaching trip!


How cute that Annie wanted to talk to Dillon! And her new shoes are adorable.


LOVE that green background. Great shots! :)


I love the photo and that green background. Where did you get those adorable shoes?

Where is that WONDERFUL GREEN DOOR ????


Miss Karen,

I saw some of you family at the air show on Sat. Its weird to seem them cause I feel like I know they but I really don't. Did Cole and Annie like it?

julie (Australia)

Cute, cute, cute as usual ! Just love reading about your world Karen, and the pictures are always wonderful, thankyou! I am finding it hard to get the Flitter Stamp, i live in Melbourne Australia, and it is no where here. I have tried the stores you mentioned in a previous post but the shipping prices they charged for one stamp was ridiculous. Will the stamp be avaliable in more stores?

stacy t

i can't believe i'm leaving for maine the day you come to CT!!! i miss the sign up date for camera and now the CT class. next year, it''s a class at our lake house in maine sister!!


That green door is super!!! Of course, Annie is too cute for words!


Annie's a girl after my own heart.....she loves shoes!!! What a precious little girly-girl !!! Those cheeks are so squeezable!!! ha. Try to enjoy your "time off" from the family. Temporary sanity. ha. p.s. Tell us about your photography class! Hope it's going well.


I'm officially asking you to bring Annie to PA on your next visit so I can take care of her while you're teaching. I will drive you to Starbucks, get you to your classes and then Annie and I can just have fun together. Deal? Okay. Perfect. She's just so sweet!

Tanya Webster

that last shot makes me wanna kiss those little cheeks over and over and so sweet you two went out to dinner together..i love that.


Okay Karen.....what actions or post processing did you do on these adorable photos of Annie???


I just love the photo of Annie in time out. She must have been so excited.....but you gotta do, what you gotta do when you're a mom! Thanks for sharing.

Sasha Farina

Miss Yannie is oh so adorable! I could eat her up :)

Krista Lund

what a cool green door! and shots, of course!
i love sweet potato fries! ever dipped them in mallo creme sauce?? yumm-o!


beautiful color!
fantastic job!


wait wait wait...GRANTS PASS?!?!


circle j ROCKS AND their sweet potato fries. omg, one of my favorite restaurants. i happened upon your blog because you were a suggested blog in my google reader. how is it that you're in or from grants pass? random! :)

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