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Most excellent pictures. Wish we were there to see it in person.....not much longer!



I love the empty frames! That is just too good, seriously! And 4G?? Whoa. I haven't ever shot in RAW before, but I know it takes up more space. That still had to be a TON of pics!
What a great Mother's Day!

Megan are awesome to post that picture with the empty frames. i think that's one of the reasons we all *love* you so are so amazingly and so real and we all want a little bit of it to rub off on us!!
i hope you had a fabulous mother's day. it looks like you were properly spoiled!! that cracks me up about Courtney Lee giving you her favorite coloring book! my 6 year old made me about 12 cards!! she also made a teacup card in Kindergarten with a teabag inside like the one Coley gave you! and she wants to drink it together...too sweet


Great pictures what did you use do to the photos of coley's game to get them so bright and brilliant and what lens did you use.
I also have a stack of photo frames with nothing in them and have only managed to comit to 4 photos with 3 hung on the wall - my aim is to get them all up just before i decide to move!


I am SO glad to know I am not the only one who hangs frames like you do :D !! I have 10 frames I hung in my office in a grouping. I love the grouping, but I admit, I only have 3 actual pictures in the frames! And, nothing makes me more excited than finding a great frame that I HAVE to have! Well, OK. Maybe a great picture that would go in the frame!!

Laura Glover

Love, love, love the photos...especially the last one with Annie and her papa. Absolutely beautiful!

jennifer compton

i totally have empty frames in my foyer. so we have pictures of this man and his son hanging all over the wall. isn't it interesting how it somehow just becomes are part of your environment and then you don't even notice it anymore?

love the pictures. especially the ones of annie and papa.

tara pakosta

that one of annie w/ papa at the end is my absolute FAVE!

danni perez

superb photos.
those are priceless with all the g.mas.
lol at the empty frames on the walls.
you have so many beautiful pictures to fill them with. remember you can also switch them out after a while.


OMG the SOCKS!! (leg warmers, etc, whatever!) dotty!!!! and green!!!! they are the bestest things ever.

also the bestest things ever: i am like right in the middle of a page with your class kit channeling my inner karen russell. i will show you. you will laugh. I HAVE GROWN UP ON PAPER. well, so far. i do not underestimate my ability to take what now looks really pretty and grown up and make it childish again by accident, but i am REALLY REALLY TRYING! so far, i looooove.



Once again I am in awe. Your children are gorgeous and the photography, as always, is amazing! I love that you are in the pictures too!! And the empty frames.. That is funny. I love it. That's you. Just keeping it real!
I am glad that you had a great Mother's Day!

Kim H.

My favorite is the one of Annie and Courtney that looks 100 years old.


How could you NOT take so many pictures of her - she is such a doll.


Love the photos as always. So wonderful to hear you had a fabulous Mother's Day. Love your facial expressions.


What a lucky girl Annie is to have so many special people who obviously treasure her! Those are beautiful photos.

I love the photos of Coley too. I tried to get some pictures of my DS8 and my DH playing baseball last night at just the same angle. I was pretty pleased until I saw your awesome shot. How do you get the focal person to be so very sharp??? What lens are you using? Post processing techniques that you would be willing to share? I am enrolled in your July class and can't wait to learn from you. Thanks for sharing.

Lauren Z

How are you so adorable that early in the morning in PJ's? Not Fair :)

I LOVE the Pic of Annie and Josh sleeping- so cute. And I just Adore Annie's cheeks- you just wanna kiss them :)


Oh Karen, Annie looks so grown up in the picture where Courtney is chasing her. Wow. I also have empty frames on my wall...

and some leaning against the wall where I think I want to hang them. One of these years...

Thanks for sharing!

Erica Hettwer

I have filled frames that are in a box, which is under a chair, which is up against the wall I want the frames to go on. I have a hard time putting holes in walls. :)

It's how I roll. ;)

Tanya Webster

man you look good for just waking up---you suck :) (just teasing...i am jealous though!)

and the frames....well, let me just say they make me like you just a little more (if that was even possible)...:)


Love all the pictures! Glad to see you in some of them! I got 'P.S. I love you' for MD too!


LOVED the empty frames on the wall-thank you for being so real in your postings- not just the frames, but the ups and downs you talk about. So many of us can commiserate about so many things. But the empty frames- gave me a great giggle. Would you mind answering- did you use a zoom lens on any of the photos from Mothers Day? Thanks.


Love the photo with the frames Karen! How funny! I have 2 empty frames hanging on my wall too. Hope to have something in them within the next 4 years though. ; )

Corie in Indy

I've just recently gotten introduced (and addicted) to your blog (thanks to Ali Edwards!), and I absolutely love your photography! Quick question - do you carry around a reflector to get such great lighting on faces, or do you do some Photoshop magic? Keep sharing your fabulous photos. Love to see them!


Umm Miss Karen. You could put some wedding photos in those frames. Isn't that happening soon?


Karen, with as many awesome photos as you take, I'd have trouble committing too!!! I'd want to change them every other day!! You look awesome, even first thing in the morning!!


Karen, I read your blog all of the time and just love it. But I had to comment on this one - the photo of you with the big smile, now I see where Annie gets that cute smile!

Thanks for being you! Hope you had a great mother's day!


Looks like a lovely Mother's Day. I can see how easy it would be to fill 4GB of that little cutie.


I had an empty collage frame for four years and every time I saw it, it was a reminder of yet another unfinished project. I have TERRIBLE photos, so that was the reason I had trouble filling it. Finally one weekend I decided that "once-and-for-all" I would pick the photos. Now I am so happy to see it on the wall every time I pass by it. It is so satisfying! JUST DO IT, you'll be happy you did!


Your pictures are wonderful!! Love Annie's cheeks in the last mom always used to kiss my kids like that. Actually,I think sometimes she still does (even though they're 17 and 22)LOL!! Popcorn, red licorice and P.S. I love you (which is an awesome movie) sounds like my kind of gift. Love the empty frames...I have the same commitment issues.


As always the pics are fabulous. I now know where Annie gets that cute face! the pic of you in the bedroom.


Love the pics! I am glad to see that I'm not the only one with empty frames on the wall. My youngest just recently asked which one of them is in one of these frames and we laughed and said neither of you! Its a baby frame and my baby is 12.

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