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laura vegas

love this karen! i watch super nanny all the time ... and you're right, it makes me feel so much better about my own kids! lol! and the part about super nanny standing there rolling her eyes when you layed down with annie ... i can totally see her doing it! sounds like you stuck to your plan in the end though. i'm such a sound sleeper ... that my youngest comes in my bed every single night and i just let her. lol!

hope your day is productive and good! and btw ... those baby legs are adorable!!!


That picture brought a smile to my face. You are such a good mommy for trying to do the right thing. When my son gets up in the odd hours of the night I'm too tired to deal with it & let him have what he wants which is to watch his Yo Gabba Gabba DVd. Hugs, hope you have a productive day even with the little sleep you got.

Tanya Webster

you are the last person in the world who would EVER need super nanny....and i bet you will never regret laying down with that little sweet tiny "wittle baby"...and i also bet that you wont have a problem with her tonight at all...just you wait and see *wink*

Sarah T

I'm with ya too..Love super nanny...My daughter is such an angel compared to some of those kids. I really think it's all about giving your kids as much love your heart can poor out and they will see that and respond in a good way. I have to lay down with my daughter everynight and ya know..I really enjoy it because I know that I will not get this time back again to have her sweet little arms wrap around me and with her soft check up against mine saying"I wuv you all my heart mommy". No one..not even super Nanny can say no to that:) Ok maybe she could.

Anywho..Have a productive day buy try to sneak in a nap or two if possible. So glad its Friday:)....Baby legs pic is so sweet and luv how you captured all that personality!


Hello! Glad to see you're back to blogging! Can't wait for the wedding pictures! Super cute picture of Annie! Have a good weekend!

cindy b

Karen, it will get easier and within a couple days the sleeping thing will be DONE. Just be consistent!! Good luck and CONGRATS Mrs.Josh Downs!! Have a great weekend!!


Great shot, love the colors!

Supernanny's got nothing on you. I would have just let her cry it out. You are a much better mom!


i think i watch super nanny for the same reason! hahaha! bedtime is a battle we have been sick of fighting so either he falls asleep in our bed - or ends up in our bed by morning! ergh.

i've got to say, that annie is a character! :) love her baby legs!


How could you resist such a cutie??? Of course you're going to lay down with her when she asks so sweetly. Melts my heart. I have a little girl almost Annie's age and i would have done the same thing. ( I love how you made the type really small when talking about that:)


Karen, I've been a fan of yours since taking a Snapshots class! You are a wonderful mom with a wonderful family :) I watch that show all the time too! But, in my house, the little footsteps end up in my bed because i am too exhausted to do the right thing. They are only little once right? :) I have 3 kiddies, 6, 3, and 1. So far the older two both went through this stage from age 2 to maybe 4. We'll see. The 6 yr old doesnt come in anymore, its the 3 yr old now. Cant wait to see more wedding photos! CONGRATS!!!!!!

Laura Plunk

Hope you get a nice honeymoon somewhere someday......But in the meantime us "mommies" just keep on going, like the energizer bunny....
love ya,
Laura P

PS guess you know about No Bare Pages closing the door for good, makes me so sad, glad I could be a part of them....


One of the toughest things for me, too...I'd get, "but Mommy, it's not fair, you get to sleep all warm and cozy with Daddy, but I'm so looooonely and cold" Yeah, I crumbled every time.

Heather (in Scotland)

"Peez rock me like a tiny wittle baby." Aw, how could you resist that?


I thought you and Josh would have snuck away to some far away island in the Carribean with your dental floss and camera with a million lenses. Some Honeymoon, eh? Not with kids around! Ha. But I can't remember life without them either. Or the 8+ hours of sleep I got at night. Pales in comparison to that tiny voice in the middle of the night who's scared or sick and needs our loving arms. (And scares the fire out of us standing there by the bed when we're in a dead sleep). Yep, life before kids pales in comparison! Happy Honeymoon Week!!!

Leonie - Australia

Oh Yeah all us Mothers have been down that road Karen, so hard to follow through & be tough! Hope you brain works enough to get all the things done you wanted!

tara pakosta

I have never been able to follow super nanny myself. i tried and it just didn't worK!
my girls are too stubborn. i would love to see her come here and try to help me fix that one LOL!!! they are finally sleeping through the night at 8 and almost 7. but i have to lay with them to get them to sleep in the first place>
enjoy letting her in your bed, my philosophy is it can't last forever. she won't be 15 years old and in your bed right?!
LOVE those little chubby legs!


OMG, how hilarious!! It's times like that that I think, "Oh, my. I am so glad that my youngest is NOW FOR SURE also my last!!" ha ha ha

Brandi in OH

I was a nanny back in the day. The youngest (Jessa) I took care of from 6 months to age 7, she just graduated from U.S.C. a few weeks ago. My own girls (10 and almost 7) go to bed fine. My youngest when she was two and three would come in to snuggle around 3a.m. on the nights that I was at work when she went to bed. I think she was just checking to see if I was there.
My point (and I think I have one) is....Take those snuggles now because when she's older they may come far and few between. I know when she is 10 she won't be asking you to rock her like a wee wittle baby.


She's just too cute!


she's so flippin cute.

love the super nanny story...I watch it for the same reason.


That picture made me laugh out loud! Your daughter is a hoot. I love babylegs too and I bought some instructions off Ebay for two bucks to learn how to make my own. Super simple and much cheaper!


Such a cute picture of Annie! You've gotta love her big personality in such a little body! Your stories crack me up because they're all so real! You can't make up stories like that! Enjoy your honeymoon week!!


I have stumbled across your blog through some crazy connection of other blogs, but I am so glad to have found you. Your photography is amazing. Truly. I've named you on my blog as an inspiration -- because, have I told you that you take great photos? :)


I just have to ask and I am so sorry if its been asked before...Do you really take your camera everywhere? Tonight I took the kids to the playground after dinner, jsut for 30 mion or so. But its the baby's first time walking and playing. I was too tired, jsut getting over a cold, to "sneak" my nikon D80 out of the house ( hubby has a fit i like to take it everywhere). But the whole time at the park I felt guilty I didnt have photos of the baby dressed cute and enjoying the swings and slides for the first time. So please ease my guily and say you dont always take it....sigh....I know you do :) Just know I'll never go to the park without it again.

And CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more photos!


I would love to know what kind of camera you use. I am wanting to buy a new one and love your photography.


Remember your snuggles with Ross? well it really does go THAT QUICK.. take all of them you can get. Your a great mom, (it shows) and you will find what works best for you and annie!


Oh my goodness! I would never be able to resist such a sweet little plea! "peez rock me like a tiny wittle baby" Too cute! Remember super nanny is not disciplining her own children. It's a lot harder when they are your own flesh and blood. I would have done the very same thing you did. My own daughter (2) insists I rock her and sing to her before nap time. Sometimes I get weary of it and don't feel like doing it, but I remind myself that she won't always want me to do that and someday I'll wish to be able to hold her in my lap and rock her again.
Oh, and the phrase about her having "burgers". My daughter says the very same thing when I catch her picking her nose and tell her to stop. "But Mom, I have boogers in my nose!" I always hope no one heard her.:0

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