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She is so adorable!!
Can't wait for class to start! Great job on registration! I’m sure it was a little crazy for you, but it sounds like it was a success!

Libbi Moore

Beautiful picture. Love the glasses and where did you get them? Hope she gets over those night terrors asap. Must be scary for such a cute little thing to have bad dreams.


Awww, night terrors stink. But the breaking of the pattern works awesome! We did it with our son and what a huge relief that was! Good luck!

Love the glasses! Annie is just the cutest thing ever!


That photo is just too darn cute, Karen! :D
Love the little tidbits, too!
Hoping the night terrors go away soon!


Night terrors sucks... email me if you want Karen, my benny had them too. I'll share what worked for us.


When my son had night terrors and woke in the middle of the night, we found that anything cold snapped him out of it. LIke carrying him out into the cold night air, or standing in front of the freezer, or putting an ice pack on the back of his neck.. good luck!


I am totally in love with Annie! I haven't seen such an adorable child ever!


Hey son also went through night terrors. I had to tell my neighbors (in the summer time when the windows were open) that I really wasn't trying to kill him in the middle of the night. It started for him in about 4th grade and then went into sleep walking. I talked to the owner of a our local herb and vitamin store when my son was in about 7th or 8th grade and he said it was a lack of calcium. He has been taking calcium ever since and sleeps! If he doesn't take it he will sleep walk...he's now 17. It's really a crazy thing! Hang in there.


Gotta get my DD a pair of those cute classes. Sounds like you have a sweet munchkin. :)

Thanks so much for the lens suggestions, I'm off to do some mother's day shopping.


I so love that you are documenting all of Annies funny sayings and cute antics. One day she will totally cherish them. And who could say no to such a cute little thing.


Two quick comments:

1. My husband use to introduce my daughter when she was that age like so "Hello my name is Makaley and my cheeks are 60% of my body weight" So cute though!!!!

2. Same daughter has night terrors and they are very dishartening. Her's are random but when she has them, eyes roll back in her head and she's uncosolable. Note to self: Make sure you tell babysitters about them, because coming home to a new baby sitter with daughter in the middle of a night terror is not a way to get that babysitter to come back :)


photo is spectacular!

jennifer compton

this picture is just one of the reasons i'm STOKED to be taking your class.


adorable! Emma (4 on the 13th) still starts screaming in the middle of the night, the same things you said Annie does. I used to try and wake her before but it doesn't work...I hope it works for Annie!
And only 27lbs! Alex is almost that at 14 months~LOL I have a little chunk-a-roo!
Happy Mother's Day!


Hello Karen,

My daughter would also wake up in the middle of the night screaming. She seemed awake, but nothing would snap her out of it. We finally found that sitting her on the toilet worked. She would go to the bathroom and then wake up and be fine. She only did it for about a year and it wasn't nightly. But once we figured out the bathroom thing, it started happening less and less.

Your family is so cute. Thanks for always sharing :)


Adorable photo! I love how you do this on your blog every so often....such a good way to remember all the little things it is so easy to forget as our little ones move from one thing to another. I may have to start trying this myself. Maybe it would help me focus on the little everyday moments more.


Good Luck getting her back into a good sleeping schedule. Mine keeps getting up around 4 or 5 for a bottle. I think she does it on purpose so she can sleep in our bed. She was doing good 2 mths ago. I've got to cut out the night time bottle. Easier said than done.

Hope you and everyone have a great Mother's Day.


My 5-year old has night terrors...they break our heart (even though he never remembers them). I might have to try the calcium thing listed by another poster. We have found that when he's in a regular pattern of them the waking thing does work.


I love to read your comments about your adorable little Annie. They always make me smile and they remind me sooo much of my very own cute, little, almost-three-year-old daughter.


Annie is so cute! She's bite-able! LOL! I too love how you document the cute things your kids do. It inspired me to start a journal where I write things down for each of my three kids...when I remember that is! Thanks for inspiring me once again.


oh wow, it's been over a year since she had her Baa-Baa!? Wow! It seems like yesterday when I read that!!! Time flies! She is just precious. I agree, several pounds have to be in those adorable, kissable cheeks!

Amy Nabors

hi karen! i really enjoy all your photos you share. love your style. so sorry annie is having night terrors. we had to cut out all chocolate (even the tiniest bit) with our son(he loved chocolate milk)and the night terrors went away.

Samantha Seholm

Annie is adorable. My daughter is 3 and has night terrors also, I never thought to try waking her up before she has them. I am going to have to do that. Thanks


My 6 year old son has night terrors and we wake him up before his night terrors begin and take him to the bathroom. Then he goes back to his room, walks around his lego table (mumbling the whole time) and climbs back into bed and is instantly "asleep". I will have to try the calcium thing though. Right now we are in a pattern of no terrors, but they will come back. We have been doing this for about 2 years now. Good Luck.


OK so you have had a ton of good advice on the night terrors thing (my daughter used to have them) so I won't give more. I'll just say that my daughter and I will add Annie to our "peaceful sleep prayer" each night.


this is the cutest kiddo pix !!!


Hello! I've skipped over to your blog from ...just Laura, a friend of mine. My oldest son also had night terrors! More when he was little, 3-5 age. I was told he should grow out of them by 8 years old. He's 9 and every once in a while will still wake up very upset crying my name and he's ovbiously not awake but his eyes are open. The advice about the bathroom, sitting them on the toilet, is the only thing that will snap him out of it! When I tried to wake him up he just got more frantic and upset. It was so sad. I started catching on that any major life event or too much tv/video games would cause more frequent terrors. Even if the tv was Blue's Clues! lol When I cut it down to an hour a day his terrors improved. I wish you the best of luck with your 'lil pumpkin. Hang in there.


She's too cute! My daughter had night terror's too. They are upsetting, but she did eventually stop having them (after about a year)

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