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so adorable! I can't say no either!


I wouldn't be able to say no either. Look at that belly peeking out!


Love LOVE her, and THAT little dolly... how cute is that! I would love to find one for Chloe!

tara pakosta

those are so special
and would make the best scrap page!
i love going back and looking at photos on my computer from a few years ago>
i purposely have not ordered one single photo from 2008 yet and am trying to wait til the end of the year so i can get them all at once and have fun looking back!!!!!
that's what i miss about film, the big surprise when you get back the roll!


Adorable! I love her little tummy sticking out in that last one! Have a great weekend!

Tammy Circeo

Karen--can't even remember how I found you, but I'm glad I did! Your photos are wonderful and your children are beautiful! I could just eat little Annie up--she reminds me of my niece that I don't get to spend much time with at all!


I check out your blog all the time. Your pictures are AMAZING. I love your eye + great talent. I also love, love, love Annie's cute clothes. Where do you find her cute clothes? Her little polk-a-dot leggings and her bright colored clothes are adorable. I have two little girls and need to find some refreshingly, bright, fun clothes for them.

Kim Caldwell

I ALMOST bought Miss Kate that very same doll on a recent trip to AZ. It is so darling. . . Love that belly too!




Always love seeing photo's of the very cute and adorable Miss Annie! It's just so hard to say no isn't it.


Karen, I love reading your blog and enjoy how you capture the loved ones in your life. It is so honest and refreshing. Annie on the phone is priceles. Thank you.


I have a hard time saying "no" too.
Great pictures, precious story. Love it!


i love that shot of annie peering into the toy shop window! she looked so so earnest, it's no wonder u couldn't say no! and haha the pic of her with bassinet in one hand and phone in the other - so funny but so endearing!


Does the toy store have a website? The doll and bassinet are just too cute. My two little Goddaughters would love that! Great pictures!! Have a fun weekend.


I just wanted to let you know that Annie is so adorable. I look at your blog daily just to see your wonderful pics but mostly the ones of her. I recently was visiting my family in florida & my neice resembles Annie sooo much that I kept calling her "Yannie" just because. And I love your website now too!!


ugh. it's probably best that we never meet b/c i'd totally pinch those little cheeks off. she is adorable. and that last one is the cutest.


awwwww is all I can say! She is toooooooo cute!

lovely cee

Annie kills me:) so adorable!


How could you have ever questioned the bangs?

tara pakosta


hi. i have two questions:
what cd's or dvd's do you use to burn your photos to ? i know you take tons of photos daily and so do i, so i am wondering what size you use to hold say 300-400 photos from one month of just one child? i loaded them to a sight so i have them safe there and on my external hard drive but i also wanted to do a back up on cd or dvd. i am having a problem since my files are so big now....and i have been taking way more photos!

and also, can you let me know if/when has another 12cent sale?!
thanks so MUCH!

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