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jennifer compton

registration was easy as pie yesterday. take a breather, you're doing an excellent job. anything worth having is worth a little headache. right?

you rock and we love you. no worries.


I just wanted to say congratulations!! Looks like it was a big success - as the classes will be, i am sure. I hope to have the opportunity to learn from you someday too....someday when my life allows me the time. I am jealous of all of those who have the opportunity now! Enjoy, you should have as much fun as the students!


Thanks Karen for all your hard work. You are amazing and I am so lucky to be one of the ones to get in. Thanks again for the opportunity. Now sit back and relax and take a deep breath and all will be well.


I'm hoping to have the time and the money to register next time. Congrats.

Bobbi in KY

Well I think I was one of the lucky ones who got through-and my process was error free (or so I think LOL)

I look forward to the class!!!

p.s. I think with outlook you can receive email from more than one acct. if you aren't already doing it that way..

Kathy C.

Thanks Karen for ALL you do! I'm so excited about your class!!! Get some rest (once ya get caught up with all the emails)...~ Kathy ;-)

Susan G

I think it went great too. I had the one little blip with using a cc and had to change to paypal but that was not really a problem at all. I LOVE the way the site showed that I was in the class I requested when I logged into it. That gave me confidence that my registration had completed properly.
Excellent job on the web site. Can't wait for July!!


Whew, I'm sure it was overwhelming at times yesterday. I sat at the computer all morning so I would be able to log on at exactly 12EST and get into your class. It worked! Thanks so much for a easy registration process.


I'm bummed. I missed it all. :( Oh well, I guess I'll just take another class at the junior college near me (it won't be as fun though & I'll stink like developer). ;)


Well, I have to say that I was one of those students that got caught up in all the "mess". Even though I was online the second that the site became live, I was thrown out of the loop because my class became full while my registration was processing. After doubling up emails and responses back and forth with Karen, I finally ended up with a spot in a class!! What I have to say is this: Karen, you worked tirelessly yesterday to get back to each student that was having difficulty, and you did this with grace and patience, and as efficiently as humanly possible. Kudos to you for making it through what must have been a very, very long day! I truly appreciate all your efforts. I can't wait to begin class with you!


Karen, you did an amazing job. My experience was identical to Birute's. I was truly amazed at how quickly you got back to me, and how helpful you were. It sounds like it was a tough day, but you handled it in such a responsive and caring manner! Thank you for everything. I am so excited about the class and can tell already that it will be really great to get to know you and the others who share this passiion of ours! So excited!!


and I showed up a day late... for all the excitement, congrats!

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