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Too cute! My kids have spent some time this winter/spring in swim lessons too... I just posted about it on my blog the other day (and a photo of Chloe in the water). The funniest for me is watching them learn to dive into the deep end. SO funny! Sam would belly smack everytime (and fortunately, it didn't hurt). And you're right... I can't tell you how many times I've wondered about their pay scale, because a lot of patience is required on their part, daily!

tara pollard pakosta

mine went back to school today too.
i am missing them like crazy! it's too quiet here.
i almost cried when they left! next week they have 2.5 days off though!
these are great memories! and he's too FUNNY!


Even though Coley spent some time telling the instructor what he was going to do (it's better to be prepared anyways), at least he wasn't screaming! I remember when my oldest daughter took swim lessons. She cried and screamed from the time we set foot in the door. She would be screaming as she had to jump in to the water. Then there were be this blessedly few seconds of silence. AND, THEN, the screaming started again. It was this way for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! I remember the first day when another mother wondered aloud what the mother of the screaming child thought....Um, I replied that it was better the instructor than me :) ! And, besides swimming instructors, teachers need to get paid better...I swear they spend more time with my child than I do!

Brooke - in Oregon

Ok, it might not be totally in focus but the look on his face is priceless!! lol

I hear you, Jodi and Jill had a fun Sunday!

Lori Hudson

I have a talker, too. They tell me to enjoy it because they clam up when they are teenagers. I don't know. Sometimes my patience gets a good workout because I want to just tell him "Shut up! Be quiet for 60 seconds, please." Of course, I would never say that to him. I always try to listening attentively.

Jen M.

That's adorable -- my 8 year old was also doing swim classes at the Y, and when all the other kids jumped in mine waited for the instructor to come and take his hand in order for him to be able to have the confidence to make the jump. One day, I would love for him to do what Cole did!

Tanya Webster

its not about a "technically perfect" photo its about an "emotionally perfect" photo now right missy?? :) and let me tell ya, those photos tell a story all themselves :)

Ann Grounds

Okay once being one of those instructors, I'd rather have a talker than a cryer!! and they did pay pretty good, paid my way through college being a lifeguard, swim instructor, swim team coach, and manager of a community pool just during the summers. I never can get those swim photos to turn out-have to use flash.


those are great shots as usual. i just love checking your beautiful posts out!

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