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So on top of meeting all your other listed business and personal deadlines, you somehow still managed to squeeze in another project?! Really, you are the queen of time management! That really is the sweetest little space!

Ann Grounds

Very cute homework area. OT I have a quick question for you. Do you use a camera bag or is your camera slung around your neck at all times? And if it is slung around your neck, do you leave the lens cap on or do you have a filter on to protect the lens? Just wondering because you seem to be there at just the right time for all the right shots. By the time I get my camera out of the bag, turned on, and lens cap off-pooff-the moments gone.

Tonia Borrosch

This space is soooo adorable! And Ann(above)-great question!


Looks like a homeschool home! Nice to have you back to blogging.


What a cool spot! I bet the kids love it.



Hi Karen,
I was reading your photography tips about your recommendation on a camera and I just want to know if you still think that the Canon Rebel xti is still good up to now. I'm a rookie when it comes to taking pictures but I adore the pictures that you take and think that they are just incredible. I want to be able to take the same photos like you do but on a budget. You mentioned something about whether we prefer zooming in or not and I really do a little bit of both. Do you still prefer the Canon 50mm f1.4 or 1.8 and the Tamron? I know you mentioned all this in your tips but I just want to make sure (this is my first big purchase and I am really scared.) I will appreciate whatever you advice me. Thanks.


What a fabulous space!!!

tara pakosta

love IT!
what a cOOL SPOT!

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