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I think it looks teriffic. If I had a room like that when I was a little girl, I would have been in heaven! What a great mom you are! (not that my mom isn't great, just not so creative) Great job!


your ability to make indoor shots look perfect is unbelievable. love love love the room.


Great room Karen! It is perfect!!!

tara pollard pakosta

what a sweet roOM!


The room is fabulous!!!! Your kiddos are so lucky! I'm in the process of revamping our attic into a room for my little one...I hope it turns out as well.


oh wow this is awesome, i luv the antique desk and chalk board..


What a gorgeous, girly room.


It looks great! Wanna come do Gabe's room?!!


The room turned out lovely! I love it!


That was the best eye candy! SO SWEET, KAREN! I am also in the process of redoing a room for the girls (truth be told, we've been in the 'process' for longer than I care to admit). Like you, I have piles of ideas and have been collecting things over time. I need to paint the walls (took forever to fix them... our home was built in 1900... everything is a 'process' and we can't really afford to hire out for all of these projects). After paint we have to lay the carpet, which we recently purchased (the hardwood in this room is totally not salvageable unfortunately). I am expecting their bedding sets today to arrive from (they have the best quilt sets right now)... I too went with polka dots (gotta love polka dots, right?!). I was totally upside down when it came to window treatments, but just found some CUTE valances from Pottery Barn with stitched flowers on them (I am going to add buttons for fun). So much fun.. I am totally going after those ice buckets at Target! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us... I love the ideas!


thanks for the tour! how fun. isn't it amazing how projects snowball? well if we do this, we might as well do that?


I am now having the incredible urge to go to a) the local antique mall and b) Target, and I don't know which to hit first. Of course, I'm currently at work, which is making the shopping urge most unbearable!! Karen, that room is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Jen M.

This is lovely! I love the homework area -- I've been looking for ideas like that for my boys. I'm going to start scouring the local stores etc. for a couple of desks. And I know exactly what you mean about getting unexpected reactions from your kids -- last winter we thought it would be so much fun to take the boys sledding, but my then-7-year-old thought I was trying to kill him by putting him on a piece of plastic and sending him down the hill on it. Ah well -- he's used to it now and there were no fights this year -- which is good I guess.


I LOVE the room, Karen! So awesome and those old desks are just too fabulous! Great job! ;)

cindy b

OMG! I am seriously LOVIN' that room!! You have such great ideas! I really like the one about the chalkboard and the big buckets for shoes. AWESOME!!!


Fun room... :) And I just keep thinking about how much my kids loved the sea monkeys when they were little... ah yes, memories. ;)


I love it! My three girls share a room, they are 19, 9 and almost 7 (in about 2 weeks!). The 19 yr old says the little ones have too much stuff, although much of what they have combined is what she had alone at that age. The end of last summer we began a redo of the room, starting with the linens and curtains, over Pres. Day weekend, I had had it with the constant pile of stuff on the floor, mostly because the proper storage hadn't been put in place by me. We started with the big ones closet, a very scary place, then ended up emptying the entire room! The dolls/stuffed animals ended up in two cardboard boxes in the living room, until I could either settle and buy one really big plastic tub and put them in the garage for storage or figure out some way of displaying them. I settled and they are in a tub in the garage, but easy to access. Bottom line, we all love the room now. Next is the boys room....

Bobbi in Ky

OK-I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!! I'm redoing my little boys room right now and just ONE SIMPLE IDEA can end up costing hundreds!!!!! I have a large chalkboard from where I work (where they replaced it with a white dry-erase board) just waiting to put it up somewhere for the kids. (and I love your bedding by the way-and I'm ALL ABOUT painting ceilings to match walls now!!!! I'm doing it everywhere)


My boys can be pretty resistant to change as well--whether it's new socks or a new bed. Eventually they come around though and I'll bet your peeps will too. The girls' room looks great, so much fun! Love, love the chalkboard and desk area--especially the yardstick trim : ). We have two (19)80s school desks in our playroom, my daughter loves them. They were another steal of the century, just $2 each at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store.
Thanks for sharing!

Miriam (Australia)

gorgeous room Karen - so love the colour scheme and all those yummy bits and pieces :)


OH MY GOODNESS! Could it be any cuter?? (no, it couldn't!!)
What I really want to see now is the closet full of all their gorgeous Gymboree goodness!! :)
Thanks for sharing.

Is Annie in a Big girl bed? I am having a hard time converting my two from their cribs. They were jumping out of the cribs but now their not, so I don't really feel like I have a big rush to get them into big beds.

Heather M.

It looks AWESOME! I'm sure they will adjust quickly and love it!


Karen, It looks fabulous. Any little girl would love this room. Great job. Thanks for showing us.


The room is phenomenal! And your honesty about your image of how everyone would react to the room and the reality of how they reacted was so refreshing...and REAL!


Can you come do my place? It looks so good I'm prepared to sleep on the top bunk myself!

Such a fantastic job ... practical and beautiful. The best way to go.

Sadie in GP

Love the room Karen! Your girls are soooo lucky! Which antique store did you get the desks at?


it's fabulous!
you did an excellent job, and everyone loves it, despite their worries and grumblings, i'm sure!

Jennifer Johner

GORGEOUS! I love the feel of it... happy. The rulers at the top of the chalkboard are AWESOME! You are inspiring me to get goig and finish up my kids rooms!! Love it!

...and the desks, oh my goodness! LOVE THEM!


I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! You are so generous with all your tips, information, and advise. I learn so much by coming to your site. On that note, I just went to target and dropped a bundle because I just love the room you created for your girls. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!! You seem like such a wonderful person!!

Erica Hettwer

Hey Karen,
Just wanted to say I've felt your pain with the whole spray paint issue. I found these awesome little attachment things at Fred Meyer that hook onto the top of the can so you just have to pull a trigger instead of pushing down with your finger. They are awesome!!!
Here's a link to one from Ace Hardware...



very nice room! love all the organization! great photos...i usually check out your blog to get photo ideas!! thanks

Libbi Moore

Beautiful job. Went to Target today and found the last pastel green ice bucket. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Love the chalk board idea as well. Maybe you could show us pics of the rest of house for more wonderful decorating ideas.

John Halaska

Hi I was wondering how much you paid for the old one unit desk.

nike shox o'nine

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