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Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!
Have tons of fun!


Happy Birthday Sweetie Girl. Eat dessert first, it's your birthday. Mom probably won't let you, but it never hurts to ask. Give her the sad eyes...that might help.


Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!!! Hope you have a good day. See you at Bella Union tonight.
Love You.


Happy Birthday Miss Courtney Lee! I hope it's a great one!

Baby Brooke

Happy Birthday Courtney~I Love You!!!


yay for the birthday girl! 6 is so exciting! Elzabeth loves this time so much (and I love it too) I hope Courtney has just as much fun! Happy Easter, BFFO!

Grandpa Tom

Happy Birthday Cupcake! Your 6 years old today and it's Good Friday, couldn't get any better, could it??
Love Grandpa

Heather (in Scotland)

Happy birthday, Courtney!

(And what time does Josh go to sleep at night to allow him to regularly get up at the oh-so-early hour of 4 or 5am??)

birthday wishes for courtney!


Happy Birthday Miss Courtney Lee! We love you lots! Hugs to you!

Love Aunt Misti, Uncle Jamey, Danielle, Baby Brooke and Taylor.

tara pakosta

happy birthday courtney lee!
karen, you are such a wonderful mom!


Happy Birthday Miss Courtney Lee!!!!


Happy Birthday, Courtney Lee! :)

Happy Happy Birthday Courtney! Six is a grand number : )
Karen you are a great Mom!!


Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!! Way to go Karen!!!


My youngest turns 7 on Monday! We are having a party for her today, Easter themed of course she loves bunnies!

fran heupel

Happy 6th Birthday Courtney!
Hope your have a wonderful day and many more wonderful birthdays to come.


Happy Birthday Courtney! My little Cassidy has the same birthday as you! She just turned ONE.

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a good one!

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