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I think they ARE exceptional! Full of life and personality - nothing better! :D


Looks like you had a fabulous evening! The photos are usual.

Stephanie Ainsburg

I think I've said it before but Karen, your perception of "exceptional" photo may be OFF a bit! they're amazing. looks fun.


Full of life and everything good... the photos really are perfect! I had to laugh out loud over the 'scared' comment because it's something that Chloe says often lately when I walk into a room and startle her.. 'you scared me mom!'. I envy you a ton.. there isn't much I wouldn't give up to be able to eat outside in some nice weather. I am so done with snow, but we've more on the I'm afraid. It's been a hard winter here.


again, your photos, your smiles, your family and your blog....fRESh and fUn!!!! Thank you.


oh, fun! love these shots! i want to have a picnic and play tag now! :)

Jessica K.

...are you kidding me! The photo of Yannie's (sorry, you started it) expression is absolutely PRICELESS. I HAVE to get one of those f1.4 50mm lens as soon as I can....drooooooollllll!


Karen, Sooooo jealous that it always looks nice (weather-wise) in your photos! I am in Iowa ANXIOUSLY awaiting anything that attempts to resemble SPRING!

Jessica K.

Also....question for future Q & A session: What is your process for downloading your pics. I have to plug in my camera, wait for iPhoto to open, turn my camera on, then wait for it to prompt me, then export, then wait for that to be done, then open PSE and batch edit (resize, sharpen, add watermark(btw - why don't you use one?)) and then do my editing. It takes SOOOO long to do even an evening's worth of photo editing that I don't even bother most of the time to post fun photos because of the time effort involved. Is there an easier way? Is your way easier? Am I blabbing too much?

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