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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Yipee! Thanks Karen! I'll be there on May 1st.

Kim Hacking

I love the last one of Ross too! My almost 14 year old plays the guitar too. So excited to learn from you how to take pictures like these. Can't wait!!


Great grunge rocker pics!


Awesome Pics of Ross!!

Erica Hettwer

OK, this is a little off-topic but, I was thinking about taking your photography class at Scrapbook Attack in Portland. What is it going to be like compared to your online class?


YAY!!! I'm so excited for the class.


Karen great pictures as usual and so glad to know when the class sign ups are going to be I have put it on my calendar! Thanks for being so willing to share with others.


Great pix of Ross!

Lori Hudson

Karen - I am so looking forward to taking your class! I am taking Alison Tyler Jones class at Big Picture. That plus kids being out for summer means I will be too busy for your first 8 weeks. Count me in for the next 8 weeks!

Jessica K.

Love the reflection shot. Going to be stalking the new site on May 1st. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this for us!


I've been blessed to find a class locally that will run from 10 Apr to 10 May...2 days a week, so I'll take that class first, and then jump on the wagon the next time you offer your class....

and I LOVE those pictures!!!


OH, I will try so hard to rub my pennies together - if I miss you this time around I will DEFINITELY have rubbed those pennies together hard enough for the next 8 weeks!

cindy b

Okay, maybe I'm the first one to ask this but are there payment options??? If we use FILM instead of digital should I be concerned that there is more digital "stuff" versus film in the course?? I don't need a discussion of Photoshop and such if I'm a film gal. :-) (which I think I'm the only film gal left on the planet!!) Thanks Karen!!

ps. LOVE the pic with your reflection!!

Ashley Schultz

This looks awesome. I'm hoping to be lucky enough to take your class.



kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

I can't wait to take a photo class from you. My June and July are busy busy busy, so I am glad to learn you are running more.


OH I CAN NOT WAIT! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am a huge fan of your photos and your scraping!! I am so excited, marking my calendar NOW :)


Those images are fabulous! I'd noticed your image in his guitar and thought that was just the coolest- being his mom and all. Neat stuff :)

I am really looking forward to taking this course. It's not all that often that I am actually looking forward to the challenge of hard work!

I do have a question though. We camp all summer (mid-June through to the end of August) and although I do make scheduled trips home during the week, I might not have access to the computer everyday during the summer months. Is this going to be necessary? Are students required to check in everyday? Worst case scenario, I can wait until round two (though I'd rather not ;).


so, so, so exicted for your class!


Just wrote it on the calendar. I will be counting the days til sign ups! Yea for you!

Tanya Webster

so excited for you with this sweetie...its gonna be AMAZING!


Awesome Karen! I hope I can sign up then if not I'll catch it another time around. You rock for doing this!!! :)

Tonia Borrosch

WOW-awesome photos of Ross! I love the way the processing looks!!! I can not wait to take your class! I soooo need to be inspired to get practicing with my camera! This is going to be fun!

Jen M.

Love the shots of Ross -- teens are tough to shoot. I'm so excited you're doing your online class -- congrats for completing what must have been a huge project! I'll be there for the second 8 weeks as well so that I can finish up the school year and have time to really focus on the assignments.


Just a super quick question...what lens are you using for your wide angle shots (Like of your kids in the car?) Thanks ;)

Tina H.

Good morning - I can't seem to get into the site that you mention to register. Are there any tricks?
I really want to take your fabulous online workshop.

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