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Jen Bookout

Life is definitely fragile, but I think that is why God gave us such incredible families. Maybe not all blood related but family nonetheless to make all of these incredible memories with and to share with generations to come.
Praying for your Aunt Kelly. Never hurts to have a lot of extras...


I know what you mean. And when life is sailing along so smooth, that stuff really does hit like a ton of bricks. On Monday there was a man headed to work and his truck was found over an embankment near the river and he is nowhere to be found. This man lives a few miles up the river from me. My husband and I drive this same road, next to the river every day. My husband leaves for work before me. Driving home from work yesterday I just kept glancing over at the river, thinking that very well could have been my husband. Then the tears flowed and the thoughts get pushed back. Very scary stuff. Be thankful every day!


My dad died of cancer earlier this year and I have had those awful stomach churning sad moments when I realise he didn't even see my youngest turn 2. Be thankful you have those wonderful uncles and a wonderful family and enjoy every minute you have with them. I know we think about awful things that could happen and (I) dwell on them sometimes to but....we should think about the FANTASTIC things that can and will happen in lives. My favourite saying at the moment is Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery and Today is a GIFT. It helps me get by on the bad days. Really hope your Aunt Kelly has a swift thoughts are with her three girls.


My thoughts and every prayer will be with your beloved aunt. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know exactly what you mean when you have to turn your thoughts off when your worst fears begin to consume your every thought. My mind will begin to wander and before you know it I'm soaking wet with tears, suffocating in fear. Try hard, Karen, to focus on the good stuff today and tomorrow. {Hugs}


Hey Karen, As you know, that dark cloud has been haunting me for awhile too...I've been trying to use my experience as a reminder that we only get one go around in this life. Like you, I'm being given lesson after lesson lately to show me that we don't all have forever. We might only have today and we need to appreciate it for what it is.

And hopefully this will serve as another kind of wake-up call to everyone who reads this to take good care of ourselves and our hearts! Who expects a heart attack at 42?!

Prayers for Kelly and her family--Kristin.

tara pollard pakosta

it really seems like its' all around us doesn't it? tragedy, pain, you just wonder when the ball will drop and it will be your turn. i really tend to dwell on this type of thing's NOT good for us! we must STOP IT>
i am hoping and praying your aunt will be okay. i have a pad of paper next to my computer and when i read things like this i add another name to pray for. her name is next....
hugs. and what a cool pic!


Prayers with your Aunt. I know exactly how you feel. For me I go about my day and all of a sudden I get the overwhelming feeling that something bad is going to happen, just because it hasn't yet. And I get anxiety thinking about something happening to me and who will take care of my kids the right way (LOL!)?
I scares the crap out of me. So know that you are not alone.


Karen, I've probably only posted once before but I really have been enjoying your blog since last summer. I think things like this happen to make us appreciate the time we have with our awesome families and friends. We need to have faith and trust that God is in control and that everything happens for a reason. We need darkness to enjoy the light...we need to feel sadness to know what it is to be happy...If we never experience bad times we would never appreciate the good times. Please know that you and your Aunt Kelly are in my prayers. The picture of your uncles and Courtney is awesome...continue making those wonderful memories. P.S. Long walks and deep breaths help with the anxiety. Believe me I know!!! Oh, and also, I think you're a great Mom! Take care.


oooh. I am so sorry. I am sure everything will be okay. My mom had a big heart attack on the night of Elizabeth's 3rd birthday. It still blows me away what might have I just concentrate on what did happen, and what is right now, and love every minute I have with her....because I am lucky enough to be able to love minutes with her.


As I was looking at the images from your birthday/Easter weekend, I was happy for you. My Mom is in the hospital and has been for about 1 1/2 weeks. She and my Dad celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary with her in the hospital, and my youngest openned her bday present from PaPa and Grandma sitting on the foot of my Mom's hospital bed on Easter Sunday. My Mom has never missed a birhtday party for my children, so missing "the party" this was a first and I was sad, but I had to be happy for my bday girl. Days like you spent on Saturday are special and should be treasured. I will add your Aunt to the always growing prayers list.


Karen you know my story and yes I agree life is way to short not to enjoy each and every day you have with someone.
Hugs and I am praying that your aunt makes a full recovery.

Wendy Updegraff

Karen you and your extended family are in my prayers.


Hi Karen-
I sort of get like that too. I adore my dad and get freaked out when I think of how he might not be around someday. Its hard to push those thoughts away. I know exactly what you mean. I'll be thinking of you and Kelly....xo


Hugs and prayers...I learned at a frightfully young age how fragile life is. You just hug your sweeties.

Susan L

Being aware that it can all change at any moment means that you are getting the most out of every day. Something I really need to do more of.

I hope your aunt gets well soon.


Hugs and prayers going out to you and your family. I hope she will be well very soon.


Sending prayers to her and you... Life is fragile, thats why i always stop looking and start living...enjoy the moments...which you do! Your awesome at it. We'll keep praying for her!

Stacy Collins

Your post today was truely touching. I check your site for the beautiful photography and wonderful advice on catching the right shot, touching up, and also the latest on Rose petal betty (of course!:-)). today i felt like i got caught spying when i shouldn't, but your message is true, and the reminder is good. my grandpa always says live each day like you'll never have another! such sound advice! Know you touch lives everyday and i am truely thankful for the heartfelt messages you post.

stacy collins


I read your blog almost every day in search of great photography tips, and today, you did not let me down, you gave great life tips instead. You've got me thinking! Thank you. I'm sending good thoughts for you and your family.

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