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How sweet of Josh to get you tulips and a tape measure! I hope you have a productive week (easier said than done with looking after Annie all week though, right?)! I still can't believe you're doing your stuff for CHAW a couple of weeks after this years CHAW. Your stuff is always awesome though, so I'm sure it'll be great! And I'm totally looking forward to your photography class!!!!!!! :)

Lisa Nathan

So glad to hear that you aren't sick! Glad the kids are well and Josh is treating you so great! I thought about you this weekend while my friend Lucy and I were at the CK Convention in Portland, we took a class put on by, loved it! Loved the people! We got very excited about the upcoming changes and additions. I hope your projects get done on time but even if you have to submit them unfinished I'm sure they are excellent. Can't wait for your photography class too! Now I gotta go find me a zima :-)


Finally! Your back. I am always disapointed when I check your blog and you haven't updated. I love to look at your pictures. We had the bug at our house so I know how draining it is. I totally inderstand about the parenting one child versus four. Whenever Brian and I take just Olivia out we are always amazed at how good she is and how much fun she is to be around. Unlike when all three of them are runnign different directions. Good luck this week in meeting your deadline!


Having Josh in your life makes people so very happy, because you are nothing short of deserving when it comes to that guy and all the little things he does to make a bad day good. You just can't help but to love that. And boy, do I EVER know what you mean when you think about life, and how everything would be different had there just been one child. I can't even tell you how many times my mind has wandered and entertained the VERY same thought and although I think it's completely normal for our parental insecurities to foster and feed on these thoughts, I just never had the guts or courage to say it out loud, you know? I can't imagine my life without even one of our kids (and wouldn't want to). I just always hope that when all is said and done, that when they reach their adulthood they are able to look back with a great understanding and know that we really did try and want the very best for each of them- despite our imperfections.

I've missed you around here, and hoped that it was work/time spent with the family occupying your time, and not that flu. Take care!

Val from Down Under

Hang in there girl, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Glad to have you back, it's been a long break. Take care of yourself.


Gooorgeous photo - and whatever Zima is, is looks really good! :D

I'm sending a big bunch of good vibes your way.


It sure is good to have you back among the living. I know that you are glad too. Zima... I haven't thought about Zima in long time. That looked good. I finally purchsed Photoshop and have been trying to teach myself for the last week....Ha! It is a lot to take in. I have been digging around in your photography posts playing around. It is fun. But will be more fun when I am more comfortable with it!


Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

We tried watching the same dang movie.. Too darn SLOW and weird!! We gave up..

cindy b

Great picture. Glad you are feeling better!! Stuff for 2009??!! GEEZ! Didn't we just start 2008? :-) Can't wait for the info. about the photography class!!

Terri B in Oregon

Hang in there kiddo! You are doing great and even though I miss the updates, pictures, funny stuff, I can wait. I think! Maybe if I had a hint of the '09 stuff??????

Paola Norman

Here's to wonderful ideas and inspiration so you can finish and enjoy the things you love..Good Luck! Love the brilliant colors of that photo..


I want to thank you for all your photography and camera tips. Using them I purchased a Rebel XTI with the 50mm f1.8 lens and a Tamron 18-200 OS lens. I love them!!!
Thank you so much for sharing all your info!


I am right there with you on the deadlines. Not only is Easter coming fast this year...but so is March 19th! Yikes!

=) Allison

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