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she looks so pretty! Did she get to go to school all dressey or are you guys on break? Beth went all dressy today because it was picture day (perfect thing to throw into a tremendously busy kinder week, huh?) and she felt soo cool! :)


She is so cute! Happy Birthday, Courtney!


pretty and six...what more could you ask for? I have a picture of my son doing that same thing with his hand when he turned four! (on the 1st of march, if you're inclined to go look on my blog!)


Happy Birthday Courtney! Hope your birthday is the absolute best!


Happy Birthday to Courtney!! My daughter Skylar also turned 6 years old today!!!!!

Leonie - Australia

Happy Birthday from Australia Coutney, I hope you have a fun Birthday! My Baby turns 19 today (22nd in Australia)


Happy Birthday Courtney!

Tanya Webster

Happy birthday beautiful girl...!!!


happy birthday courtney!! my little boy turned 6 on the 21st too - hope you have a lovely day!!


to sweet! hope she had a great birthday!

Kim B.

Happy Birthday, Courtney. She's beautiful. Hope she has a wonderful day.

Jennie T.

Happy birthday, Courtney!! I hope it was a great one :)

Carrie Hicks

Happy Birthday Courtney-March 21 is my birthday too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is the coolest day to have your birthday, huh? I hope yours was absolutly wonderful. You are such a beautiful girl and it is so fun to watch you grow up.

Your friend you've never met with the same birthday,

Bek Vavic

Cute as.
Happy Birthday Courtney... sorry I am so late!

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