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:) Happy. :)
Looks like a wonderful time!


Looks like Cortney and company had a fabulous time! I can't believe she is 6 already. CRAZY!


Karen looks like you all had a great Easter and birthday. We need to see you in some photo's though.
Take Care


My daughter has the same shoes as Courtney Lee is wearing!!

I love ALL the pictures, but I have to admit, the ones that show "Yannie's" face giggling are the best!

what action are you using for the edging? (I'm sure I've probably asked that before)


Such amazing photos as always Karen!!!! ;)

Kim Bolyard

OMG!!!! you amaze me everytime I check your blog. I wish I knew everything you know about taking photos. They always blow me away. I love every single one of them. I love the shots you capture and colors are so vibrant. What lens did you use for these photos...I know you have answered this before...but I so need to get whatever lens you use the most.

Kim Bolyard

I have to add one more helps to have beautiful Children...they are beautiful.


Fabulous FUN photos... you are so blessed to have the family you have. Truly a rarity these days.

Happy belated Birthday, Courtney!


I love looking at your family celebration photos. Warms the cockles of my heart. :) And it makes me miss my family something fierce (sometimes I hate living 1800 miles away. . .).


Man, can I be adopted into your family?!! I love all the family, the fun and those candles! Sure wish more moms & step-moms had that relationship. I'm sure that makes it easier for the whole family! Have a great day!

Cyndi Michener

Gorgeous photos, as always. And ditto on Kim's comment about your beautiful subjects. :) Happy birthday, Courtney Lee!!


What actions have you been using lately? Are you shooting RAW? The color is just amazing.

Wonderful pictures!


This is going to sound so gay but I just love the way you capture your family! You just have such a beautiful audience and you truly are blessed to have such a great fam and such an eye to capture them!


I can't help but notice all the love in your family! Looks like Ross is a great big brother...not too many teenagers would play tag with their little brothers and sisters and pose with them on a skateboard! I hope that my son will be that loving to his little sis (he's 3 and she's 8 months). Good job Mom!


I love the way you capture your family events. The girls look adorable in those cute outfits, and they will love having these pics of them with great-grandparents...what a treasure. Thanks, as always, for sharing.


I love your photos but I have one question about your 50mm lens. I have the 50mm 1.4 lens, which I love, but I often have a lot of difficulty in getting the item in the photo I want in focus. (I'm shooting with a Canon 40D camera, so I also have the 1.6 crop factor that you had with your 20D, but don't have with your 5D).

Do you shoot in fully manual, P mode, or aperture priority? I tend to shoot in P or aperture priority. However, if the aperture is high (2.8, 1.8, 1.4, etc) then it's hard to get the items I want in focus. Most of these photos are taken indoors.

Any suggestions?

Kim S

How do you get the bubbles slightly out of focus and Cole in focus ? What mode or is it manual?

Mel Nunn

Hi Karen.... I couldn't not leave a comment this morning...

I just want to tell you how incredibly lucky and blessed you are. Such a wonderful and happy family. Courtney Lee is just as blessed to have you there for her too. I can tell from these pictures that the entire family just adores her.

Happy Easter
Mel xxx

Leonie - Australia

Looks like you had a wonderful day! Thanks for the tips on the totally rad actions, I have them and use them all the time but I had never tried that combination, so I willgive it a try, thanks for the tips.


Amazing!!! tell me how to shoot in RAW.

Brandi in OHio

I love the bubble pictures, how fun!
Happy Birthday to Miss. Courtney Lee, wishing you all the joy your heart can hold.


you inspire me to take better, if only I could stop buying scrap stuff long enough to invest in a new camera! lol!

love the "see no evil" shot...too cute!

Susan L

Love them all ... it looks like a lovely day.

Lori Hudson

Thanks for including the info about the actions you used. Can you keep doing that? I am an old school Photoshop expert. I always did all of my own post processing, but now I know that someone else has done all the work and made actions. I can't ever seem to find the look I want with a canned action. I want to! I really do! My life would be so much easier if I could just press play. Right now only have ittybitty actions. Should I buy totally rad actions?


You don't need to be told again, as you already know it, but you truly are blessed. What a great family!


Karen, First of all I love your photos and Easter is such a wonderful time to share with family. But I have to tell you that this time it wasn't just the photos that got my attention. It was what you wrote about your mom and step-mom and you thanking them for being friends. I am a step-mom and have struggled for years to be in the presence of my husbands ex-wife. She doesn't exactly welcome me with open arms (even though she was the one who ended their marriage very badly). On numerous occasions (every time she is around)I have bit my tongue, lip, and my cheek to keep from responding negatively to her or near her. She goes out of her way to make me feel uncomfortable. She lied to her children from the start about me and they believed every word. I have struggled for years to make friendships with her children but she knows this and sabatoges my efforts. I have pasted many smiles when I wanted to storm off and never return. Karen, when you opened up about how much it meant to you that they could be around each other without problems, well it brought tears to my eyes. It helped me realize that I was doing the right thing by being present, biting my tongue and just being there for my step-daughter and her children. That being there for my step-daughter, and her family was worth a little tongue and lip biting and that it is about more people than just myself. I will set my focus not on the ex-wife and how she treats me but on my step-daughters feelings. Thanks so much for sharing your feeling. Kathy


Pure joy!!!!
Thank you :)


Thank you so much for sharing the info you do on how you shoot and tweak your photos! I'm learning so so much!


Beautiful pictures. What a great family event!

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