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Tanya Webster

#15= yeah, me too for sure :) boy she's a cutie pie!!!

Kelly B

She is so cute....Love her rubber boots!

Mary Lou

Oh, #15 yea. This age is the one you want to freeze them in so you can love on them all the time. My "Yannie" is going to be twenty-one in June and I still get these feelings. Enjoy!!

tara pollard pakosta

she's so precious beyond words.
and i have loved seeing her grow up on your blog.


#1. I don't think God would mind a photo at all. He just delights in the fact that Annie knows about him and worships in her own little way.

#8. I have a granddaughter who's that girly-girl tomboy. I describe her as noise covered in dirt, in very stylish shoes.

#15. I have to agree, she's delicious. And obviously very loved.


how cute. i can't wait for alex to be this age...i remember it so fondly with emma and i am actaully excited to go through it again (BUT 2 times is it! LOL)


I don't blame you one little bit. She is too adorable.

Thanks for the help with picture size on TypePad. It worked perfectly.

Vicki A

I don't think God would mind you capturing that special prayer time in a picture; I have thought of that as well. When we pray before a meal, my 2 year old Kaylie bows her little head now like we do and when we are done she says a big "Amen". It is just the most precious thing. :)


i LOVE viewing your blog for photo ideas. i am just starting my photo business, and you are a wonderful inspiration as you share so many things about not only photography, but life. thanks.

AND, its definately okay to take pictures while praying!! i have taken SO many photos of people at our church while praying, worshiping... for our website and stuff. ... so shoot away and capture that cutie !!


Awwww... That's just sooooo cute! My fave is no14 - it totally made me laugh! :D

Stefanie A.

She is absolutely scrumptious!

Brandi in OHio

Go ahead and take her picture while she is saying Grace. I am sure God will understand, since he blessed you with such an adorable, smart and funny little girl.
p.s. you may want to take a video of it will be priceless.

Rachel Dallaire

I went through a stage when I was little where I thought every man with a beard was Bob Vila. Weird, I know.


I could eat her for breakfast too. And as for God, I'm sure he's a HUGE fan of people taking pictures of cutie pie girls while they are praying. Go for it!


So much sweet stuff there... loving it all, and thanking you for sharing it with us! I've got the dare devil one, and it's not all it's cracked up to be lol. Yesterday, at the pool, she had 4 time outs for not following the rules (walking deliberately into the deep end of the pool, with a devilish grin, while I begged her to go back... she went under twice and had to be pulled from the pool multiple times... no fear this girl).

At least she's fond of the grandma's and grandpa's. This one of mine thinks that anyone with a balding head is HER father... I'm not even kidding... happens all the time. One day we were in the grocery store line (very busy) and she is shouting out "mommy, there's daddy... that's daddy!". I wanted to crawl under my cart. Everyone was looking, and the guys girlfriend didn't look all that impressed. And what do I say... 'it's the bald head'? And all this happened just a bit after my engagement and wedding band were deemed unwearable (many fragile prongs)... it just made me feel wierd to not have them on, while my kid was calling strangers daddy ;).


#1 I am sure that will make him smile, she's so picture perfect!!

Shalini Chandra

Oh! That is the cutest post ever.
Thanks for sharing...


What a great list! Thank you for make me almost wish we had kids. :-)


So great that you are journaling Annie's daily life moments here on your blog. Love the real life and Yes Annie Bannie is way to cute for her own good!LOL
#1 go ahead and take the picture GOD will love it!

I always look forward to your blog for photography tips, layouts, upcoming scrapbooking products, but the most ispiration for me is when you tell us about your family, especially Annie, your right, too cute! Blessings!


love reading these posts about your family, love how real you are, wish I had done this when my kids were little.


i swear E and her would be BFF's!!!! she sounds so fun and into so many of the same things as E!
just like us. :)


Oh she is so sweet. And can I just tell you, my mom's name is Ardy? And when we were kids omigosh, "ardy bo bardy fee fi fo fum ffffff "- my poor mother, we tortured her.

Sasha Farina

oh-my-god Karen! thank you so much for this post. made me pause for a while and appreciate all the little (sometimes annoying) things my girls are doing on a daily basis... Yannie is so precious. Tell her I love her :)

Stephanie Ainsburg

cute! I'm with Annie on the cake!


So sweet, and what an amazing photo! Yours are always the best!
I put a thank you to you on my blog because I just took a picture I am really happy with using some of the techniques I learned in your class. Thanks so much for getting my out of my AUTO mode!

hayley kiernan

Karen, I agree with you she is so adorable. I would love a girl. I have 3 boys.


way too cute. you make me wish that i had wrote all this down about my kids when they were little. thank you, thank you for sharing. you are such a happy spot for me.


She is just adorable - and looks so very much like her mom!

Monica Ferri

Oh to have a cute 2 year old girl again! Such a sweet time! I love the idea of a photo of the prayer and better yet a video of the prayer so that the observer could enter into the prayer with Annie (Yannie) making it more respectful. HA HA


oh my, this is so precious! if i were her age, i'd be calling Coley "Toley Wholey" too! such fun to irritate the siblings. this is a wonderfully light-hearted and fun post!

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