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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Love the layout!! I am so excited that your photography class will begin soon. Also, have a great time in the UK!!


So SO glad, Karen, to hear that your aunt is home and recovering well. Such a tough place for her, and all that love and care about her.

Also elated to hear you say that everyday access is not necessary for the online photography class. I am really looking forward to this, and although my access to the computer is limited in the summer (which isn't always a bad thing), it truly is the best time for me to take this class. So I'll just be patient and hope for the best come registration day!

Be well!


Most Excellent Layout!

susan Lew

I am happy to hear your aunt is doing better. Take care.


I'm glad to hear your aunt is doing well. I've had a few points in my life where I've come face to face with how fragile it is, and it's never comfortable. Not that it's supposed to be, but still... And I totally get what you mean about being a pleaser. I've fallen into that trap too many times to count, and I still struggle with it. Good for you for recognizing your limits! It's tough to do but so good for you. Have a fabulous time in the UK next week.


Karen, you are The Queen of the hidden journaling.
Don't stress.
It will all get done.
Really; it will.
You're doing great.
Your kids love you.
They're happy,
and healthy
and full of spunk.
You are tired and overworked and overworried.
Like all good moms.
Hang in there.
You're doing great.
(Did I already say that?)
You are.

Tanya Webster

to the last part of your post i have two words: GOOD GIRL....oh wait, one more...FINALLY!! :) love you sweetie!

Jessica K.

Heck, your time and knowledge IS valuable so don't feel guilty about anything!

Stephanie Ainsburg

love the layout. (I always do!) your explanations of everything make perfect sense. what a generous person you have always been, sharing so much of your time and yourself. I don't think anyone could misunderstand your intent. good for you! have a wonderful trip to the UK.


Glad to hear your aunt is better..........sorry to hear how much time you are spending answering questions.....what you said was perfect!!!
I love the LO and all the are so talented!


Hi Karen,
Glad to hear your aunt is better. I really enjoyed the photography class you had at Scrapbook Oasis. I have noticed that my pix have turned out a lot better.
Take care.

Wendy Updegraff

So happy to hear about your Aunt! What a neat layout. I love that photo you used on the main page! Hope you have a great trip to London. Hope the server doesn't crash May 1st...can't wait!

tara pollard pakosta

well it's a very cool layout and uses lots of photos, doesn't that count for like 10 layouts or something LOL!!! I seriously LOVE IT and i really wish you would scrap more. like maybe do an idea book or something, that incorporates your photography lessons and your scrapping tips!!!! now that would be ONE COOL BOOK!


Have a great trip.


i think you are doing a great job...but don't over-stress yourself.
glad to see you're scrapping, and sooooo excited to see one of my labels in use!


and, i'm so glad to hear your aunt's doing well!

Cyndi Michener

Super cool page! I hope you can spend those extra hours doing more scrapping for you. :)


Karen, I love the layout and the way you hid the journalling and more photos. I never would have guessed from the first photo that there was more!

I've been on vacation so haven't checked out your blog this week, so I'm catching up. (wow, I just had a deja vu moment. yikes) anyway, My son and I were watching Dan in Real Life last night and I thought what a cool family that they all get together and enjoy one another's company. You and your kids are so very lucky to have such a large extended family. I love the photos of your uncles playing with the kids and the kids with their grandmas and great-grandmas. Love it. I'm glad your aunt is doing better. Life is fragile. We're reminded more so as each year passes. Keep doing what you're doing. You are a blessing to your family and to all of us. (((hugs)))


I LOVE your layout! It is awesome! You are always so inspiring to me! Thank you for sharing!

Sara M

Love the layout!!!
Don't feel one bit guilty for putting a limit on the advice you give about photography. Even if you weren't offering a class, 6-8 hours a week is still a lot of time out of your life. Just think of what you can do for yourself and your kids with those hours.
People will understand.

Sara M


Karen - excited about the photography class. You have been very thorough in the class agendas - wow. I know you are not taking personal photography questions anymore, but had a favor to ask - I am thinking of purchasing the Canon 200 2.8 prime lens for baseball - (I have the 85mm 1.8 & 50 mm 1.4) - When you do use your 200mm prime, can you note as such in the blog - I haven't heard much about how you like it thus far. So, not a direct question, but look forward to seeing examples of pics using this lens.



I'm happy to hear your aunt is doing well. Sometimes we have to take time to remember how fragile life really is.

I LOVE the layout, and I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing you April 18 in Salem. Did you know the class filled up the first day? No big surprise, but we are all jazzed about it.

Hope you have a wonderful trip, but I'll miss your blog!!


Glad to hear your aunt is doing better, we'll still keep her in our prayers and LOVE that page! LOVE that you got a whole bunch of photos in there!!! Thats so cool!

Carolyn Hall

I am really looking forward to the photography class and think you should offer a photo editing class in the future too. I love photography from beginning, middle to end. It's just such a great creative process and look forward to learning as much as possible. You go girl!


Glad your aunt is doing better. I wish I had the right camera to take your class. Maybe one day...

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