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Ooooooooh!!! That one of Josh with Coley in the background my be one of my favorites EVER!! Nice.


oop, that's -might be not my be......

Brooke - in Oregon

I love the 'february fake out days'! That's what we call them at the nursery because EVERYONE wants to start planting all the tender plants :) I am just always sooooo stinking glad to see the sun and feel some warmth! Looks like you all enjoyed the sunshine too!

Jenny Savage

WOWOWOWOW!~!!!! That one of Josh sitting at the river with Coley fishing is amazing!! For the photos above it with the girls, did you use a color enhancing action on them, or just manually adjust the colors some in post processing. (especially the one of Courtney and the girl sitting in the leaves) You've probably answered that a hundred times before... so feel free to ignore it. I'm ready to invest in some good actions and am going to look over your previous posts about your favorite actions.

Tanya Webster

holy crap girl...that picture of josh belongs in a book or somethin'.....seriously! just awesome awesome awesome!


What a lovely day ... I love the solar flare that partially obscures the lake behind Josh as well. It just pops

Susan Lew

Annie is the best dressed little girl. So cute.

Madame x

Must tell you how much I enjoy reading about you and your family. Such a pleasure.... as a Grandmother I love reading about those kids, and especially love the way you dress your adorable Annie.


The picture of Annie on the bench looking at the airplane...I COULD EAT HER WHOLE. OMG--I can't stand how cute!!!


Wow-these photos just lit up my day-thank you.


Thanks for sharing. Love them all!

Hugs, Misti

Sasha Farina

such gorgeous pictures!!... May I ask if you're using your 50mm f1.4 lens? And is it Manual focus? How do you manage to get great pictures of the kids.. i always seem to miss the 'moments' by the time I'm done focusing.. LOL..



I love ALL of your photos, but my favorite today is the one w/ Annie & Brooke (w/ A's hand on B's arm). Annie is REALLY wanting her stroller & baby doll back. It's so cute & brings back so many memories of my daughter when she was little. You guys are doing a great job of enjoying (& capturing) the moments. They really do grow up SO fast! P.S. (Hope your back got "all better"!)


The photo of the girls sitting in the leaves reminds me of this painting

I'm so jealous of the warm weather you're having.

Mary Ann

Another inspiring post. Beautiful photos, but the one of Annie watching the airplane is just amazing. Love that sweet little babe.


i want to live where you live . . .or at least visit . . .often! from these pictures . . .to the sledding pictures . . . it just appears to be absolutely beautiful there.


I know this weather has been so scrumptious! I LOVE that picture of Annie on the bench. What a blessing your family is!

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