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Oh my, my system can't handle the cuteness! I totally want to scrap those first two pics. LOL. Why did my kids have to get so darn big??

Peggy Lucas

I love Courtney's eyes - they look so kind. You really are an amazing photographer - such talent. Can't wait for your class.


OOOH, OOOH, OOOOH! Use the 24! I totally think that's what I neeeeeeed, so I want to "watch" you use it from now till Mother's day so I may just be able to justify it! ;)
By the waY, EVERYTHING about that little girl is scrumptious! I love all of the colorful gymboree's.


Happy Birthday Annie!!!!!!
Great photo's as always Karen. And a question what size do you put your photo's on in Typepad?
Take Care


AWWWW love the pics of Annie's party! too cute! And so much fun!!!! The party hat is too awesome!


She is beyond precious-what priceless photos. You are blessed.


oh happy birthday to Annie!
You make me wish I lived near all my family.


Sooo sweet... the fun (and love) just pours from those images! It's truly your gift... life lives in every one of your photos. Chloe just saw these images (she's a night owl), and is now asking for a happy birthday lol. I can't even tell you how many times I thought to purchase that sweater dress (perfect for Easter here in New England when we are hunting for Easter eggs with our winter coats on). It's even cuter on! I bet it's all sold out now... going to have to check on that!

I decided on the 40D (should be here in 2 days!)... and the Canon 50mm 1.4. Going with the 40D meant that I could only purchase one lense to start. I had the Tamron 28 75 before (per your recommendation), and it was a great lense... but really didn't serve my needs well in low light situations. Maybe I could have overcome that with a better understanding of the camera I was using (XTI). Speaking of that... are you any closer to nailing down a date for your online class, and do you know how far out sign-ups are?

Christina Witkowski

gorgeous pics, looks like a fun party, and btw, I absolutely love your designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya Webster

that first picture is to die for....and the hat is so very it all missy! :)


Great pictures! Annie is so darn cute! Love the hat and her dress is adorable!


Such SUPER amazing pictures!!


Incredible bday pictures- happy birthday again Annie!!!

Katharina Pradel

Your little Annie is such an cutie - I have to write it again...
Looks like you had a really nice weekend! (;


Awww...great photos and she is just adorable :) and that birthday hat is so cute :)


She is just the cutest thing ever! I just want to squeeze her to pieces! Happy Birthday Annie!

Oh and if you ever want help scrapping photos of her please let me! I only have boys! :)

Kim Bolyard

These photos of Annie are just precious...I love her birthday hat. Makes me wish my girls where little I could dress them up like that.

It was great to meet you at CHA...thanks for always inspiring me.


i seriously want to squeeze her cheeks. your pictures are amazing. as always.


Annie looks so adorable in the little dress and the hat you made for her is very cute ... looks like threw her a great birthday party. Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

Diane DiTullio

Annie is just too precious! Gorgeous photos! I've been thinking of buying a wide angle lens for awhile now. Primarily, I shoot with the 50mm 1.4 but I'm definitely missing some great shots. I'll have to start saving again! LOL. Thanks for posting which lens you are using on which photos. It is such a help!


What adorable family photos. Treasure today but golden treasures as the years go by. Love your posts. I too am wondering about info on your online photography. Any details that you can share yet? Thanks so much....So love this blog!

tara pollard pakosta

oh no~ what happened to your 5d?!
i just got one, but i went from the rebel to the 20d to the 30d to the 5d, so
going from the 30d wasn't as big of a deal since the 30 is more closely related to the 5 than it is the 20d....and i totally get what you are talking about with the 50mm!
the photos are awesome! and her dress is just adorable!!!!


i swear that girl is the cutest thing ever. :)

Brooke - in Oregon

Gee Whiz, it is hard to believe Annie is 2! I still remember after a class when you told us you were going to have her and that seems like it was barely 6 months ago! lol


I just found your site...your daughter is such a little cutie pie and I can't way to learn about your photography. I am hoping to get a new camera soon and I what to glean as much as I can from people who have beautiful images!


hey girl-
your photos are amazing, as always!


My daughter (who is not quite 2, next month she will be) loves to look at pictures of Annie. She has an obsession with babies and shoes. She noticed Annie's orange shoes right away.

Your photography blows me away. It's amazing really. I'd love to have you take pictures of my family.

Thanks for sharing your story and pictures here.


Carolyn Hall

Happy Birthday Annie!!! Love the hat. You can so tell it was made by a scrapbooker.

Kim B.

What great birthday photo! You have such a beautiful, photogenic family. My kids see the camera and run. If I do get a shot they are "pouting" because they don't want their picture taken.

Seriously? Could she be ANY cuter? If you find yourself in need of a babysitter in PA, you do know your BFF in Philly will volunteer, right? :o) Looks like a terrific celebration of her birthday AND family!


Great photos of Annie! I haven't heard anymore about your photog it going to happen???? I had emailed to get my name on the list but haven't heard back. Hope I didn't miss anything!!!!


That hat is adorable!! And I love that picture with the wider angle lens... very cool point of view and captures a lot.

Tonia Borrosch

Love the hat! Great photos! :)


karen, i'm telling ya , that first picture has to be one of THE cutest i've ever seen.......OH MY!!!


Those are such wonderful pictures, I love the homemade hat! I'll have to try that for my girl who has a b-day coming up in 2 weeks. Love the dress, she is a cutie!


Happy Birthday to Annie!!! Of course you already know that she is adorable; she's yours and objective blog readers have also fallen under her spell. Actually, all of your children are beautiful. I hope that you get well soon. The Super Flu seems to be working it's way around. We have it at my house too. I know you must be pushing yourself through the body aches. Almost every blog I've visited has a family at some stage of this awful flu. Take care of yourself. Also, I just love the layout of you holding Ross on the lawn the day you decided to go to college. It feels real just like you and like you said, it is about a very important moment in your life. Your children will treasure it when they are older and they are trying to figure out who you are as a person because they finally realized that we are more than just Moms and that we once were young women with dreams and aspirations of our own.


just came upon your blog today.... GOOD GRIEF YOU TAKE AMAZING PICTURES!!!! Each one looks like it could go in a magazine. Just brilliant

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