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What an amazing photo! No wonder it's your favorite. Hoping all goes well with her surgery today. I'm glad your aunt will be there to make her laugh. That's definitely one of the people you want by your side in life. Keep us posted!


thinking and praying for your mom's quick recovery!


I'm sure it is most comforting to know that someone so special to your mom will be there during her recovery... it really stinks to be away during these times. I hope that everything goes as planned, with the best possible results.

The photo is so spectacular!


I hope your mom comes through with flying colors....she will be in my prayers. Sisters are like that...... :)
carolynn in michigan

Vicki A

Karen, I will keep your mom in my prayers today.

jo hannah billsie

I will keep your mom in my prayers and wish her a speedy recovery!


That is a beautiful photo, Karen! Your Mom and Aunt are so beautiful! I love laughing photographs! ;) I will be praying for your Mom and keeping her in my thoughts.


Hope everything goes well with the surgery...I'll keep your mom in my thoughts today. Wishing her a speedy recovery too!


All the best to your Mom and hopes for a speedy recovery!
Your family will be in my thoughts.


thinking good thoughts for your mom!


so sorry for the surgrey.. hope all goes well and know you are both in our thoughts and prayers! glad your aunt gets to come in too !! hope her trip is a safe one


God Bless your mom.


keeping your mom & family in my prayers... here's to a speedy recovery!

Lisa B.

Great photo! Re: back surgery..had mine in ' wasn't fun but it was the best thing by far for me...I'm TONS better!


Prayers for your mom, Karen... please let us know how things go. I'm sure she's a trouper. :-)

Leah Crowe

Will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Safe travels for your Aunt. Beautiful photo!

Val from Down Under

Dear Karen, I'll say a prayer for your family and your Mum. Trust in God that all goes well.


sending some prayers your way for your mom. hope all goes well.

Susi (dragonflydreamer)

What a lovely photo of your Mom and your aunt. I am praying for your Mom's surgery to go well and for her to heal completely and quickly.

Tanya Webster

hey girlie...will be praying for your mom too...i hope all goes well...that picture deserves an award...soooo much emotion in that one i tell of my favorites of yours as well :) take care!

Kelly Miller

Great photo!
Good luck to your mom, hope she has a speedy recovery!


hope all goes well with your mums op :) and that she has a speedy recovery.


Kevin O.

Hello. We've never met, but I stumbled across your blog while searching for a friend with the same name.

Anyway, I know who your Aunt is - I saw her in the picture with your Mom and thought, "Hey, that's Kelly Coriell" Then I read the caption and found out she's your Aunt Kelly from Utah. She lives just a few blocks from us and we went to the same church for years when we first moved to this area. She's a great lady.

Nice photo, by the way!

I love photography too, so I'll be perusing your site to glean some tips.

take care...


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