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That poor 5D is kind of cursed, isn't it? You have such a great attitude even when things are clearly crappy. :)


I almost shed tears for you about your camera. That is a total bummer. Hope it can be fixed. It definitely is hard to be creative on demand. But I am sure looking forward to what you bring. You creativity is amazing! Take care.


I almost shed tears for you about your camera. That is a total bummer. Hope it can be fixed. It definitely is hard to be creative on demand. But I am sure looking forward to what you bring. Your creativity is amazing! Take care.

Bobbi in KY

Sounds like one of my days....glad to see you seem to take it all in stride.

Katie Szymanski

It was so good seeing you Karen!! You are just too sweet!! Pink Paisley was one of my favorites at the show!! I HAVE to get it for the store!!


So sorry about your camera. I would cry. Hope it's fixable.


i hope your camera is able to be fixed.... sounds like you were super busy! sounds like fun though! Just wanted to tell you that every time I read your blog I am inspired again! Thanks!

Mary Ann

I'm so envious of all the girls that got to take your photography class at Oasis. I heard it was awesome. I'm still looking forward to your online class.
Sorry to hear about your camera. I'd be in tears.
Hope Miss Annie had a wonderful birthday!

Paola Norman

oohh nooo, so sorry about your camera..geez i feel for you..hope you can get it repaired without it costing you an arm and a leg...Glad you got to spend some time away teaching and enjoying CHA..So how were your beautiful realeases received? After everything I've seen on websites/blogs yours is still top on my list to purchase (honestly it's true!) hope Creative Imaginations appreciates your great talent and rewards you accordingly.. Too bad you just can't release your own personal line without the C.I. attatched to it, I bet you would get more $$ for all your effort. Hope Annie had a great b-day,did she blow the candle on a cake? Too bad she is not feeling well.. Hope you get the inspiration you need for your deadline..Happy Valentines Day!


So sorry to hear about your camera :( Hope it's fixable!! I can't believe you are already working on projects for CHAW09!! It must be so hard to try and come up with things that will be hot that far in advance. But you sure seem to always hit it on the head! Great job on this new release!


karen, thanks!! i'm the designer for Pink Paislee and it means so much to hear that you mentioned and liked us!!!!! :) wish i could have met you there - maybe summer? i'm sorry to hear about your camera - my 5d is my life and the thought of using my old 20d would make me sad! hope you can get it fixed easily!


total sadness on the camera & sadness for little miss birthday girlie--hope she's feeling better soon.
cha 09--wow!
can't wait for your new goodies to hit the stores.


Happy Birthday Annie!!! She is the cutest ever!

And so sorry about the camera. I would have cried for sure.

So, what is this digestive enzyme? My husband has a very weak stomach and can barely eat pizza (we order w/o sauce or meats) and alot of other foods. He is on some perscriptions, but they don't always work. Maybe that is something he could try.

Terri B in Oregon

So sorry about the camera, hopefully it is fixable. And sounds like little Annie has the latest crap that seems to be hitting all the little and big kids. I hope she feels better soon. And I have to agree about the Pink Paislee, it is a cross between you and Jenni Bowlin! Gotta love that! Thanks for sharing.


Sounds like you had a great trip. So sorry about the camera...not sure I would have handled it as well as you seem to. Thanks for pointing out a new company...can't wait to check it out.

{hugs} to Annie, hope she feels better soon. It amazes sometimes how much I can get done with a sick kiddo in my arms LOL

Rachelle Sims

I'm tired just reading it; don't quite know how you lived it! LOL.
Sorry about the camera!!! And Peyton woke up yesterday with a fever and an ear ache.... oh, how wonderful that is : ( big hugs to you and Annie.


i am totally feeling your pain about your camera!! Did you still get a Tara W. shoot? I can't wait to see!!!!! :)


Oh Karen!!!!! Hope your 5D doesn't end up where my 50 went!!!! Well... with your lenses and my 5D body we have a set!

Katharina Pradel

Oh! I'm soooo sorry for you!
While I'm still waiting for the time when I've got enough money to buy a "REAL" camera like this....I can so understand how miserable it is to break one!!!

Have a nice day anyway!!!
Katharina from the Black-Forest-Region/Germany (;


Lots of kisses for you Karen, on Valentine's Day :)

jo hannah billsie

I was going to suggest picking up your luggage in Denver for you. I am sorry about your camera! I hope you can get it fixed! I was shocked to hear you are already working on cha! GOOD LUCK with the camera.


I was at your night class at the Oasis and just wanted to tell you how awesome you are! I loved the class and was amazed that you did such a great job when you had already packed so much into your day before I even got there! I wasn't at the photography class. Thank you for being so inspiring and I hope your camera can be repaired!!!!!

Jen M.

Wow -- lost luggage, a broken camera, a sick little girl, a birthday party, and getting straight back to work. Is there anything you can't do? I hope you get a chance to take a break soon -- sounds like you've earned it and then some!

Nancy L

Oh Karen. I can't believe the luck you have with your camera when you travel. Hugs.

Debbie Poe

So sorry Annie wasn't feeling well.
So sorry to hear about the camera.
I hope it can be fixed.
I need to look back at your archives because I'm not aware of your bad luck with cameras when you travel.
Just for the record--I'm a (slightly burned out) dental hygienist.
Have a great weekend!


I can only say aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh and WHEW!!!!
carolynn in michigan

beth l

karen, i'm just sick for you about your camera! i hope there is some way they can save it for you.

on a brighter note, your photos of annie on her birthday are, as always, precious. you wonderfully capture such emotion and her innocence in your photos. we are celebrating my son's 2nd birthday today, hope i can capture a tenth of the great photos you seem to achieve so effortlessly.


Stacey B are taking the camera thing incredibly well I would be cursing and crying...and feeling woah is me.

On a good note? If everyone sent you $5 you could get a new one!!


So sorry about your Annie...and your camera. I hope they are both better soon!


That stinks about your camera.

I just had to write that I love your luggage tag!


Thanks so much for the photography class at the Oasis
(My first picture after your class!)
I'm so sorry for all your so. cal troubles!

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