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Oh poor baby! She is still absolultely ADORABLE!

Janelle in MT

even with the "bad haircut" she is still adorable! love that photo on the escalator! so precious!


I love her expression while she's getting her hair cut! She's so adorable!

sharyn (torm)

you are my sunshine is my favorite song in the whole wide world. i'm always making uncle george play it on my guitar when he comes over. love it. and cute haircut!

Laura Plunk

Awwww I remember those "FIRST HAIRCUTS" my boys got......
My 16 year old, Robin found out I had a haircut very simular to a "mullet" in the "80s". But of course it wasn't called that then..... It was caled "Stylish" and for some reason he just can't let that go ??
Love the pics, thanks for sharing.
Laura P


i love that last shot - adorable. she's cute no matter what her hair looks like! :)

Kim Remer

I hear ya on the whole haircut thing. I took my then 22 month old daughter in for her first haircut in Oct. because it was finally long enough to cut and get ride of all the uneven baby hair. The lady did the worst job and made layers so now we are almost back to where we were before. I will just cut in myself this time. Annie still looks cute even without her ponies. My daughter also takes out her ponies everyday but at nap time.


I love that photo, too! Soooo sweet! You could give her a Sinead cut, and that baby would still be the cutest. She's just THAT precious! Chloe has never had a haircut. Partly because she (and my other two), were without much hair for at least the first 18 months of their life. And mostly because I just want it to grow to one length (though it's been hard to resist the urge to give her 'Annie bangs'). These days, I can't keep anything in this girls hair... nothing, ever. So she looks like a little ragamuffin all the time. A messy haired little girl with bangs in her eyes. I hate this stage.

Ross. He's a keeper.

Jenny Savage

As a former hairstylist, I wanted to tell you, you should go back to the shop and get a refund! The manager may offer to "fix" the haircut for you... they want to have satisfied customers... but you can decline and just ask for your refund. That's what I would do! I always tell my friends, when they ask if it's safe to go to the walmart salon and other mall chop shops.... that the workers in those places work there because they can't get anything better yet, due to their skills. If you are really good, you can charge $100 an hour doing color... if not, a mall chop shop is a good place to learn. :) SO sorry about your bad experience! She still looks adorable though!

She is still just the sweetest little thing!! That face is irresistable!


speaking of Ross---I picked up a Memory Makers yesterday for the first time in AGES and LOVED the layout of you and Ross. Coley looks just like big brother at that age! :)


p.s. Love the shot of Annie clinging to Josh's arm! So sweet!

Michelle OKeefe

She looks so sad getting her hair cut. Just think back to the bad haircuts we had at that age. I'm sure I'm not the only one with bangs that just wouldn't be straight so mom just kept trimming and trimming away until they were about only one inch long! But that is one of my favorite photos with the "mini crooked bangs".

Stacey B

Hey does Annie not going to daycare anymore???


My oldest had the mullet thing going on as well, poor little things. You always want girls to do their hair & they just never seem to cooperate do they, lol.

Vicki A

Oh it always makes me feel so much better when I hear stories like this from other moms. My 22 month old has very thin wild hair thatlooks so much better in pony tails, but she hates them. I only put them in once in a while when we are going somewhere special and sure enough she is in the back seat yanking them out before I even back out of the drive way. So frustrating. I guess you have to be a little older to understand about suffering for beauty. LOL :)

Well no matter, your Annie and my daughter are still just so cute no matter what their hair looks like.

Mary Lou

How many moms can say that their teenagers would take the time to serenade their mom, even if it is for fun? When my girls did stuff like that I stopped what I was doing and tried to smother them with kisses! It usually landed up with both of us crumpled up together on the ground in fits of laughter. Enjoy those serenades while you can.


Awwww! She is still just the cutest little doll!


I dont think she could have a bad hair cut with that adorable face!! :)


That escalator pic is sooo cute and so is she - bad haricut or not! Love the ponytails!


No matter how they cut that darlings hair, she would still be one of the cutest kids of all time. No "bad haircut" could detract from the sunbeams of joy that surround that little doll.


I love the one of Annie riding the escalator. That is precious.


WonderTime mag. (GREAT mag if you have not seen it!) takes photo submissions of kids' "firsts". this woule be precious!!

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