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Stephanie Ainsburg

omg! too cute.


Simply adorable Karen. I wish I had learned to take great pictures when my kids were this age. I just started about 6 months ago and mine are now 13 and 10. It's hard starting when they are older since they are not used to having pictures taken all the time. When I get the camera out my son is notorious for making a face right when I snap the shot. Hopefully, that reaction will wear off! Thanks for sharing with us. Connie

Brooke Hren

Happpy 2nd Birthday Annie!

Two is such a wonderful age. My little guy just turned 18 months this week so we've got awhile to go. Have a great dinner!

Val from Down Under

Happy happy birthday Yannie!! Loving your stockings AND your beautiful orange shoes! Orange is my son's favourite colour and he's nearly 22 years old! Have a really great day. As always, love your pics Karen.


OMG, the older she gets the more she looks like you! It must be pretty warm where you live, because I am always jealous that everyone just seems to have light jackets on in the photos. It's 20 below zero (with the wind chill, which is always present!) and tons and tons of snow in Iowa.


Happy BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!!!!! She is soooooo cute! Hope you have a wonderful dinner out :)


thanks for sharing your life in pictures with us. It's always a treat when there is a new post, and I have withdrawals when you are out of town for a few days. Happy birthday Annie, love your orange shoes and pretty tights!


Happy Birthday Annie!!! What a doll. I love all the photos--as usual! The colors are great. Have a wonderful, wonderful day and many blessings to baby Annie!!

Denise in Oregon

Awww...happy, happy birthday!!! Hey, do you think I could find some shoes like that in a women's size 12? I LOVE those!


You are TOOOO cute! Have a great time at your party!
your photog class was AMAZING (7 hrs FLEW by!) and YOU ROCKED the OASIS once again! Come back SOON!!
Hugs! Kris


Happy Birthday Annie!!!
you are the most adorable little girl, and I just love your outfit!!!

Leslie M

So adorable! Happy Birthday Yannie!


Happy Birthday Annie Banannie! we love you!



What a little angel! She is so beautiful, looks like it was a fun day for her and you! Happy Birthday Annie!


She's adorable. Those orange shoes she picked out are too cute!

Michelle OKeefe

So cute, Love the photos of her big day. Happy Birthday Annie !


Happy Birthday Annie!
She is just too adorable!!


entirely precious.
the shot with the balloons is so all the colors together & how they highlight her shoes.
happy birthday annie


Happy Birthday sweet Annie! Love the photos, Karen! So sweet! That litle outfit is too darn cute! Love the photo of Annie and the balloons! Hope the birthday dinner is great! :)


NEVER say you're not a "good enough" photographer could give ANYONE a run for their money, and I mean it with all of my heart (and I am super jealous to boot!) Those pictures totally rock- and that balloon one needs to be a poster in her room. She looks like she's super happy today, and there is nothing more important than that, huh? YAY, YANNIE! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Yannie, love your shoes :-D


Happy Birthday cute that she was singing to herself!


Happy Birthday to Annie! My son is turning 2 on 16 Feb..and I can feel the excitement! I hope to be able to take some great shots too..

Alexandra Martinez

So precious! The ruddy cheeks and the big smile. Those orange shoes are amazing.


Oh Karen she is just absolutely adorable! It looks like you and her have so much fun together :) Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Sweet Annie!


Happy happy birthday beautiful Annie! That balloon picture is my second favorite of yours ever (the first being Annie at the pumpkin patch :)).


Happy, happy birthday to beautiful little Yannie. Love the orange shoes, the photos are great and exude happiness. My favorite is her precious napping photo. Congrats, Karen on your photography skills and your lovely family.



These photos are so delicious! Of course, the orange shoes, tights and the whole birthday ensemble are just the sweetest! Happy Birthday Annie!

Terri B in Oregon

Happy Birthday, Yannie!!! I can't believe I have been reading your blog long enough for Annie to be 2 years old!! She is so cute and sweet looking and her hair looks great! Happy happy day!


Happy Birthday Yannie! I can't believe she's already two...also means my daughter will be 2 soon too. They just grow too darn fast. I love sleeping baby pictures. Looks like she had a fun day!


Happy Birthday Yannie!! Can't believe she is already 2! There are no words to convey how precious she looks, especially in the last picture all sound asleep with her arms behind her head and her {darling} lime green tights peeking up out of the waistband of her skirt! i can't imagine you would ever have trouble finding a babysitter! ;)
oh, by the were AWESOMELY AMAZING (to borrow my 6 yr old daughter's favorite phrase) at the Oasis on Saturday. You surpassed all my expectations by a mile. I knew the class would be great, but you were just so much fun in person, plus getting to see the 140 or so photos of your darling kids was such a bonus. Those were probably the quickest 7 hours of my life and I could have listened to you talk about photography til the sun came up the next day! It's easy to see why it's your passion. Thanks again for such an awesome class.


Hi Karen! Give Annie a great big Happy Birthday hug from me please. I had such a good time with you Saturday and again took away so much info to put into practice (until the next time that I see you ;o) It was great spending time with you...I have taken so many classes from some great teachers, but as I told my store owner, no one gives as much, wants so badly to share her knowlege as you Karen. So thank you. For being one incredible teacher and overall warm, humble individual. You make me want to leave notes in hidden places. Your kiddos are very lucky to have you as a mom. Remember that in the "Annie locked herself in the closet" moments. You are a true delight.

Susan Lew

Happy Birthday Annie. You always make me smile.

Brooke - in Oregon

Happy Birthday day sweet Annie!


She is just too adorable!



omg. is she not the cutest thing in tights ever?! totally makes me want a girl... boys are so... bla.. when it comes to clothes! she is totally adorable! happy birthday little miss annie :)


She is so sweet! Happy Birthday Annie:)

Paola Norman

Happy Birthday to Annie! Her new shoes are adorable! love her leggings..Love that last pic..Hope you had a great time at CHA!


Happy happy birthday Annie!! Looks like you had a ton of fun and hope that the rest of the night was fun for you and the whole family! Such beautiful pictures Karen.

michelle tabb

Happy Birthday Annie!!! You are the cutest!

Libbi Moore

Happy Birthday Annie! "2" is such a wonderful age. You have great taste when it comes to picking out shoes. Have a beautiful birthday.


Happy birthday, Annie!


Oh my goodness - she is just soooo adorable! Happy Birthday, Annie!


Happy Birthday to Annie and congrats to YOU for having given birth to such a precious little girl!
She's just adorable beyond words, and so are YOU!!

Have a wonderful day, hugs from Germany


she is absolutely adorable! happy birthday Yannie! i've really enjoyed watching your whole family grow up this past year of reading your blog. - Nons


Lots of kisses for Annie! :) I wish i could see that video :) Happy Birthday!!!

Katharina Pradel


Karen: she such an sweetie - but you can also guess that she's her own litte person as well!!! ((((;

thx for sharing this with us - and have fun with your kids!!
Happy Valentine as well!


Aw that's too darn cute!! :D Happy Birthday Annie :D


Happy Birthday Annie!!!! And congrats with your little girl Karen, she is so cute. Love the photos and the orange shoes!!!


Happy Birthday Annie!

She is so beautiful and your photos are just gorgeous!!

Susanne Huettner

Happy Birthday to your little girl! Lovely fotos, have a good time!

Michelle Gauthier

Happy Birthday Annie!!! Such adorable pictures! She looks so much like you when she's on the playground ride! Love her outfit, love her hair, love that smile!


Happy Birthday, Annie! She's growing up so fast.


Oh, these are THE days and these ARE THE most beautiful photos. Happy birthday to Annie and a wonderful mother!!!

Louise Murr

How simply adorable. I can't believe she is already 2. Time sure is flying by. It looks like she is having the most wonderful birthday ever!




Oh Yannie, you little sprite! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your shoes... good choice... orange is such a happy color :)

Two is so cool! Have the best birthday day EVER... enjoy your Happy Cake!


Happy Birthday Annie. You have such an amazing way of capturing the moment. Such an inspiration -- thanks for sharing!

Wendy Schoonhoven

What a cute little girl and the pics you took are amazing....makes me wish I had a daughter too...xxxWendy.

Donna C

That is one ADORABLE baby girl - she is beautiful and your pictures are priceless!


Happy Birthday Annie.....
She is so adorable...she always puts a smile on my face!
Love the Orange shoes!

Cathy D

Happy birthday! She looks so absolutely adorable and those shoes too cute. What girl doesn't love shoes on her birthday!

Jessica K.

ohhhhhh, don't you want to crawl in there and just eat her up!!


happy birthday, annie. you are precious!

Tanya Webster

wow wow wow....happy birthday sweet girl!! I cant believe you are two already! you sure are growing up to be one beautiful little girlie!


she IS the most adorable little girl. happy birthday to her! :)


What a fun birthday for Annie! That is the most adorable child I have ever seen.



is that possible?

Happy Birthday Yannie Bananie!


Missed ya! Happy Birthday Annie! She's so stylin'!

Vicki A

Happy Birthday a day late, Yannie! Ahhh, she is just so stinkin' cute! Love those tights and shoes; so bright and fun. My little girl will be 2 next month. I can't believe how fast it has gone. Oh, if only you could come visit me and take some of your amazing photos of my girl. :)

Heather (in Scotland)

Happy (belated) birthday, sweet Annie. :)


Happy Birthday Annie. Karen, she is beautiful and the pictures are priceless.


What a cutie!! My son turns 2 on the 24th and he has started sleeping in that exact position. Totally cracks me up. If you put him bed and he's not ready to sleep, he doesn't do it. It's only for serious sleep. LOL


What beautiful photos-LOVE the sleepy time one with those rosie cheeks! Looks like a great day-you captured it wonderfully! Love the balloon photo too!
Happy Birthday from NY Yannie!


This is a beautiful sequence of shots! Looks like you had a good time together.
Happy Birthday Annie! You sure have a special mama that loves you.

Katharina Pradel

Happy Birthday Annie!

Karen - she's just a cutie! (But you can also see, that she can sometimes be a challenge to handle, hm!?)

Hope you had a nice day!

Katharina from the Black-Forest-Region/Germany

fran heupel

Happy Birthday Annie. She is so adorable and your pictures are amazing.
Glad she having fun on her special day.

Sarah Fordyce

Happy birthday Annie!

Alicia Sharp

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YANNIE!!!!!!!! You are too cute!!


Soooo cute. Happy Birthday Annie! :)


Oh she just looks so adorable in those pics. Happy Birthday Annie. Sounds like she had a fun day! :)

Carolyn Hall

Happy Birthday Annie!!! Sounds like a perfect way to spend your birthday!! Karen give us the inside scoop on CHA. Any must haves, besides your stuff of course....Carolyn


Happy Birthday dear cute little Annie!!! Great photos Karen


Happy Birthday Annie! You and your new shoes are adorable and your mommy takes wonderful pictures of you! Lucky girl : )

Susi (dragonflydreamer)

Happy Happy Birthday, Yannie! She is the cutest little doll baby I have ever seen. Your photos are great, they give me a feeling of being there for awhile with you two today. What a big day. I hope her birthday out was awesome. I love your photos. You are one of my favorite photographers. I remember the first time I clicked on your blog, your photos captured my attention and then reading you slices of life were great because you are so real and because you love your family so much that sometimes it is as if I am rooting for people I know. You have done such a great job blending your family and regardless of the rough times, it is so evident that there is so much love and it will carry you all through the trying times. Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us. Your children are all precious.

Jamie K

Happy Birthday!!! Love LOVE that age. The pics of her at the park are so beautiful. Although nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby - I love that one. Hope everything turns out ok with your camera!!

BTW...PLEASE come to WA soon for classes again (had to sneak that in there!)~ Take care, Jamie


Quelles magnifiques photos !


That's the cutest little girl ever!


Alright, now I'm on a mission to find all these great outfits for my 2 year old little girl! Your Annie is so cute!


I didn't realize how long I've been reading your blog until Annie turned two.

You have a stinkin cute kid there! I love that you post photos of your family. They are great shots keep up the good work!

Shiela Strubel

Hello Karen. I love your photos...great shots! I take pictures all the time of my girls and I never can get such clear photos as yours. Amazing photography!!!

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ppy Birthday deeeeeeear Yannie" all morning (I got it on video).

We went into town this morning.

She picked out some new orange shoes that make squeaking sounds when she walks (40% off at Chessie Jo's baby boutique) and a periwinkle, Annie-sized, wooden rocking chair.

And then

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been singing "Happy Birthday deeeeeeear Yannie" all morning (I got it on video).

We went into town this morning.

She picked out some new orange shoes that make squeaking sounds when she walks (40% off at Chessie Jo's baby boutique) and a periwinkle, Annie-sized, wooden rocki

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She's been singing "Happy Birthday deeeeeeear Yannie" all morning (I got it on video).

We went into town this morning.

She picked out some new orange shoes that make squeaking sounds when she walks (40% off at Chessie Jo's baby boutique) and a periwinkle, Ann

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