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Heather (in Scotland)

I love your honesty, Karen. I'd have probably have pouted too! (And my DH and I similaly have a "postponed proposal" story.)

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

Welcome to California. The mornings are cold, but sunny. Then it turns into a beautiful day. Have a great time. I so wanted to take your classes this weekend, but my son has Winter Formal (last one) Boo Hoo!, then it is off to college. So I couldn't miss it.

Sasha Farina

oh I'm jealous!! So very jealous... I wanna be there in your class!! Send some warm hugs to your mom the next time you're talking to her ok? :)

Brooke - in Oregon

Glad to hear Mom is doing so well. Great that your Aunt could come and stay with her. I keep putting off back surgery so I love to hear 'good reports' :)

Funny how we are hard on ourselves when we are not as good as we would like to be. Me, well I would LOVE to be a 'poor excuses for a photographer' like you! ha ha wish I had 1/32 the talent you do. Just wish I would have a lightbulb moment and get this dang camera figured out! lol

Have a great trip and a great weekend!

Susan Lew

Happy to hear your mom is doing well. Have fun in California.


my eyes are teary.....not because you're story is sad...but because I so get that. You want something so so so bad, and when it doesn't work out, you can barely get your head around it to get over it, even though you're a mom and a grown up. Then you find out- in secret, you really missed out on something MORE important because of your own emotional response to thing #1. This is so totally something that would happen to me. Can't wait for this weekend, the classes will be a blast!


Awww!!! Such a sweet story and wow - holding on to the ring for four more months!? Wow! You better tell about that one then or redirect us in case it's been told about already :)


LOVE the back story... We can't wait to see you too!!
We'll have a blast...
Have a safe trip!

Terri B in Oregon

Have a great trip! And have fun in California!


I remember that sad, sad story. I'm hoping you'll get your pictures with Tara someday! Your family on the beach, snapped by Tara would be lovely! Have a great time at CHA! We are headed to Disney (by airplane) next week!


I would have laid down on the beach and cried! I feel the same way about Tara's photography. My family was on vacation in Hawaii this January and we ran into Tara and her family! I was so starstruck that I could barely speak, and my clueless husband had to keep rolling his eyes every time I said, "I can't believe I met Tara Whitney!" I am such a dork LOL.

Letti Byrd

You are coming at the perfect time. The weather will be so nice here for the next week. Have fun and hopefully you don't get too much traffic.

tara Whitney

you are so sweet and adorable-i cant believe i missed a proposal!!!


Have a safe trip, Karen! The owner & manager from my LSS where I teach will be at CHA and have strict instructions to give you a big hug from me if they see you. The way you feel about Tara Whitney is the way I feel about you--I would die to be in one of your classes someday!
Wishing you an awesome trip!

Jamie K

I would have pouted (and cried, yes probably sobbed) too! I am a HUGE Tara Whitney fan! Family pictures with Tara is one of my "if I ever win the lottery" dreams. She makes it look so easy. Although, so do YOU! You are a phenomenal photographer.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Cali. Have fun! And, glad to hear your mom is doing ok!



I just love you, Karen. Yes, Tara is an amazing photographer--no doubt. But you, my dear, are a storyteller unlike no one else. Your perfect blend of photography and words in your perspective--no one in this industry comes close to that. I have a huge lump in my throat typing this--and I thank you for that story.


I have to agree with Trish above. You are an AMAZING storyteller both in your words and your pictures. I think in most part, because you are so real!
Thanks for allowing us into your life!

Susi (dragonflydreamer)

Hope you are having an amazing time in California!

Cathy D

Sometimes you just have to take tons and tons of pictures and you'll always come out with some really great ones that you didn't even know you could take. That's my take anyhow even if I can't get anyone tot ake pictures as good as Tara then I will def keep trying to take those myself. Have fun in California!


what a bittersweet story!
you are an amazing photographer but i know how you feel when you have all your heart set on something.
here's to one day...


Have a great time! I can't wait to get my hands on all your new goodies. They are going to make sensational items for my Etsy store. I always love your stuff!

Now go, have fun :-)

Look - It's an Etsy:


I love that picture.

Kathy C.

HAPPY 2nd Birthday to Annie today 2/13/08!!! Can't wait to see the pictures from her b-day celebration! Can't believe she's already two!

Happy Happy -- Joy Joy!

~ Kathy C. (Hillsboro, OR)

PS--It's my hubbies b-day too (39) that's why I remembered it was Annie's - before you posted about it!

Kevin O.

Hello. We've never met, but I stumbled across your blog while searching for a friend with the same name.

Anyway, I know who your Aunt is - I saw her in the picture with your Mom and thought, "Hey, that's Kelly Coriell" Then I read the caption and found out she's your Aunt Kelly from Utah. She lives just a few blocks from us and we went to the same church for years when we first moved to this area. Great photo, by the way!

I love photography too, so I'll be perusing your site to glean some tips.

take care...


Kevin O.

I meant to post in response to the other entry. I'll re-post it there...


OMG! Your experience last year is like Deja vu for me! Our family went down to Disneyland at the same time as you last year, and like you, Tara is my favorite photographer and like you we have almost no photos of our family together. It had always been a dream of mine to have photos taken by Tara, so I booked a shooting for our last day in town and... the morning of our photo shoot, I got the same phone call from poor sick Tara, so I totally know what that felt like!! I was so disappointed but we went to the beach anyways. The kids had a great time, but we left California without my hoped for photos!!

We did end up meeting up with Tara in Seattle later in the summer and she took some wonderful photos, but in my heart of hearts I still want my pictures on the beach by Tara. I think one day it will happen for both you and I.


wedding rings

aww such a heartwarming story.. sounds like a keeper

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