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Wow- would love to see your borders as digital brushes!! Can't wait to hear about the possibilities and am even more excited about your classes on Saturday. See you then!


Hey Karen,

I got the interactive scrapbooking kit in the mail today. I just got to say that it looks awesome. I would have never thought of using a slide protector sheet. I love, love, love the swatch book. I am so drawn to the swirls and stuff. It just reminds me of iron gates and fences, things French. I am so excited to dig into it. I thought you said you were out of the "picture this kit" but do you still have the cd available. I like to see how you do things.
I am so excited for your new stuff to come out. The stamps from fontwerks look great. Have you ever considered saying things in Italian, French or Spanish?
I am definately heading up to Lynden,WA were the Cafe stuff is located. It looks neat.

Thanks so much

So glad I'm not the only one who was inquiring about the borders being made available as digital brushes. That would be so awesome! I absolutely love them and have played around with them on, but I just can't give up my favorite paper to print pictures on, Epson's Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte. It's a true matte paper, not the kind of matte you usually get from a photo finisher. I'm addicted to it and haven't used anything else in the past year and a half. So I'll be anxiously awaiting being able to use your borders as brushes. Price is no object!! Good luck at CHA.



I can absolutely say that I LOVE YOUR NEW STUFF! The combination of flowers and butterflies ~ I swear, you just made this stuff for me! Ha! Can't wait....the suspense. Ugh! Have fun at CHA!

Erin Glee

You are such an incredible designer...I LOVE all your stuff! Have as much fun at CHA as a "homebody" can!

Sasha Farina

right now, i only have two things on my wish list (god knows it will grow and grow) but the two things that i really want are your Frame Easel Album and this particular set of stamps!! Woohoo!! they're beyond beautiful!!

Kyra brushes! I'm glad at least one other person was thinking it too. Your frames would be great digital brushes! PLEASE consider doing it! And WHEN you do, please make them available as .png files too. You're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Gauthier

Beautiful! Have a wonderful trip!

Brooke - in Oregon

Ha ha OH Ya BABY!! You know how long I have been BEGGING for ANYTHING of yours to be put into DIGI!! Again I say OH YA BABY! If my Dad wasn't asleep in the room below I would be doin a Happy Dance! Just that you are checking into this has me SUPER EXCITED! Hee hee

BTW love Annie's Piggy bump hair! lol


oooohhhh. Here's another vote for the borders as brushes! Anything digi...really like your new stamps too! Enjoy your blog, LOVE your knowledge about photography! Thanks for sharing! :)


Gorgeous, I would be very interested in the digital brushes:)

Jen M.

Holy cow -- it's like you were reading my mind. I was just in my LSS looking for something like this, and I can't wait til these are available! I absolutely love everything you've shown us so far of your new releases this year. Beautiful work!

tara pollard pakosta

these are just GORGEOUS!
per your usual!

NOW STOP producing all this yummy stuff that is going to break my bank LOL!!


I ordered pictures yesterday and was loving all of your new borders!! I love these stamps, too. Have a safe and fun trip! Are you motor-homing it again this year?!?


These stamps are gorgeous! And if you can get your borders available as digital brushes, I'd definitely get in line to buy them!

Alexandra Martinez

I love butterflies and these stamps are truly breathtaking!


Wow, what a beautiful stamp set. I love how they are so different than other ones I have seen.

Sheryl in Canada

ngaire Bartlam

STUNNING STUNNING Images!!! a beautiful set!!
Ngaire in Brisbane

Judith Devine

Where may I purchase these butterfly stamps?

Melody Peoples

Hi. I am looking for 2 sets of stamps, one is Narratives and the other is
Journaling. Where may I purchase these. Thank you. Melody

Cigar Reviews

These are so dainty! I love how beautiful they are... I think we could use them for all different kinds of things. My daughter likes them because they are easy to use.. although she has a much more artistic eye than I do. Oh Well. Kudos-- beautiful.


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