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Feel better soon, Karen!

fran heupel

Hope you feel better soon.
Miss your wonderful posts.

tara pollard pakosta

oh man!
hope you feel better soON!

Terri B in Oregon

Take it easy, I too am in the throes of the flu and am wondering if it might be better to just give it up then continue! Make sure you get all the way over it or you can end up with bronchitis or pneumonia (ask me how I know). We can wait.


Hope you are feeling more better than in class on Saturday. The Photography Q&A class at NBP Rocked. I felt bad for how sick you where but you rocked the class. Thank you and get well.

feel better soon! mj

Jennie T.

Oh, you poor thing! I hope you get better very soon :)

Flo Raines

Glad to see that you are O.K. I was worried that the class had given you a relapse. I sure enjoyed the class and learned so much.So sorry that you were so sick. I put your lessons to use today taking some photo's of wild flowers on the hill. YEA!!!!
There were even bee's getting necter out of them. Take care of yourself and yes we can wait here on the blog. Not that we want to but we will LOL.

Carolyn Hall

Get well soon! We'll still be here when your back and feeling better. Wanted to thank you for the I finally sent in some pictures. They were amazing!! Great sizes, great quality and super fast. Uploaded them on a Wed. night and received them on Saturday. I also used some of your narratives. Loved them!!! Will definitely only use them from now on. Everyone else should too!!

Thanks Carolyn


Feel better soon!


Get well soon! Hope the rest of your family is doing fine.

We miss your photos :-)



get better soon!


Hope you are feeling much better soon! I've had two down with it. Even though I spent a week playing nurse I missed it. Thank goodness! Take good care of yourself so that it doesn't turn into anything else. My younger son is fine now but my fiance ended with bronchitis. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


A few weeks ago DH brought home a cold. 5yo DD then got Strep throat from it & promptly gave it to 2yo DS and me. Then 17yo DD got a cold. For a 2-wk time span, 3 of us were on antibiotics and 3 (others) of us were taking liquid TheraFlu (but I had to laugh when DH accidentally took the DAYTIME version & it kept him awake all night. d'oh!) I am hoping that you are well soon and that you meet your deadines easily. Will look forward to seeing you back on here when you're able; take care of yourself.


Feel better soon! Miss the inspiration!

Laura Plunk

Can't thank you enough for pulling your strength and teaching the class at No Bare Pages on Saturday !!!!!!

I can't wait to get the time to get out there and practice my new skills.

Laura P


Hope that you feel better soon. I'm sure that it will feel even better when those deadlines are behind you!


Feel better soon Karen, take all the time you need! :)


I hope you feel better soon! Take care!


Hi Karen!
I'm interested in taking your internet photography class, but need some info and wanted to ask you a few questions, is there a way to contact you via email?
I read your blog from time to time, my mother showed it to me, she takes ALL your scrap booking classes and is a big fan of yours! Just wanted to say thank you for the photography tips, I'm learning SLOWLY. I love your style and all the information you have on your site!
I hope you feel better soon, my husband and I both got it and my mom was visiting us here in S. Korea, and ended up bringing it back and getting my poor dad sick too... it's a bad one, so get your rest!


I miss reading your blog everyday, but I hope you get better soon! Thank you for your inspiration to get better quality photos at - I got some metallic finish prints and some with your narratives and LOVE them. I'm sharing them with anyone who will look at them. I think I have DH hooked on the choices of sizes too. Thank you for sharing yourself all the time! I enjoy reading about all the antics and the photography tips have inspired me to purchase a decent lens. It's on it's way to me right now! I hope you feel better fast!


Missed reading your stories, get well soon! So hard to be a Mom, have a job and be sick yourself. I Look forward to your return!


I am waving my magic wand to make you all better. I cannot live without reading your blog every day. Heck, I even wish you would post twice a day! I know...I really need to get a life, huh?!! :) I miss your pics of your darling kiddos. Hope they aren't sick too!
In case you can't tell from all the other entries - you are definitely missed when you're away...

Heather B

I keep checking hoping that you are on the mend and are back. I hope you are feeling better. I am just getting over the flu myself. What a nasty flu it is.
Wishing the work fairies help you get the work you need to get finished while you are sick done.


Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. This flu has been awful to get rid of this year. My oldest son and I thought we were finally over it only to get sick again. Two weeks of it almost. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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