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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Very Cool.

Laura Plunk

I am one of the lucky ones to have a chair reserved at No Bare pages, hope you are feeling better by then...
See you soon
Laura P

Libbi Moore

I love this layout. Absolutely beautiful. You are so right. Don't worry about the not so hot shots. Just create the layout with the photos that capture the memories. That's what it's all about.

Get better fast. I'm so.. excited to take you class this weekend. Can't wait. See you soon :-)


Karen that is one beautiful picture...and isn't it wonderful to wait until just the right moment to commit it and your memories on paper? I love it! I can't believe you are hard at work on CHAW 09 already?!? It's insane isn't it? How do you project so far ahead? I'm having fits waiting to get my hands on your new line and that is just a few months from now arghh...All of the girls at Green Tangerines were literally salavating over the art work on your new transparencies and papers...and the easel(sp)notebooks? There are customers already on a wait list, how exciting and well deserved the congrats are for you my dear! Give Annie a B-Day hug, she is just too stinkin cute in those pigtails.

Scrap Evangel

This lo is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Love the frame.

Katharina Pradel

First of all: GET WELL SOON - take some rest, so it doesn't get even worse!
Second: I love this layout - My opinion concerning not perfect photos is the same - the memory is the point - not the shot itself! (;

Thanks for all the updates. I sure hope you FEEL BETTER! That's the priority :)


Hope you are feeling better soon... it's been a wicked winter of nasty here, too. I'm SO looking forward to spring... fresh air! Things for the online class update... I'm sure it's a ton of work to pull it all together!

I've shared with you my own 'going to college' moment, and relate so much to your feelings attached to the moment. It's a beautiful layout, Karen.

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

Hope you feel better. I think it has just hit my house. Can't wait to take your photo class. I wasn't able to take it when you were in California because of my son's high school dance. Love the picture and the color, it is an important time in your life. I remember when I made the same decision when I was 36. Take care.


Karen -

Don't you love that you have 'the moment' captured on a pic? I love it when that happens!

I have a question - awhile back you posted a link for a lady on etsy that you bought journal strips from. Who was that ? Can you link her again? I have tried going through your posts to find her, but apparently you are really good about posting everyday!




Love that you have that photo, Karen and that you did such a beautiful layout about it. Hope you get to feeling better soon, girl! Hugs! :)


You made that picture look great!


Hope you are feeling better! I too have had the crud that is going around the Rogue Valley. I am one of the lucky ones to be taking your class at No Bare Pages. In fact I got the last spot!! :)


Sorry you're under the weather...feel better soon. I LOVE the layout! I love that you have that moment caught on film.

Paola Norman

that is a beautiful layout, just gorgeous, I think its important to document these defining moments..great to look back are so talented!thanks for sharing, sorry that you are not feeling well..
take care,

tara pollard pakosta

i LOVE that layout!
and where do you get your trims/lace you always use?! i just LOVE IT!
i can't ever decide what i like more your photography or your scrapbook pages!
delightful combo i thiNK!

Christina Witkowski

that's a great layout!!!


Gorgeous layout ... love the different coloured letters you've used, really adds some vibrancy to your layout. Great story recorded too! :)

maryjo materazo

love the layout.

feel better.

can't wait for your on-line class.


Erin Gudge

Karen, thank you so much for teaching the class at NBP even though you were sick. I had a blast and learned so much about my camera and photography in general! And thanks for staying after to chat with us, I really enjoyed our talk about product design and the scrap world as a whole! I can't wait until I can blog some of my photos using all my new skills!


Karen, I want to thank you so much for the great class at No Bare Pages on Saturday. I know you weren't feeling great, but you still gave your all. I learned so much from you. I really understand exposure now. My husband has been trying for months to get me to understand apeture and I just didn't get it. But now I do!! Thanks to you. I hope you are feeling better, it took me about 2 weeks to get over it.


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