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Michelle Gauthier

The new borders are fantastic Karen! I love that I can add color to them. I've been working on a nice, hefty order and can't wait to see them in real life. :)

Rachael C.

I love and I love your new borders!! I just ordered some pics with your new borders. I have been using for awhile now and love the convenience and quality. Once you get the hang of the site, it is a breeze. It sure beats the heck out of standing in line somewhere to order my pictures. THANK YOU so much for recommending them!!


I too just placed an order with some of your new borders. LOVE THEM!! If you are working on new ones, would love to see something with pets, like dictionary text with cat, dog, etc..


I just checked out your borders yesterday, lots of great ones in there! As for committing to processing my RAW photos, that's something I need to do. I'm a lazy photographer, I shoot & shoot & shoot, but when it comes to processing, they sit on my computer for a long time (read: I still have photos from last Feb I need to process). I have to say though that Lightroom is making my work flow a lot easier. I hardly ever open CS2 anymore.


You are so great karen - thanks for talking about all of this.


My order should be arriving to me today or tomorrow, I can't wait to see the actual prints! Have fun at CHA!


Would love to see Girlfriends, Friends, Nana, Papa.... baby girl...on your next round of borders.. just a thought... My order of pictures with some of the new overlays were shipped today !!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM !!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Karen, I just ordered from for the first time... I cannot WAIT for my order to come!! I love all your borders, I had so much fun picking them out. Keep up the great work!

Tanya Webster

do you even know how excited i am your new borders are up??? i just looked through all of them again today....and they are AWESOME!! so so so lucky to benefit from all of your beautiful talent girlie! :)

Peggy Lucas

Thanks, Karen. I can't wait to start using SBP - I am thrilled to get some great borders until I can plunge into PS3. I also bought a D30 with the 2 lenses you suggested - Tamron zoom and the Canon 50. Lots to learn!

Kris with a K

I love your borders! and the service from is amazing. I've been very happy with them. Getting 4x4 shots with borders sure does make 6x6 albums go quickly!!


RAW and turning off parameters... If you shoot raw the parameters don't count. Shooting raw means that camera will only give you the actual shot data of the file.
Set up Parameters only work when you shoot jpeg, at this point the camera will listen to the set up parameters.

That is why jpeg look as if they are shot better when coming out of the camera. They are in fact not, they are just worked on by the camera.

Plus, if you leave the camera on factory settings, the presets don't come in either...
Just my two cents...

Jacque Green

I LOVE the new borders....and am STILL working on my order. I am having trouble turning a pic so that the border will fall on the bottom of a pic and not the side (because I took the pic vertcally...if you can understand that). I keep trying to turn it in the "crop" place, in the cart! I am going to email Doug about it, too, and maybe together you can help! I may need you to email me.......

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