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YEAH! can't wait to see the new product!! Love how you've captured your day and are feeling better.

tara pakosta

can't wait to see your product!
love your conversion in that last one, what is it?!
I Love all these shots the perspectives are cooL!


can't wait to see the new stuff!!!!!! yay!


Love the last one of Courtney!



How did you do that last photo?! I always love your photos. You are such an inspiration! Hope you get to feeling better soon & good luck w/ all of the kids home for a Snow Day! ;-)

I LOVE the shot of Courtney in front of the museum! Put a bride and groom up on the steps with that same angle - WOW! You got it goin' girlie! I'm going to have to step out of my comfort zone and try my wide angle lense.

Hope you're feelin' better soon. When are you coming to Bend?!?


I have the "dinosaur" printer as well, but I still LOVE it! I seriously can't find anywhere that can beat the quality I can get from it. I haven't tried yet and plan to, but I am usually scrapping at night and want my pictures NOW. Also love the flexibility of being able to print a 5x7 right when I need it, or wallet-sized or whatever. I know it probably costs more, but the convenience and quality are worth it. Have you tried Epson's Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte? My absolute favorite! No glare, no fingerprints, and the images look so real. Everybody who sees my pictures comments on the paper. Give it a try if you haven't already.


Beautiful photos!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the sneak peak. Have a great day!!


Glad you are still on the mend, albeit slowly. Thanks for the album info... funny enough that I was walking through Target on Saturday, hoping to find one of those old and impossible to find albums with paper pages. No luck. I had that old Epson 2200, too! But sold it on Ebay a couple of years back, because like you said, it was cheaper to have images printed. I loved the Epson matte luster paper, and the genuine archival inks... and they would cost me an arm and a leg to purchase. Pictures are beautiful, as always. Can't wait 'til April, and I swear I am going to have the biggest pissy fit right here if I don't make it in! lol


Gorgeous pics! So I have a question, feel free to answer it if you want and if you don't want to then thats alright too! I used your tutorial a while back for the vignetting (not sure how to spell it!) and I am wondering one little thing, how do you get it to look so natural? Your pictures with that around them look so natural, like you have taken the picture like that! Well maybe you have but just curious.... thanks!


Abby P.

I'm playing blog catch-up today - SO SORRY to hear about your sledding accident! I know how you feel about the Dr's comment about taking it easy now that you're in your 30's! I'm 47 and LOVE to ride dirt bikes and quads; last year I flipped my quad HARD and ended up with a concussion, sprained wrist, and a bent quad! After my brain scan (which was just fine), he reminded me that I am "no spring chicken." I say, "bite me!" As long as I feel 30, I'm gonna PLAY like I'm 30! Keep on sleddin' girlfriend! P.S. As always, LOVE your photos. They make me sad you don't live next door to teach me your wonderful photo-editing and camera tricks.


So one day it is shirt sleeve weather and the next it snows like crazy? That is crazy! I totally get the weird snow lighting issue now. We got a bunch of snow up here in Lynnwood last night, shot my first snow images with my digital, and got some really weird results. I had to "trick" the white balance in order to get the camera to do what I wanted, in the end I got a few awesome shots. Looking forward to the sneak peak at your CHA stuff!

Laura Plunk

I love the wide angle shots, very fun. Looking forward to the class at NBP on Feb 23 !!! See you then with my new camera.
Laura P


Love your photos Karen, really do!!!


did you say online photography classes in april? i have spring fever! i'm going to have to check out that link for printing my shots. i've been looking for a place to go.


Photos are amazing. That last one blows me away.


Way to make lemonade out of lemons! I may not have shared the same attitude you had when I found out the museum was closed.. stuff like that is so annoying! But you got some beautiful pictures out of the deal, and learned a bit about your camera-- so I say it was a productive day. Keep up the creative memories!

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