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That's such a cool picture Karen! I think I'd be afraid to pile lose pictures on the table like that LOL more would end up on the floor trampled than in albums.

tara pakosta

how cute is that pic?!
that's so fun you let them choose which ones to put in
their own albums!


THis brings back so many memories. My sisters and I always loved to pull out all of my mom's pictures and albums and look through them (and now *I* am in charge of scanning/scrapbooking all of her pictures so I look though them frequently). Sometimes sharing the stories behind pictures orally can cause some seriously wonderful bonding.

Lisa Hall

I just love the way that you are with your kids.
you just let them be.
good job glad that you are feeling better.
see ya
Lisa Hall


Karen, are those albums you purchased for the kids the old albums... the ones with the paper pages (no photo sleeves or page protectors)? Courtney Lee's looks a bit like that, and the lady who lives with us prefers these older 'traditional' albums. They are very difficult to find, and if they are the ones... I'd love to know where you found them!

Glad to hear that you are on the mend... don't threaten the healing process with blog temptation, we are not going anywhere ;)


First of all, I hope your'e feeling better soon. Second, I love seeing all of your photos spread out like that, and I wish I wasn't so anal that I might let my family do the same thing(must work on that).
I notice that they all have a white border, is there a specific reason that you do this, and are all of your pictures developed into 5x7's?

Elizabeth Lombardi

Hey - I thought you were under doctor orders to stay off the computer?! You are blogging like a mad woman this week! Hope you are taking good care of yourself.


I love the blurriness too. Wonderful photo. So glad you're feeling a bit better.


I have that lens (24mm). I really, really like it.
Hope you're feeling better soon!


Hey better get on the have a photography class coming up soon! Love your pics and still in love with the lo from yesterday! Take care of yourself.
carolynn in michigan


I love going threw old photos with my daughters. I hope you feel better soon.


Just know that there are so many of us out here that adore you and are sending happy, healing thoughts your way! Love the moon-bubble too. Your children are soooooooo adorable.


Do you print you photos at home or elsewhere? If at home what kind of printer do you use? I noticed the white border around your pics in your layout and was curious. Thanks!

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