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Val from Down Under

Hey Karen - love your shots! No snow at Christmas time where I come from (no snow nearby even in Winter!). The trees look awesome with snow on them! You have some really great adventures!

Val from Down Under

Hey Karen - love your shots! No snow at Christmas time where I come from (no snow nearby even in Winter!). The trees look awesome with snow on them! You have some really great adventures!

Rosie in the UK

What a wonderful day you all seem to have had. Fantastic pics of your beautiful family. Wish we had snow like that here. We might get half and inch in January and the whole place grinds to a halt, completely pathetic!

Lisa B.

How fun! I haven't seen the snow since we went skiing in 2001! Love the pics. Doesn't look like we'll see any snow here this's 65 degrees here now and it's 5:30 am!

Stephanie Ainsburg

oh, good. I was wondering if I was the only crazy nut snapping pictures with a trash-bag wrapped camera just to get the cool snow shots all winter. thanks for letting me know I'm not alone! LOVE all the pictures.

Debbi G.

Oh my gosh!!! Those shots are awesome!! The scenery looks like a movie set and you and your family are adorable. We did this a couple of weeks ago and the whole time I was wishing I could have figured out a way to bring my camera. Now I know. A trash bag... LOL. Hey, whatever it takes to get the shot, right? Did you worry that you'd damage your camera, if/when you fell? It's always in the back of my mind.

Thanks for sharing.


Great pictures! I agree that Diamond is a little high priced for the tubing. And after about 2 runs down the hill, you're bored!


The whole time I was thinking... 'I cannot believe she went sliding with her camera in tow!', and then totally laughed when I read about the trash bag! Whatever it takes... you are GOOD!

Those snow capped trees are MAGNIFICENT! Huge and so very beautiful!


These are too much fun, Karen!


WOW totally amazing photos Karen ... I love one of Josh with Coley on the back the most and the one of Annie close up is gorgeous too.

You and your family go out on the most fabulous adventures ... thanks for sharing them with us. :)


You are such an INSPIRING photographer! I love how you ALWAYS take your camera with you. Sometimes I am just so lazy and don't want to cart all the stuff around, but your photos are so worth it!


I love the bag thing! I took a super cute shot of my children on Christmas, snow was falling from the sky, I was standing under our porch, until they got situated then went out for a second, grabbed the shot and ran back under the porch!

kelly booth

Karen I Love checking your blog each day your photo's are wonderful and Annie is the cutest! She always puts a smile on my face....

Jen M.

These photos look awesome! I don't think I would have dared take my 30D sledding, but if your 5D can survive it I just may get brave and give it a try. The results are great!

Love those snow shots! Thanks for sharing on how you took them. I love all the snow pictures, they are so fresh and beautiful. It must of been quite the challenge to tube and try and take pictures, take care of camera, Annie, etc., etc. --- You Multi-Tasker --YOU GO!!!



What great photos, Karen! It looks like so much fun!

Carolyn Hall

Love the one of you with the broken sled. That would be something that would happen to me!! Was it really cold out? I once took my camera out to take snow pictures in Vermont and my camera got so cold that it wouldn't work when I brought it inside. I was so afraid that I damaged it for good. I left it inside for a while and tried later and it was good to go, but very nerve racking. I thought I wrecked it for good. The pictures did come out great though.


Oh, what a fun time it must have been!! Everyone looks like they are so busy having fun. Was it very cold? I think you guys get lots of snow and milder temps than we do up north. Love, love, love that you had the camera along! My son gave me a small point and shoot for this very purpose until I have the SLR mastered. Thanks for sharing!!


It looks like fun was had by all! What a great day. I think you managed to capture the day so well. That Annie it too cute!

Kim B.

That looks like a total blast. I thought I would never say this, but "I really miss the snow". I miss those pages in my scrapbook.


Now I've got to know where Annie's little hat came from.

Tanya Webster

that's it..i'm coming to visit you have the coolest places ever where you live :)

pictures are beautiful as always little lady! :)

heather prins

Oh man that's looks like fun!!!! The pics are just awwesome!


Love the great photo's. We are going to probably go to the snow in February sometime so that was really good to know about the camera in a plastic bag will have to try that.

Katie Szymanski

Oh man!! I am sooooo jealous!! My snowboard boots just got here today! I got a snowboard for my birthday in Nov. and between that and christmas I'm not ready to go. I just need some good snow!!! Karen I think those photos are AWESOME!! And annie is just too adorable!!


What GORGEOUS pictures!

Loni Stevens

I love your conversion process! These are really great photos of your family! :)

Janelle in MT

so jealous of all your snow! great shots & thanks for the tip w/ the plastic bag- definitely have to try that. annie look so stinkin cute in that big fluffy coat/hat! love it against the white super snowy background!


Annie just looks SOOO adorable.



Looks like fun and you did an AWESOME job shooting those pics!

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