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LMAO!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

I'm so sorry that you hurt yourself... but you tell the story so well, and i'm sure it was just a sight to see you flying thru the air... who cares that your 30=something.. ya only live once! :)

here's hoping you feel better tommorrow girl! :)


Oh Karen, hope you are doing okay! Sounds like you sure made some memories! Great pictures!


Oh, Karen! I hope you're not in too much pain. I love your spirit! Hang in there my friend...

Val from Down Under

Hmmmm, sometimes it's safer staying behind the camera, eh? Great pictures as always. Take care.


ouch... get some rest and stay away from those tubes for some time!


OH Karen!!! Hang in there! He'll have you fixed up in no time!!!! (hugs girl)


hope you are feeling better real soon.. your story made me think of my mom. evertime she went sledding with us kids she ended up in the er.. after the 2nd or 3rd time she gave up..
take care and great pictures


ok...i need to take your photography class! i want to take pictures like your! the colors are just amazing! please let me know if you've already opened your registration.



I hope you feel better, Karen!


Owie! I hope you are adjusted back to health soon!

Jen M.

Yow -- sounds like you did a number on yourself! I'm a big believer in chiropractic treatment -- it was the only thing that helped after two car accidents. It hasn't slowed me down, and I'm farther into my 30s than you are. I sure hope you're feeling better soon though. Alternating cold and heat helps me, and some Deep Cold really helps too. Hope you feel better after your adjustment tomorrow!

Tanya Webster

you poor girl!! the story really IS hilarious though and had me laughing all by myself at my computer!! :) glad you were on yours long enough to blog the story!! sure wish there were some picture of THAT!!! :)


But where is Taylor????

What fun, next time we shall watch from a distance, a VERY LONG distance.

Your "old" snow sledding friend.


Oh no! I hope you are doing OK and feeling better! I hurt my back this past spring and know the pain it brings and the relief that the chiropractor brings. Hallelujah for the chiro's!

Also a quick note to say how much I've been enjoying the products in the Narratives Antique Cream collection. The title rub-on book and circle stickers are simply divine! More please! :)

Get better soon and I wish you a speedy healing!

Ashley Schultz

I'm sorry Karen. Sounds painful. I hope you get feeling better soon!

Lisa Hall

Oh Karen

Well been there done that. My Ankle still gives me grief 30 some years ago.ouch.
Before you go see the doc take a hot tub get loose, drink lots of water, lay down and color or play dolls with Annie. REST REST REST REST
Feel better and rest some more.
Lisa Hall

Leslie M

I sure hope you recover quickly. We all exist on your photos and stories. I don't suppose your chiropractor took THAT into account when he told you to stay off the computer. Still, if you need to for a little while, I suppose we will understand.

Great photos, as always!

Feel better.



Awesome photos and great "journalling". Even without a photograph, the mental "picture" is pretty amazing.

Was that chiropractor some young whippersnapper? I'm telling you, at the ripe old age of 38, I'm suddenly surrounded by youngsters.

Rest, heal, and keep that sense of humor.


take care of yourself! get well!

when you are out on adventurous outings like this, where exactly do you keep your camera? and while you are using it, do you have problems with condensation?


Amazing pictures. There is never a dull moment in your family is there?!? Hope you feel better soon.

sarah sabri

ouch. that hurt just reading it!! hope you get everything back in place..and that the pain subsides quickly!


wonder what the doctor would say to a person in her mid-fifties??? hang in their those shots!


Youch!!!!! Hopefully you are on the mend and obeying doctor orders :) I had one of those moments a few years ago when I thought I could do anything :) - got on an ATV and 45 minutes into the ride, had an accident and broke my ankle in 3 places. 8 screws and 1 plate later.....I decided to try to have fun but act a bit more like my age :) it's a balancing act but we still need to have fun adventures no matter how old we are. :)


I feel for you, amazing how that 30 comment just drains all the frenzy away. Hang in there, it is never a party until someone gets hurt. Still amazing shots shots. And your story had me rushing down the hill with you. Next time visitors come stick with Bella !!
Love, Beth W.


Get better! I miss your posts. I also missed seeing Ross and his right-hand-man Dillon!
I hope you continue to sled even though you are in you mid-thirties!!!!!
Us "old ladies" need to have some fun too!

tara pakosta

you poor thing!
i hope you are feeling better!
that just stinks!
LOVE all the shots!


Autsch! That sounds really you had a tough time.... I had to ask leo for what "vertebrae" means and --- autsch!!!! It hurts me reading...
But before I had to laugh really loud seeing Annies face!! SOOOO CUTE!!! Just so cute! Way! And also the "Baby Bird" thing! So coool!
Get better and all the best for you!


What do doctors know? I went skydiving on my 60th birthday and it was a blast, altho pretty uneventful compared to your snow tube ride! Hope you're on the mend quickly. Mid-thirties or not, you really need to take it easy so you don't run the risk of problems for the rest of your life! Thanks for sharing the story. Did anyone get pictures of your action?


Sorry you got hurt but it sounds like you all had a fun time. Mid-Thirties...when did that become old?!?!

Diane DiTullio

OMG...well at least the trip started out on a good note! You have lasted 15 years longer than I have with sledding. When I was in college, I had the bright idea to go down on the inner tube on my stomach. I knocked the wind out of myself so bad and I thought I had broke my leg after the flip and the landing. It took me a month until I started walking without pain. Now I'm scared to death to do it again. I feel for you! Take it easy and feel better soon!

Libbi Moore

If your reading this right now, you need to get off the computer like the doctor said. ha ha!! Hope for not to long though, because I love reading your blogs. Your so lucky you didn't hurt yourself any worse. Sledding can be very dangerous. My husband makes my daughter ware a helmet now after an accident she had a year ago. Get better real soon. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery. Awesome pictures too!

Jessica K.

Niiiiice. Welcome to 35.

It is kinda like that innertube ride....all downhill from here.


you are a trooper. i feel ya. we had a "blizzard" here in north atlanta and sledded a bit ourselves. i ran into a tree and that was it for me. chiropractors are rock stars.


Ouch! (to both the wipe-out and the dr's comment)

Looks like it was a great day, though. :D

Teresa B

Ouch.. hope you feel better soon!!

Katie Szymanski

Aw Karen! I hope your feeling better!!! Great photos, as always!!


OMG Karen - I hope you feel better! I remember biting through my tongue in a sledding incident! Yuck!


I'm sorry you got hurt...
I'm sorry that he suggested that you might be too old for sledging... (what??! you're never too old!)
And i'm sorry that I laughed at the '...shutting your eyes and thinking oh shit...' bit It did make me giggle though.

Fabby pics btw!
Get well soon x


Ouch. I hope you get to feeling better soon! Love the pictures! Looks like so much fun! ;)


Ouch Karen! I can feel your pain. Love the photos!!!


Hopefully you'll listen about the sledding, not that I agree with his age comments, but don't listen to him about staying off the computer.

Hope you feel better soon!


craaaaaaapppppppppppp. did you bust Josh for not getting a picture of you mid-air? I would have accused Drew of talking while I had my miserable moment. :) How dare they not photograph everything when we cannot!


Ouch!!! Hope you feel better soon and get back on that tube one day!


Take some to recover. You are really lucky, check out what happened to Heather on .

Relax and have Josh pamper you.


HOLY MOLY Girl!! Take care of yourself. I have really missed not seeing posts the past couple of days, but you gotta take it easy..... "Since your in your thirties and all" My my....maybe a different chiroprator? LOL

Take care and we will be waitong patiently for you : )


Yikes! Feel better soon. See, this is why, no matter how tempted I might be, I am really hesitant to go skiing anymore. I'm just not as young and BENDY as I once was, and despite the extra padding (ahem) in certain areas, I'm quite sure I would not bounce very well. :}

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

I was holding my breath reading your last section. My girlfriend broke her back doing the exact same thing. I was so relieved that nothing too serious happened. I'm so glad you are alright. Whew!


I am so sorry that you are hurt, but thank you for reaffirming my belief that there is no way I am ever getting on any type of sliding device to be used on the snow. All my back muscles clench when I think about it. Get lots of rest (yeah right!).


I was sitting here, looking at all the fun pictures, thinking I want to go sledding, then I changed my mind, Ouch, I hope you and Misti are alright, I've been told having a rib out of place is torture. I hope your feeling better.


Oh man, ouch. Hope everything goes well and you're back to normal. Awesome photos, as always. You guys always have such a great time.

Erin H.

Now THAT sounds like some serious fun! Sorry you got hurt, hope you can laugh about it now and are taking it easy. Take care and be safe!

Laura Plunk

GEEZ , that is why I am afraid to do "things" at my age (50 coming up in April) I know when I get hurt, it stays hurt for a very long time......
Take it easy.
Get well soon.
Laura P

Peggy Lucas

Thanks for sharing the pictures - you are a trooper! I hope you have lots of good drugs and painfree. That last shot is my favorite (from last week too) I would love to see that hill - snow is so foreign to us in Texas - it all looks so amazing. AND COLD! One day I am going to get there and see it!


hi karen, i love reading your blog, just wanted to share, that Courtney is stunning, she should be in magazines i tell ya!!!!

Melodee Langworthy

Karen...your pics are SO fun!!!

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