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Kris with a K

Precious! So much fun in the years to come. I loved losing teeth...well, I liked to play with the loose ones! My dd had all 4 front teeth missing for Christmas one year. It was hysterical.

Rae Clevett

Love that sweet smile. This made me remember my own tooth fairy memories :)

Libbi Moore

Yeah! I was so dredding the times when my oldest daughter would start loosing her teeth. I don't deal with blood very well and I just thought the whole thing was kinda gross. I was completely wrong. I love pulling teeth and now I look forward to another loose tooth.

Did Courtney pull it herself or did she have some help?

Tonia Borrosch old is she again Karen? My 6 year+4 mos. has yet to lose any, though he didn't get his first until 11 mos. and it was a weird first one-it was an upper tooth and not one of the front ones. I love them with their baby teeth. It really struck me when my older son lost his first tooth. Not sure why. I am glad my little guy isn't losing them yet!


And I bet this time the tooth fairy will not forget it and the door is unlocked !


What a sweet photograph, Karen! I hope the tooth fairy was good to her! ;) Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs!

Alicia Sharp

I love that little box! I know she was so excited and I hope the tooth fairy did not forget to come! LOL!!


My dd just lost her first tooth the other day. In fact, she pulled it out herself (mind you, it WAS really loose). She ran screaming through the house, as she was SO excited! Congratulations, Courtney! Hope the visit from the tooth fairy was just as exciting! My Sydnie was absolutely tickled!


What a cute little box to put it in. I am sure the tooth fairy will be good to her. Now we just need to see that cute little toothless smile.


Hey Karen, my favorite part the way you process your photos is the creative vignetting you use. You probably know this already, but for the benefit of your readers, I wanted to share that I've had success achieving a similar result using Adobe Lightroom, which is a much more affordable option (though still pricey). Plus, it's a great way to manage the hundreds of photos I take each month (I'm at 1400 so far in January - things are getting a little out of control - and I hold YOU responsible!) Thanks as always for the inspiration!

tara pakosta

aww cute box and pic!tara


Can I just say that you take the most AMAZING photos - I always look so forward to your new posts on your blog. Super cute little box for her tooth...


What did the tooth fairy pay? My daughter got $2 for her first tooth...and $1 for all the others (she managed to lose six in the course of 7 months!)

Lily's Momma

Can you share where you got the box from? Did you make it yourself?

Bruce Bills

She looks so sweet holding that treasure box. The tooth fairy might be delighted to see such piece in a pretty cute box.

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