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Libbi Moore

Great photo. Never would have noticed the "finger" if you hadn't mentioned it.


Ha! It does look like he's giving you the finger. And Annie is looking cute as always. How do you get her to smile for you (or even to get her to look at the camera? Kennedy will not look at me)?


Dads are the best! Great picture, even with the finger.:)


What a cute picture. I love all your shots!


OMG the first thing I noticed was that finger, and I thought, I wonder if Karen noticed that finger! Then I read. . .too funny.


Great picture!


What a sweet photo! I love Annie's little pigtails and bangs.

My boyfriend recently told our two boys (12{his} and 14{mine}) that they are no longer allowed to complain about photos unless we are asking them to pose. They aren't allowed to cover their faces, or duck, or make yucky faces. We'll see how long it lasts!

Heather (in Scotland)

Aw, sweet photo. LOL at the bird.


This piccie is so special... And yes, the toothpaste thing makes me laugh everytime I read about it.
Take care x

Melissa S-E

Did not even NOTICE the finger 'til you mentioned it - but if it had been my photo I'd have scrutinized it, too. :-)

Grandparents are the best. I love seeing that juxtaposition of an older, wiser human being against a young innocent one who has no idea what life is all about. Circle of Life and all that.



Little Charlie and the Night Cats. Yay!


Love that photo, Karen! ;) Have a great day!

Brooke - in Oregon

Ok, I about spewed coffee all over my computer with the 'bird' in the photo! lol


the bird is funny but I was more intrigued by the toothpaste on the butt.

Tanya Webster

ohhhhhh so sweet....annie looks so happy :)

lovely cee

LOL, i did noticed the bird but i knew it wasn't the bird. this is such a wonderful photo. and Annie is such a camera ham

Janelle in MT

so sweet, didn't realize the finger until you pointed it out :) LOL & that toothpaste story is hilarious!


What a special pic! And think of it this way . . . better to have toothpaste on the bum than diaper cream on the toothbrush, right? :)


HA!!!!!!!!! i wouldn't have noticed the finger until you said something and then I laughed aloud! Too funnY!


Striking photo (including the bird!!hehehe). Annie resembles your dad it seems - quite a bit! Do you think so?


Love the photo. The finger thing just cracks me up. To crop or not to crop - that is the question. One you answered very well! Glad you kept it in.


Your photos are always good...I sure love seeing that CUTE little Annie Face...She has the most Wonderful Expressions!


i love the photo. glad you got to have lunch with him and annie. that's special. :)


now we know where you and Annie get your gorgeous cheek bones from! :)


What a sweet photo. Dads are great like that. :) Mine never fails to come through when I need him. He even tackled staying home with my son, who had the stomach flu, when I was out of sick time at work. It was even cute when he put Russian Tea mix on my son's toast (Tang, tea, cloves, etc . . .) instead of it's look-alike, cinnamon sugar. Of course, my son didn't think it was so funny at the time, but it always makes me giggle when I think back on it!!

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