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Andi M

That is simply adorable!

Tanya Webster

oh my of the cutest things i have ever heard in my life :)


Aw- what a cute memory to the expression on Annie's face

Mary Ann

Oh I love the expression on her face. Such a sweetie.


Don't you just love her? Although I have never met Annie, watching her grow up through your stories and pictures has been sweet. She's a doll! You are such a good Mommy!


Love the diptych-it's beautiful. And the story is so cute! :-)

ana roat

Moonbubble works for me!

Annie in California

Erica Hettwer

That's 'cause she's a genius!!! Moonbubble!! Love it! :D


okay that's just too stinking cute!

elizabeth wickland

HOW CUTE! My 18 month old dd (whom I am reminded of just about any time I read about or look at the pictures of Annie - it's funny how you see your own kids in other people's!) is obsessed with the moon! If there's even a sliver of it out -day or night- she will find it and point and repeat "moon" over and over and over... I love the inquisitiveness and attention to detail and picking up new things every day. And I love that you share that part of Annie with us. You have no idea how many days that has inspired me to cherish those moments with my own daughter just a little bit more. And to take more pictures of her every day. Thank you.


Oh, that's just the sweetest!!

Stephanie Ainsburg

so cute.


She is so incredible cute......I love every photo you ever took of her :)

Gena - MI

That is absolutely precious! Don't you just love those moments of wonder and discovery?

It's after moments like that, I usually say to myself: "Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of something like this!" "Life is soooo GOOD!" and "I love being a mom!" Thanks for sharing!


That is just about the cutest thing I ever heard! Soooo sweet... wouldn't it be the perfect name for a little boutique or gallery?! Moonbubble, LOVE IT!

One of my favorite things that Chloe says is Happy Cake! It's never birthday cake, it's Happy Cake... and it doesn't matter if it's a birthday cake or a just because cake lol. Love that :)


very sweet! and you corrected her...i never did that with my son (well not until he really needed it, like lately) i always just went with the things he would come up with and thought they were wonderful...they were!
it is so cute at this age...the things they say! and why shouldn't the moon be a moonbubble ? lol

love to hear a good mommy story! always.


YOur daughter has really got it going on. Great word. Love the photo montage that tells the story too.

Carolyn Hall

Absolutely adorable!! Get well soon Karen. Just think how healing a nice, long, hot bath would be. And you could take it without feeling guilty. i think it should be part of your recovery therapy.


adorable! she is the cutest!


that is too cute.


she┬┤s so cute!


I missed yesterday, but I wanted to thank you for the lovely idea. With just one little four-year-old, I have a hard time realizing that there is so much that he can do. We are going to get him an album today and enjoy this as a family activity. Thank you for the inspiration, as always.


What a great picture and great story! I wish I'd captured so much of this when my kids were younger!


Harper LOVEs the moon. Loves it. She has one in her room that lights up & shows the cycles of the moon. She spotted it outside today and then proceeded to have a 5 minute argument with Cole about whether or not she'd seen the moon.

cheryl mezzetti

That is too cute!


At about the same age, I had my daughter's picture taken on a large moon. Ever since then she has called the moon Aubie's Moon. Funny the little names our children call things. Thank you for sharing.


she is stinkin' cute!


I look forward to new entries on your blog because I like how you write and I really like your observations, but gosh I look forward to new pictures of Annie. She is so precious!

heidi larsen

how darling! i was at a scrapbook store the other day and saw the CUTEST stuff! it was yours. you are amazingly talented, just thought i would let you know! :)


absolutely adorable!!! :)


Ohhhh that is so cute, just like her!


She is simply adorable...Love the little Annie Face!


When our middle daughter (she is nine now) was Annie's age, she always said she saw God's hand always when we were driving. We thought maybe she saw formations in the puffy clouds, but she would say it on clear and/or grey days too. One day when we were out she got very excited, because there was God's hand! We were at a stop light so we asked her questions about color etc. and figured it out! "God's hand" is the big red hand that flashes on the crosswalk signs! I did a layout on the story, I traced her hand on red paper and placed it on a black square, along with the story. I just love the that little children can think of things so plain and simple! It is so sweet!


now that is adorable! love the shots!

Susi (Dragonfly Dreamer)

Annie is ths cutest little doll I've ever seen.

College Term Papers

So cute I love this baby.

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