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Adorable layout Karen! Love the cute pocket!


Wow - what an awesome idea Karen!!! Love it!


is it weird that this is so cute it made my heart hurt? :P

Samantha Seholm

What an adorable layout. Where did you get the fabric for the pocket I love it.


Wow that kit is gorgeous.. should be saving my pennies. I love what you did with it. Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration.

tamara Dunkin

HOLY WOW! i LOVE that sample LO. i love those stickers annie's doctor uses, too... wish davey's doctor had fun things like that! the colors in that sample LO are so beautiful... and they really make me smile on a cold, wintery day like today! thanks for sharing! - Tamara in Lynden, WA

maryjo materazo

super cute karen. gosh, annie is just SO cute. love those cheeks & she has great expressive eyes! maryjo

tara pakosta

cute idea!
and i wish our dr. had those stickers!


That is SO beautiful, Karen! Love that! What beautiful fabric and I love those stickers! I wish our doctor had those, too! What a great idea! Have a wonderful day! :)


That little green pocket (and Annie, of course!) is the cutest thing! I wish Harper's doctor gave her stickers. That's cool!


how cool! love that idea!

Tara O'Leary

Love that layout with the cute idea with the pocket! Such a neat layout! And oo is AnnieƤs full name Annaliesa? So pretty!


Karen, I wish you would come to Chicago/Northern Illinois to teach a class! My lss carries the creative cafe and I have purchased most of the products in your new kit. I would love to take the class. oh well. sigh. keep up the great work!


Oh that is just too cute Karen! :)


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Blog. I've been a loyal reader for a long time. And I've passed on an award to you. When you have time pop on over to check it out! Thanks Karen for sharing with all of us, your wonderful family, talents and self! Jodi

Charlene Teo

I have always love the combination of paper + fabric. Love the way you did it - a little pocket!

lovely cee

aaahhhh.... i love Annie, she's so cute! she looks like you, huh?
and you are Smart! love the fabric pouch.

Erin Gudge

This is an "oh my is that beautiful" for me. Baby pictures are my favorite, and I love the idea of saving those wonderful stickers for them! Our doc doesn't do that... I might have to fake some! :)

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